Scratching your private parts in public is prohibited

Gross!! Absolute gross! Either it is a disease or they are so used to doing it that they don’t realize what they are doing. And I’m not just talking about men…women are no far behind. There are times when I strongly get the urge of going and telling them to go and clean themselves up. They don’t care where they it in office,at a party,in a bus stop..wherever it is they will just go on and on. I was hosting this party recently and there was this friend who seemed to be in total bliss scratching away to glory! I couldn’t even tell him to stop doing what he was doing. I didn’t want to be so explicitly vocal. I’ll surely tell him to visit my website though!

As I thought i wouldn’t have to witness anymore of the filth, here I was, just landed in Delhi,the scratcher’s haven. As we were waiting to get through the immigration this man was standing at the counter having a go at it. This time I stared at him right down there. Thankfully he got the message and stopped right away!
Maybe this is a good way of sending out the message ‘scratching your private parts in public is prohibited’! Or maybe not.Maybe the man at the airport had some conscience left in him. What about those shameless creatures who take great pride in ‘indulging themselves’ and for whom no amount of staring is enough?

5 thoughts on “Scratching your private parts in public is prohibited

  1. I’ve saved myself from that ordeal for a long time to come. I’ve run away from that place,remember?.. I’m coming to your city,so in case you are in touch with such morons let know and oblige…I’ll steer clear 😉


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