Will this ever end?

She is angry. And she is hurt. These are two of the many many emotions running high in the minds of most of us at this point in time. There is fierce anger,there is hurt,there is concern,there is sheer despise towards the savages who inflict such savagery like the one inflicted upon our very own Mumbai to name a few.
But I wonder if I can hope these acts of terrorism will ever stop and we can live in a peaceful world.
From the riots of 1993 to the attack on our Parliament to the Kandhahar hijack to the Kargil fiasco to Godhra riots to the muliple blasts of Delhi to the train blasts in Mumbai to the church attacks in Bangalore to the never-ending plight of Kashmir to yesterday’s mini-war in Mumbai, we have witnessed a barrage of terror strikes over the years.

The rescue operations are still on in the Taj Hotel and the Oberoi Hotel as I publish this post.And some of the terrorists are still at large.Maybe zeroing in on another target. So can we really hope this will ever end?


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