The fear still lingers

As I ponder what to write about in my next post,my thoughts keep drifting back to the recent terror attacks on my country and the repercussions and outbursts that were triggered as a result. I’m left wondering…
If my life will ever be the same again.

If I can get back to my routine.

If I can step out of my house to go to a mall or a restaurant or a hospital or a hotel or a theatre or a railway station or even a bus-stop and not worry about being blown apart.

If I can have peaceful conversations with my family and friends and not think ‘oh!what if,tomorrow, my family members or friends are held hostage by the terror-preachers !’

If I can still respond to an innocent stranger who will be simply asking for directions while I walk on the streets and not look at him/her suspiciously.

If I can be assured by my government and my leaders that they will ensure we have a safer tomorrow.

On the night of 26th when my nation was reeling in the carnage,Namnam and I were on board a flight from Doha to come to Delhi,totally oblivious to what was happening and I didn’t have the slightest hesitation travelling alone with my daughter till that point in time. My country has been under attack several times before and not once had I had such a scepticism about the future. Whenever such attacks happened in the past,I used to think selfishly ‘No!it will not happen to me,my family,my friends or anyone known to me’ But not now. Now everyone is vulnerable.

Tomorrow my husband is reaching Delhi and there has not been a single day since 26th November when I have not prayed to God that he has a safe flight and joins me and Namnam without any obstacles or hindrances. I know I’ll not heave a sigh of relief till he is here with me in person.
Then in a few days Ravs,Namnam & I have scheduled to travel to the South.With fresh hijack alerts looming large I wonder if our journey will be peaceful like before. And I pray again that we have a safe journey.

As my fear still lingers,I wish,soon,all of us get back to living our lives free of horrendous uncertainties and hopelessness. On that note lets listen to a beautiful piece which is one of my favourite songs.
I cant think of a better song for the moment.


8 thoughts on “The fear still lingers

  1. ”fear knocked at the door, faith answered……..there was none”!!!!!!!!! so let us have faith and unstinted faith my dear, in the lord above!.at this point of time that alone is our solace.


  2. Deepa we cant stop living bcoz of these crazed characters…life goes on.
    Yes Fear is within us but we shdnt let it overcome us. I know its easy to say but we cant let them control our lives.


  3. Deeps, Yes to all of the above. From everything that we experince we learn something that helps us grow and move forward, something harden in us that helps us continue what we’ve been doing, a spark ignite in us that helps us be more aware, a voice speaks to us that helps us converse with a power within and beyond us, the instinct in us will help us decide if we need to be kind or not and the faith in us will create hope for a better tomorrow.

    For you, for me and for the entire Human race 🙂
    cheer up and have a blast in Delhi.

    love A


  4. Reflections, you are so right!maybe thats what the terror-preachers want…to instill fear in us.And we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT let them do that..thanks so much for those positive words.

    A,thanks a ton for your wishes. You know inspite of witnessing such cannibalism around me,when I see the innocent faces of children,especially my daughter, I begin to feel immensely hopeful of our future. Its precisely why ‘Heal the World’ is one of my favourite songs.
    BTW,I’ll pick your tag soon…u’ll hear from me for sure when I’ve done it fully:))


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