Childhood revisited

I had thought my previous post was going to be my last for the year.But a visit to the kid-zone at The Royal Plaza made me prove otherwise.

Namnam is always in a super energetic mode whenever she is in a playzone.And at Ray’s reef too she was on a roll.She was hopping from one kiddy-ride to another hardly waiting for each ride to come to a halt.She even prodded me and her Papa to play with her in the ball pond and we were more than happy to join her in the fun.The three of us threw balls at each other,sprang up and down the cushiony surface! Then there was this redemption zone wherein Namnam had to basket as many balls as she could to entitle herself for a redemption gift.Since she was too small to play the game,I played for her.How glad was I!!I was a child again.
Then we went to the playarea which had tunnels,stairs and slides.Normally we avoid taking Namnam to that section of the zone.But here an adult companion was allowed.So I tagged along with her. Needless to say Namnam and I had the maximum fun in this area.
I was pretty amazed at my own energy levels.I never thought I could climb the steep stairs,pass through the tunnels and zoom down the slide!
Although I was panting and heaving with all the running around,yet with each prodding from Namnam I was getting more and more driven to play along even more.I knew Papa was also getting the urge to come and play.But then someone had to cheer us up and buy us popcorn and juice when we were back all sweaty and tired,you see!

This whole experience made me realise how much I missed my childhood.How much I missed my share of kiddy rides on Achan’s back,how much I missed my evening strolls with Amma.And how much I missed playing and fighting with my Ragz. How I wished I could go back in time.And it was because of Namnam that I could relive my childhood yet again.Thank you,my Ponnukutti.

On that note let me wish you all a Very Happy New Year. May the coming year bring all of us joy,happiness and prosperity.


3 thoughts on “Childhood revisited

  1. A very Happy New Year to you babes and may all your desires be fulfilled. You’ve touched a chord in my life and there is something i want you to have. check my year end post.

    love A


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