Moving On

I’m gradually coming to terms with the fact that we are shifting our base from Oman. This is where I learned to become a homemaker in true sense of the word. This is where I realized what saving was all about (isn’t that why the Gulf beckons u?).This is where I made some lifelong friends. This country, more specifically, Muscat will always be special to me, even though I’m moving to an equally familiar domain.

Change is inevitable. Yes, I’ve read ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ umpteen times. I believe you can adapt to any situation if people around u make u feel welcome. And I’ve been fortunate to have formed some great friendships in my life.

As much as I’m feeling sad about leaving this beautiful country, there’s a bit of excitement of setting up all over again. As mentioned earlier, it’ll be a familiar terrain and I’m banking on my friends there to lend me a helping hand. So guys, take the cue! Except for one, maybe, who in turn would be expecting me to be of some service to her b’coz of the obvious condition that she is in. So, VS, don’t worry, I’ll not be a pest. Instead you can be, I won’t mind!

Lastly, A BIG THANK YOU to the Sultanate for making us feel so at home and all our friends here who were with us through thick and thin.
Its time to move on now…


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