Mother’s pride

I’m amazed at her will and zest.But,why?Why am I amazed?This is how she has been all her life.My Amma.She always excelled in whatever role she doned in her life.
As a daughter she became a pillar of strength to her parents.

As a sister she became a role model to her two brothers.And when one of them was snatched away by the cruel hands of destiny,she concealed her grief over a brave facade to give the other one the strength to withstand the irreparable loss.

As a wife she became a lover,a friend,a confidante to her husband.She realised very early on that the sure-shot way to his heart is through his stomach and became a fantastic cook in the process.She always catered to his needs in everywhich way possible.She stood by him in every phase of his life.And she continues to be his rock even now.Although Achan may not admit it openly and claim its the other way round!

As a mother she put her children’s interests over hers always.She always drove me & Rags to surge ahead in life and deliver to the best of our capabilities.And when we were unsuccessful despite giving our best in our various endeavours she never discouraged us with harsh comments.She always instilled in us the belief ‘if something is not meant for you,you will never get it no matter how hard you try to attain it but if it is meant for you and you have given your best shot it will come to you,no matter what’.
When I was enduring labour pain to bring by precious little into this world,Amma stayed awake through the night right outside my room(she was not allowed inside) and prayed till she was told ‘the mother and baby are fine’.

As a teacher,she guided her pupils to identifying their paths and striving towards achieving their goals. According to her students,she always had answers to all their questions.Her subject knowledge and her passion for her profession were such that many of them idolized her and took up the profession to make her prouder.

And now she is doning a role that she has always loved.Of being a student.She often says one of the reasons she enjoys teaching is because she gets to learn even more and gain even more wisdom through her students.So when she got an offer to do a management course organized by National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT),she was elated like a child at the prospect of listening to lectures,making notes,getting homeworks,indulging in group-discussions,giving exams,living in a hostel,chatting with her batchmates all over again.

As I write this post she sends me an sms saying that the programme is rigorous,yet very informative and she is enjoying every minute of her life as a pupil and a hosteler.She has to be in class from 9AM to 5Pm and then she is off to the library and then to the computer lab till 8PM.Dinner time is from 8PM to 9PM,after which its ‘Goodnight,sweetdreams to everyone’!In between the message she reminds me that I’m supposed to call up Achan daily and check on him.Point noted,Ma.
She has to give a power-point presentation today and then she is scheduled to give a book-review of a management book on thursday.On friday she,alongwith her classmates,has to organise a cultural programme to be showcased to their faculty.

I’m amazed at her drive for learning and trying out new prospects.And I’m sure she will go the extra mile like always to play this role too to the hilt.
Wish you all the luck,Ma and be a good-girl!


14 thoughts on “Mother’s pride

  1. Wow !!!
    I am truly amazed !!! to study again at that age with full enthusiam !!..
    I have no words to say !!
    You should be truly proud of her !


  2. @shail: Thank you so much for your wishes.Will convey them to her:)
    @VJ:Thank you:)I truly am proud of her.She is always an inspiration to me.
    @Renu:Thank you very much.I salute her daily for being my Amma.Its not an easy job.I realise that every minute as I raise my daughter:)


  3. This is really amazing! Now this is what we call as a true sports-person spirit!!
    Has really inspired me..
    All the best to your mom !!


  4. Your Mom sounds truly special!!!

    We take them for granted & it is only when we become mothers or stay far away from them when we actually realize the depth of their love & sacrifice.

    Here's wishing her all the best in all her future endeavours.


  5. @Shefali: thank you for your wishes.will pass them on to my mother.
    @Reflections:You’re so right,Nancy.We never realise our mother’s worth until we become one ourselves.
    Thank you for your wishes.will convey them to my Ma:)


  6. wow..i applaud your mom. to get back to the classroom is a difficult thing and at her age it’s just awesome. wish your mom the very best of luck from me and may health, wealth and all that’s good be her’s always.
    this is such a feel good post ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. molutta!1 u made me weep da. but then the tears were of mixed nature. of elation, deep love, gratitude and above all happiness to know my molutti places me in so high an esteem.and molu truly the prog was great. guess wat! apart from the serious studies part, we enjoyed pranks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!and u know wat?it was fun passing on the candies while the resource person wasnt looking and also scribbling comments on writing pads to ur neighbour and putting on an innocent look while the professor looked at u/ really da every minute of learning, every power point presentation and all the book reviews wer simply awesome da.
    your friEnds and fellow bloggers deserve a big THANK YOU for their kind, encouraging and loving wishes and comments.PLEASE DO CONVEY MY FEELINGS TO THEM AND THAT I ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF STUDENT DAYS RE VISITED.Iwill post my experiences and discoveries on my blog after a few days and then u too wud read how exciting the days were


  8. Really admire your mother too! You have written that she is a teacher, but this is all so very admirable. What I liked most is her enthusiasm, for she is a true teacher, wanting to still be a learner ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hats off to you Ma’am ๐Ÿ™‚ Deeps, I know you know how lucky you are, still I shall say this, You’re one lucky girl ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Thank you,Usha,will certainly convey your wishes to my Amma.
    C,this is why I admire you so much.When I read your posts about your students and about your experiences as a teacher,you remind me a lot of my mother.


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