Privileged life

Today,being friday,Ravs,Namnam &I went to the Garden restaurant to have our lunch.While on our way back we saw a sight that got us thinking how privileged we were in our lives.
On the street were hoardes of people,some sitting on the pavements and yapping away to glory,some who were engrossed in talking over the phone probably to their loved ones living at the other end of the world,some simply ogling at the passing vehicles of different makes,maybe wondering if they will ever be able to own one some day.
They had literally thronged themselves on the road to feel the hustle and bustle of the city causing a mini traffic jam and a stampede therein.

Thats when Ravs pointed out that this was the only day they got to be themselves.Watching a passing Merc,a BMW,an FJ Cruiser,a Lancer or even a Suzuki Alto was what was entertainment for them.Being able to catch up with their other expat friends and share the joy and grief of the gone-by week was what they looked forward to to let themselves out.The whole week they slogged their butt off to make whatever little money to send home and keep their families secure.They waited for the weekends with bated breath so they could call up and talk to their wives,children,parents & siblings.

This discussion made me realise how blessed I am for my life.Here I was,away from my homeland,yet privileged enough to be living with my husband and my child unlike so many other who yearned to be with their loved ones.My husband would look forward to the weekends so he could be with his family unlike some who couldnt wait to get out of their rooms which otherwise they would be sharing with 10-15 other occupants.

As I realised this I told Ravs I was surely going to blog about this.As I said this my husband gave me an accusing look from his rearview mirror as though asking,’did the term “BLOG” really have to come around in this worthwhile discussion now?’And before that look could strike off an altogether different conversation(a much heated one),we reached home.
Who was the gladder for it??


10 thoughts on “Privileged life

  1. Hey, have blogged and reading too. Commented on your moms blog, was moved by it…And yes, aren’t we all previleged to be on this earth…


  2. oh yes,Sindhu,we are privileged..and its incidents like what I witnessed that make me all the more so.I feel we tend to take our life so much for granted that we fail to recognise its worth at times.
    As for your post,have left a comment there.I know you will be waiting fr it..LOL!!


  3. Yes we have to count our ruwi high street is the hanging place for these people..not an inch of space is left…well these people are better off in one way ..atleast they are in a city..many are in interior desert which is even worse..


  4. You know what,Sunder what I saw in Doha that day did remind me of Ruwi High Street and how people not only from the city but also from interiors come and throng the roads because thats a visual treat for most of them.
    I somehow skipped to mention this in my post here.Good that you did.Thanks for that:)


  5. In Dubai we dont see too much of it but I've seen this sight in Sharjah a lot of times. One does feel sorry for them but I hate it when they keep staring at you boldly & dont take their eyes till u go out of sight. Mayb not all of them are like tht but 80% of them are:-S.
    Women in Sharjah are complaining abt it all the time.


  6. @Reflections:I used to get bothered with the constant ogling myself,Nancy but now I feel bad and sad.
    @Sunder:yes,I am:)
    @Reflections:Nancy,ur comments were very much secure with me.was a bit tied up,hence the delay.Happy now??;)


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