Fear amidst festivities

As people from different parts of the world get set to celebrate Eid, some of us Indians are getting ready to celebrate Vijayadashami,Durga puja,Dussehra,and Diwali. Each festival depicts different significance to us.
On Vijayadashami, we worship Goddess Saraswati,the goddess of knowledge. On Durga puja we worship Goddess Durga,goddess of power. Dussehra is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil when Lord Rama saved his wife Sita from the clutches of the demon Ravana by killing him. And exactly 15days after Dussehra, is Diwali. On this day,it is believed that Lord Rama had returned home from his exile with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.
I, like any Indian, am feeling as festive as any other Indian would this time of the year. There’s so much to look forward to. But is it really worth looking forward to these celebrations?
I remember, when I was small, such events meant long holidays from school, stay over at my friends, lots of playing, shopping and shopping. I don’t recollect my parents ever having second thoughts about my going out with my friends. The world was so much safer then.
Now there is a growing fear creeping in my mind as I prepare myself to welcome all the festivals. I’m scared to death when I notice how some cynics, in the name of god, are hell bent on making this world terror-stricken. As I jot my thoughts down, I’m scared thinking what if there is a blast right here in my vicinity?
What wrong did the young man do when he accidentally stepped on a bomb which blew him and everyone around him apart right in the heart of the city. It happened on the eve of Diwali and the man had gone out with his parents to buy gifts for his wife and 1 month old child who were waiting for him back home. What wrong did the 7year old child do to deserve a ghastly death when all he was wanting to do was try and return a bag to its owner. How could he have known it was a bag filled with explosives which had been purposely left behind? And we teach our children to be good Samaritans. At what price?
Yet, today, when I see my 2year old totally oblivious to the chaos around her I decide I will celebrate every festival in the best possible way for her sake.
What has to happen will happen…why should I deprive my child of all the good times that she so rightfully deserves?

So, wish you all a very Happy Eid and a Happy Vijayadashami. Let’s not bog ourselves down just because some fanatics want us to.


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