Musical Bend

It was not a surprise to me when I observed Namnam enjoying music,the first time around. It was what I had always yearned for-that my daughter should have an ear for music.Even while she was inside me,I used to listen to a variety of songs as and when I could till the day I went into labour. And I remember I used to get into a penguin-jig of my own with that bulge of mine,everytime I played ‘White’ by Rahul Sharma,and my li’l one poked or kicked me from inside as if telling me how much she loved that music!

Even after she was born,Ravs and I ensured that music was around her always.She acquired this unique pelvic-thrust whenever she listened to a dance number and we used to roll out on floor laughing watching her!

When ‘Taare Zameen Par’ was released,she had just then started framing words and all she wanted was the ‘mai-kabhi’ or ‘bam-bam-bole’ paattu to be played throughout. Then after a point ‘Tashan’ became her rage.Then came ‘Race’,then Singh is Kingh’..she literally labeled Akshay Kumar as the ‘singh is king uncle’.And the labels just went on and on with every new release.The latest label she has given is ‘Ghajini uncle’ to Aamir Khan

Not even once did the thought cross our minds that as much as compilations by Yanni,Ustad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan,Yesudas,L.Subramanium,Billy Joel,AR Rehman or Shakira were a constant in our house,MTV was an even stronger constant.
The reality struck us about two days back,when we got into our car to go to the City Centre.Ravs switched on the stereo and barely had the strumming of the guitar begun that Namnam jumped with an alert saying ‘singh is kingh unclinde paattu’. Yes,right,it was the ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ song. She is yet to learn how to say ‘chandni chowk to china’,in case you are wondering!And I didn’t know if to feel proud at her knack of identifying the song by the introductory beat or feel guilty that I was unknowingly confining her to listening to only Hindi songs.

What I do know is that its high time I brought her back to listening to some other genres of music too.So,Mozart is IN,Mtv is OUT!


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