An integral part of my life-the Internet

I recently shifted base to Doha,Qatar.I knew I would be neck-deep busy with unpacking,setting up of my house and helping my daughter settle down to her new surrounding. I was fully convinced that I’ll not have time to think about anything else.

Alas!I was in for a shock.The absence of an Internet connection had affected me so much that I felt like a handicap.I was not as bothered about not having a telephone connection or a cable connection as I was about not getting to browse through.It was as if my laptop and I had had a break-up. I could feel my poor laptop calling out to me to start tapping on its key-pad and getting into the groove of scrounging through the net.But I was helpless. I was cut-off from the outer world.

There was not a day when I didn’t remind Ravs about my plight and he was clever enough to point out out that it was my idea not to install a connection sooner.For him,I was a laughing stock!Yes,it was my idea as I was sure my house would not be done-up the way I wanted if I was hooked to the net.That one decision made a wreck out of me.

Two days back we got our connection up and working.And my happiness knew no bounds. As per Ravs there was a virtual glow on my face. Yeah,sure! I had got a new lease of life,people.How would I be not glowing?

Now,I’m back to mailing,blogging,playing wordtwist non-stop,YouTube-ing,browsing and browsing and browsing.My laptop and I have been reunited to live happily ever after and all thanks to the Internet.Such an integral part of my life.


5 thoughts on “An integral part of my life-the Internet

  1. stop being so impersonal. if ‘he’ means so much to you, give him a name, don’t call him laptop. or is that some dirty nickname 😉 welcome back!


  2. ahh i feel that way too. the internet is my lifeline. i feel so disconnected from the world without it. I freak out even if the signal goes off for more than 10 mins. Now, i wonder how i survived my teen years 🙂

    first time here 🙂


  3. Thank you,A, for dropping by.Glad you share my sentiments.
    Now the situation is that I just cant shut my comp off…even while my I’m cooking,doing up my house I’m forever in a rush to finish off my chores so I can be back clicking away to glory! The only time when I dont think about it much is when I’m playing with my daughter.


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