A Salute to our real heroes

Kudos to all our National Security Guard(NSG) & Anti-terrorist Squad(ATS) commandos for saving our nation from the horrifying threat that had engulfed us for the last two days. The hostages are safe,so are all our guests fellow countrymen who had been trapped inside The Oberoi,The Taj and the Nariman house. Almost all the terrorists have been killed. And its all because of you. You risked your lives and still are as the operation still goes on in the Taj .Some of you(like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Hemant Karkare) even sacrificed your lives to make sure all of them were rescued.

Thank you,guys for being there in our lives.You are our real heroes! I salute you.


11 thoughts on “A Salute to our real heroes

  1. More than the NSG commandos or the army, hotel staff must be commended. While the former have been trained to handle these situations, I am sure no hotel management school would have taught their students how to handle a terrorist attack.


  2. Hi this is with regards to the terror attacks in Mumbai. I am a Mumbaite, was kind of taken aback by the whole patronizing of the NSG. Sure they did a good job, but calling them the heroes of the hour is quite out of line.
    It took the NSG three days to neutralize a situation that should have been resolved in three hours.If they are so good maybe they can be half as fast to respond and neutralize a situation. After all it was just luck that there wasn’t a hostage situation to respond to….I mean three days?.
    Secondly, they were the last to arrive on the scene like the following morning.And managed to contain a situation which was already contained.
    Also one of the NSG personal was arrogant enough to brief the press of a volatile situation.Fortunately no one from the Mumbai police did so, even though they saw much of the action
    The real heroes of the hour were the Mumbai police,
    1)who shot down most of the terrorists with their
    2)Faced them with no body armor and antique (.303 although am sure on the model)rifles
    3)Protected the citizens when the needed it most
    4)prevented more civilians from dying
    5)Fell in the line of fire when they could have simply waited for the ‘Heroes of the day” to save us
    I think its outrageous to call the NSG the guys who saved the day,simply because there was no one left to save
    Also its quite ironic that the press failed to even mention the names of the officers, other then the senior ones in their reports
    I’m not trying to underplay the role of the NSG here, just feel strongly that it was the Mumbai police who saved Mumbaikars at the end of the day


  3. To each its own,hemu. As much as I believe that the Mumbai police too did a marvellous job,I’d rather not take the credit away from the commandos,who you feel took too long to neutralise the situation. I’m not a soldier,so I dont know how long they should have taken otherwise or if the Mumbai police would have controlled the ordeal sooner. For me what mattered was that it was our commandos who went inside the affected areas risking their lives,rescued the people trapped inside to safety and gunned down the terrorists, who by the way had apparently come with the full intention of killing about 5000 civilians.
    So,they are definitely MY real heroes.


  4. Well I did speak to Mr Batra, a senior officer of the naval command, in his words it was a three day long drama that unfolded in front of his eyes.in three days time the could have killed over 50,000 people if they had those kind of people around them i.e. if the Mumbai police hadn’t quarantined the situation for them.If only they did have the authorization to tackle such situation, am sure the Mumbai boys would have done it in three hours,after all they did gun down most of them in the initial hours of the ordeal.There werent any hostages or people whos lives were directly at stake, so for me the NSG didnt save any lives.Secondly as I pointed out the body count of the terrorists speak for themselves . Its also more difficult to tackle terrorists in a volatile situation where civilians can come in direct contact, then in a controlled environment where there are either the walls or the terrorists you can hit. You have the choice of weapons of your choice …you can use grenades, rocket launchers…hell you can even nuke the place!.
    Also the only damage that a terrorist can achieve is during the initial hrs. once contained they are as good as dead.
    Mumbai hails its heroes 🙂


  5. i think i would salute each and every person who helped out during the 3 day ordeal and after. the mumbai police, the commandos, the staff, the person who helped someone fallen, the customers who were there for each other…everyone single one of them. kudos.


  6. when it comes to placing blame i think we can unanimously pin down the politicians. but credit? i think all those involved in the rescue played a huge part. it’s easy to indulge in armchair criticism of our forces/police/commandos, but they not only had to get the hostages out, they had to get them out alive!


  7. Well, Deepti, here I too feel that though, yes, the NSG were brave, they had no action plan no guidance…and took such a long time to being the whole situation under control. There are numerous instances in the city near CST, though not as publicised as the Taj operations, where the city police showed their might…But I suppose it is easier for us to comment from so far away…while they were there and facing the bullets…and that is so scary!


  8. People, I specifically mentioned about the NSG & ATS commandos because I truly felt theirs was a heroic feat. But thats not to say I didn't consider others' contribution any less worthy. Ravs,hemu,A,UO,Sindhu you all are bang on when you say there were others too who were instrumental in helping our nation come out of the crisis unscathed.



  9. Yes actually all of them did a great job, but where from here? How many of you would support a decisive action against a nation for harboring and training these terrorists


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