Blogging-quite enjoyable!

Since the time I’ve started blogging,which is not very long,I’ve come across some very interesting and wonderful blog sites. When I read the posts published by those bloggers I wonder how they are so good at expressing themselves. The words just seem to flow out of them. And they blog almost daily which means the ideas and the creations are an on-going process for them. I wish I were as convincingly expressive about Kandhamal violence,Nano project,the financial crisis,Bin Laden,US presidential elections and so many other worldly affairs.

Then,as if to console myself,I realize that most of those bloggers are professional writers,journalists for whom blogging is just an extension of pursuing their passion or even venting themselves out which otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to due to professional hazards.Not for me.

I started blogging because I was terribly affected by a conversation that I had with a friend and I just didn’t get enough respite even after venting my frustration out to Ravs. That’s when he suggested that I should blog and let myself out. That way the person concerned could also know how I felt about the issue and I could even come across people who could relate to what I had to say.
I did feel better after letting myself out like that.And now the situation is such that I’m kind of hooked onto the whole aspect of blogging.

So now whatever happens in and around my life will get a mention in this diary of mine. No,not about worldly affairs…there are many many people who are more qualified and aware to blog about them.I’d rather leave that to them.


3 thoughts on “Blogging-quite enjoyable!

  1. In our culture ( Indian ), we still think that these questions are normal and not offending..

    Oh you got so qucikly the net connnection in doha…In muscat it is a long waiting list…


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