Why cant people mind their own business?

A couple of days back a friend asked me when I was going to add another member to my family. I told her clearly that Ravs and I have decided(stressing on DECIDED hoping she would get the cue) not to have another baby. Not that I was accountable to her or something,I said what I did to end the discussion right there and then. But as my luck would have it,she kept on blabbering about how I could even dare to take a decision like that,how we were depriving our little one of a worthy company,etc.etc. She went on to the extent of saying that when she met me next she would make sure that I’d change my decision. How I so wanted to give her a piece of my mind! I couldn’t since my Namnam was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up. Moreover I wanted to say what I intended right on her face. If she is really my friend she will let me be.

I fail to understand why people are so concerned about what is going on in others’ lives. Why cant they be happy with what they have or work at achieving what they don’t? Even worse why do they think its their sole responsibility or right to meddle in other people’s affairs? How does the fact that my husband and I have opted against having another child affect them?
I remember how I used to be bombarded with questions like ‘any good news?’ ‘why is your face glowing?’ or even ‘when did u have your periods last?’ We were barely in the second month of our marriage!! How insane can it get?

Ravs and I were blessed with Namnam after a lot of prayers and yearnings. We have the most precious being in the world and we know we are never going to deprive her of anything. We can never thank God enough for bringing Namnam into our lives.

So,people, stop meddling with others’ lives and be thankful for what you have.


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