What is so special about blogging?

I’m no adept at jotting down my opinions or feelings on a piece of paper,let alone voicing them on a website and letting the world know what an amateur I am. Yet,I wanted to try this medium of blogging since a lot of my friends have been raving about it.So,here I am,trying to find out my self if this is my cup of tea or not.

From what I can gather,blogging is more or less like writing a diary wherein you pen your thoughts,happenings in your life.The only difference here is that you can share your opinions/feelings with the world.I’ m yet to know if it is worth it though.

I’m not sure how frequently I can blog,but have given it a start.


2 thoughts on “What is so special about blogging?

  1. The best part of writing posts is that u have all sorts of fragments of ur life so well documented out here.

    Also what I have realized is that blogging ur thots helps when u read them at a later stage n life, u understand how far u have come in life


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