Namnam goes solo!

Today is a day of great achievement for Namnam.A while back my Namnam drifted off to sleep by HERSELF!!I didnt have to rock her or sing to her or even pat her to sleep.She just lay there on the bed and off she was dozing.

At nights,usually her routine right before going off to sleep would be to sit and read with Papa.The reading would comprise of either identifying the objects in the books and magazines that Papa would be reading or simply reciting rhymes(which,most of the times would be ‘Humpty Dumpty,shat on a wall!’ or ‘tinkle-tinkle litti taaaaar’) from her book.
Then when she is ready she would say”Goodnight HumptyDumpty,goodnight,tinkle-tinkle,goodnight lamp,goodnight curtain,goodnight book,goodnight aeroplane,goodnight pen, horse or chair or circle or triangle or’so many watches’ or baby-potty”or whatever object she would have seen in the magazine at that point in time.
And she would lie down,say “Amma kidakku,Papa kidakku” asking us to lie down beside her and place our hands over her and pat her.She would then be off to a sound sleep.The stage of rocking and singing lullabies at night was long gone.

But for her morning naps,Namnam would demand that I rocked her and sang ‘Mai Kabhi batlaata nahi‘ or ‘Nanhikali’ or ‘Aaotumhe’ or ‘Naani teri morni’ to her. I would gladly abide by what I was told as these moments,for me,were precious bonding moments with my daughter and I knew this phase too would soon pass.

And today the phase was indeed on its way out to extinction.After our daily norm of playing peek-a-boo,Namnam was tired and sleepy.I asked her to lie down and get ready to sleep. I told her Amma would be back in a while and went to the kitchen to finish cooking.After a while when I didnt hear any titters from the bedroom,I went to check on her only to find her sleeping sound.It was a moment of elation,pride,relief,all clubbed together.And I had to capture the moment in my camera.

One corner of my heart was sad that my chances of singing lullabies to my daughter and rocking and patting her to sleep were dwindling further.And another corner was happy and proud that my sweet little was growing up and was one step closer to being independent.

10 thoughts on “Namnam goes solo!

  1. Yes it is indeed an achievement but I also understand ur sadness…1 part of their childhood just goes away along with the disappearance of each habit.

    When my Naina was ready to give up the bottle I was reluctant to let her[can u imagine:-o]
    …even after tht it took me a loong time to throw away the bottle.
    I also loved to see the kids wearing Pampers;-P… the use kept lessening I was very wistful.

    ..I’m weird I knw;-P.


  2. Pamper-phase is something I’m eagerly looking forward to doing away with.Namnam’s diaper bag has been my handbag for the last 2years.I stuff in there all my accessories along with her nappy-sacks,diapers,cotton,etc.etc.And now I’m yearning to use a ‘real one’:))


  3. awwww the goodnight(s) are so sweet. I used to do that as a kid (so my mom tells me :)).
    And you know what..i totally understand how you feel about the kid growing up…i don’t have a kid but i recently had the joy of an 8 month old baby girl spending time at my house and she was a joy to have and hold. it’s so fulfilling.


  4. @A:really?!!No wonder we didnt get to hear from you for so long!It is indeed fulfilling to raise a child and watch her grow,A. You know,I dont regret,for even a second,my decision to quit my job and stay at home to take care of my baby.Its so much more thankful than your normal corporate-jobs.
    @VJ: Honoured to have you visit my page.Thank you so much for your kind words.


  5. Yes indeed, some of these become the hallmarks of the children’s progress, and in some way a poignant and yet a happy movement away. 🙂

    Congrats to the little one on achieving it 🙂


  6. wow! my nammuttan is growing up!!!!!!!!!and as u said it does hurt a wee bit when ur little one flies away to independence, but the joy of seeing ur little kutti growing into a big girl and then a proud mother is simply amazing molu. as i read ur blogs about nammu i am going back to those days when mon and u were being brought up and i sometimes missed so much of ur start ups and even pranks while i was away in school. but then, having u both with me as my students made me sooooooooo proud of u two( i am telling u now tto). indeed those were the days…………………i am getting nostalgic da


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