Bouts of the terrible twos

Till a few weeks back I was unaware of the term ‘the terrible twos’.A chance discussion with a friend,however,introduced me to the same. Even then I didnt understand its significance fully well. Although Namnam turned two in september,I hadnt felt she had changed much. But the last few days have shown some facets of hers which make me wonder if this is what it is.

Namnam is beginning to show bouts of independence,she wants everything done her way(example listed below).If she is having her meals,she demands they be served on a plate she chooses,with a spoon.And she doesnt want either her papa or me to feed her.She had rather do it herself and make a total mess of herself. When we ask her if we can help her finish off her meals faster she quickly says’venda’,a stern NO.

When it is playtime,she is the perfect host to her playday friends offering them her toys,asking them to join in to dance with her when the music is on and even offering them snacks and juice.And if one of her friends doesnt finish off her juice,she bosses her around saying ‘Ol,juice kudikku,finish cheyyu’.Its a different case altogether that she may not have finished hers!

When we have to go out she insists on wearing a dress of her choice,hairband of her choice and even footwear of her choice.And its become a norm wherein she disagrees pointblank to what Ravs & I would ask her to done. Since she is yet to reach the stage where she can wear her outfits herslf,she readily allows us to help since she seems to know she will make a fool of herself otherwise.Here too,she has to have her way.She decides who dresses her up.If I offer myself she instantly goes to her papa.If her papa agrees readily,she changes her mind and comes to ‘mamma’.This goes on for good 2-3 rounds and then as Ravs & I begin to reach our tether,one of us just forces ourselves on her. And BAM! She has had her way again -of throwing a tantrum!She screams at the highest possible octave making us feel as if we have tortured her or done a highly deplorable crime.

Then there is another facet where in she is upto all sorts of mischief like drawing on the walls,fiddling with my purse,scattering all my belongings here and there,taking out all the DVDs,CDs and tapes from our cabinet,spilling her juice or milk,knowingly and making a mess of her surrounding.This is listing a few.
And there is this bout where she shows remarkable maturity and understanding.She gives me a helping hand when I am cleaning up the house.She is full of enthusiasm when we seek her help.Even better,when Ravs or I have to go out leaving her at home with one of us,we tell her where we have to go(WE BELIEVE IN BEING HONEST-NO LYING OR SNEAKING AWAY WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE).Its amazing to see her not throw any tantrums and let us go without a whimper.

As much as I want her to be independent and assertive,I want to freeze the moments when she runs to me for a tight hug and asks ‘evde sundari Namnam??’…this cant be the phase of ‘the terrible twos’,this is ‘the terrific twos’ phase !

Eg:Yesterday we went to ‘the Landmark’ and there she saw a pair of sandals displayed at a footwear shop.She took to an instant liking to the pair and immediately took off her shoes and tried putting on the ones displayed.Ravs and I didnt like the pattern very much and we were throughout trying to convince her to try some other pairs displayed there.But to no avail.She didnt budge.She didnt move away from the shop till she was convinced we would buy the sandals.She didnt even take off the sandals so the salesman could price them.However the salesman was understanding enough to let her be. And the whole day she wore them as though they were a part of her body!

6 thoughts on “Bouts of the terrible twos

  1. majorly handful,sindhu! I’m always double alert when she is quite or out of my sight.It invariably so happens that that is when she is at the peak of her mischievous streak!


  2. ……i think this is the beginning. you should wait till she is a teenager :D, then the terrible two won’t seem so terrible anymore. At least this is what I’ve heard my friends and family with kids, say.

    personally i won’t know.


  3. Interesting. Looks like your little one wants to see how far she can push the adults who are supposed to be in control!! :-)) Wish you all good luck from a mother who has been there, done that and is relieved that it is all behind her. :-))


  4. A,it is precisely what my ma also tells me…its just the beginning! When I see her now I feel she was so much less vulnerable and so much easier to handle when she was an infant.Then I realise she was way less expressive too then.Now she knows what a hug is,a kiss is,…when I realise that,the terrible twos dont seem that terrible..its amazing! I wonder what’s in store for me when she reaches her teenhood though!

    Shail,thanks so much for your wishes.I need them to keep myself in control.There are times when my li’l angel does challenge me to test my patience!


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