A welcome change

I recently got challaned or penalized for parking my car in a ‘no parking zone’ in my city,Delhi.No,thats not what prompted me to publish this post. Its the attitude of the policeman that has given me this urge to share my experience.
My Pa-in-law and I had gone to do some shopping and since we were in a bit of a hurry I didn’t notice that the space where I parked the car was actually a ‘No Parking Zone’ Had it been some 3-4 years back,I would have got away from such an offense.There would have been no police to keep a check on who parked where,or who jumped the traffic light.But not today.
Appaji and I came back to our ‘parking lot’ to find the car missing.As I was wondering where it would have gone possibly or if I’d have to lodge a complaint for theft,a noble man who was sitting in his car(how smart was he to remain in the car and let his companion proceed!) informed me that the car had been taken away by the police tow-away-van. Right then another man offered us to take us to the police station in his cycle-rickshaw. And I was already beginning to have panic attacks thinking about the amount of mercy-pleadings I’d have to make to the police and the amount of bribes I may have to offer them. As soon as we reached the station I was in for a pleasant shock to see the policeman’s attitude. He was decent enough to ask me to keep all our stuff back in the car and ask Appaji to sit in the car and relax. He didn’t have an iota of the rude demeanor that his fraternity normally had earned for years. He politely asked for my license,filled in all the details in his book and asked me to pay the penalty. Everything happened in a matter of few minutes.No mercy-pleadings,no bribes. The policeman even gave me a receipt.I knew he would be stashing away his share out of that amount,but I didn’t question him since that act of crookedness had an air of decency.
Either this is a new phase of corruption or my city is truly witnessing a change of attitude in the very people who,till now,had a reputation of being ruthless.
I refuse to believe the policeman acted the way he did because of my gender. I have had umpteen altercations with his colleagues in the past to make me think otherwise.


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