Goodbye,Dear Friend

I’m writing this post with a very heavy heart.My hands are shaking as I type the words.

I lost a dear friend to the cruel hands of death on the 18th of this month.I came to know about it only today. I still cant believe she has left us. Its so strange that on 17th,I got a message from her on Orkut saying that she was enjoying the delhi winter thoroughly and the very next day destiny played such a cruel joke on her. She had even uploaded a few snaps of a recently held school-reunion that she attended.I saw them yesterday and scrapped her to tell her how lucky she was to have had the opportunity to visit our school and friends again after so many years,little knowing that she will never get to read my message,let alone reply to me.When I didnt get a revert back from my friend I got in touch with a common friend to know about the details of the reunion. Thats when I was given the unfortunate news.

Since then I’ve been wondering why did it have to be her?She was such a fun-loving person.Caring,very very talkative,sweet,immensely loving.And most importantly a Mother to her 7year old daughter.Why?Why didnt she get to spend her life to the fullest tending to her little one,her family?

She has an ailing father,a disabled sister who depended upon her.She had lost her mother very early in her life and she had taken it up on herself to look after her family from then on.

And now,is her daughter being forced by her fate to tread the same path as her mother?Why is life so unfair?

I have no answers.I’m completely at a loss of words.
All I can do is pray to God that He gives the family,strength and will power to withstand the terrible loss.
Goodbye,Sindhu!I’ll miss you.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye,Dear Friend

  1. Thank you,Shail..Since yesterday I cant tell you how many times I have kissed and hugged my daughter for no reason.I look at her and I cant help thinking about Sindhu’s daughter.


  2. I'm so sorry. Its always a shock to hear abt death esp when it concerns our close ones & people our age most esp our friends.
    We were a group of 5 in our college. 1 of our friends passed away 3 yrs back due to Jaundice. She was always a bit sickly but to be confronted with her death was a huge shock.
    I remember crying for ages afterwards. Even now when I see the photographs I just cant believe i'll never see her again.

    I'm really sorry….No solace words can replace that life esp in the life of tht lil child. We can just pray & ask God to give them the strength to bear the loss.


  3. Thank you for sharing your grief,Nancy.I’m sorry to hear about your friend.Its incidents like these that make us realise nothing is predictable.


  4. Thats a tragedy…really. I suppose each day is a gift to us and I wish everyone would relaise this and appreciate all small gestures, words and relatioships…So sorry about your loss, Deeps, didnt read this earlier though.


  5. I feel so sad to see a young life wasted, but thats life. Incidents like these teach u to value what u have.
    May god give the family, the strength to bear the loss !


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