Why do you leave a comment..

on other blogs? Is it because you are genuinely interested in reading what those blogs have to say and telling them about how strongly you feel about the articles?or is it because you want them to visit your blog too and leave a comment or two for you?

For me its a mix of the above two reasons.

I visit some of the blogs because I know these bloggers personally and love reading their articles and leaving comments as and when I relate to them.Then there are these blogs which I started following because they were on the ‘must-read’ list of almost all the bloggers. And now I look forward to reading their posts.They are indeed a treat to read!And I comment on their blogs(occassionally though) because I strongly feel about the articles posted.It is an added bonus,however,that they get to visit mine.

And there is this other reason why I visit other blogs and leave my comments there. Yes,it is to let them know that I blog too and invite them to read my blogs and comment.

When I recieve a comment for my posts I feel even more encouraged to blog.I feel so empowered and ecstatic when I realise I’m being heard. And I’m sure thats how it is for most of you who share your thoughts,experiences and opinions.
So,people,why do you leave comments? Is it reason1 or reason 2? Or is there a reason 3 ,4 or 5?Whatever the reason maybe,leave me a comment and inspire me to blog even more.


11 thoughts on “Why do you leave a comment..

  1. i leave a comment when i can identify with what the writer has written. sometimes it’s because I cannot in the world identify with it and wonder how such a thing is possible. letting people know i blog too and hence getting people to read my blog is a byproduct of leaving comments methink. at least that’s what i’ve experince.



  2. I tend to agree with the above comment of Just call me ‘A’. At sulekha.com there is a provision for recommending a blog if you like it, by giving it a vote. This is an option I use often when I like something written but don’t have anything to add or sometimes just don’t want to leave a comment. I wish other blog sites too had that option. πŸ™‚


  3. i comment on my friends’ blogs… and on others, when i’m moved by something or agree. when i disagree i rarely comment, i just skip the blog!


  4. I have been wondering about this too.. πŸ™‚ Of late when I decided to go blog hopping and sampling the variety here…

    I think, first off, I leave a comment to say that I would like to share my view, and response, and appreciation of the post; and also, to be honest, to leave a link for the blog writer, or any of the other visitors to perhaps visit me too πŸ™‚ Still, if there is no response I can share, I would rather not leave an inane meaningless one.. πŸ™‚

    And that is why this one is left here… because I find a resonance to my thinking πŸ™‚ And that is why I am here again, lol, because I followed the link, by way of your profile, when you left a note at mine..:) Thank you for the visit, and the kind words πŸ™‚


  5. I leave a comment when the post touches me on some level. It could be amusing, sad, warm-some thing in the writing that I need to share my 2 cents on.
    Yes..a mix of 1 and 2


  6. reading after a gap so missed a lot…but I comment…mostly when I agree with what you write and associate myself to the situation…anyway blog on…and we will comment!


  7. Agree with A….but sometimes even if I agree with everything the blogger says I hesitate at the comment section coz I dont have anything to add. Still I try to leave atleast a line appreciating their choice of subject:-).
    Abt the other reason….I no longer find myself doing it but I used to do it before:-P.
    And yes I love to receive comments on my blog….but then I’m sure all bloggers do:-D


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