Our child is healthy!

I read this post on Madmomma’s blog and I couldnt help myself from posting one of my own on the subject.
When I come across people who claim to be more concerned about my daughter than me(mind you some of them are total strangers),it irks me no end.I wonder how is it anybody’s business that my daughter is skinny or plump,tall or short,talkative or quiet?Till this day I keep getting these I-so-feel-like-slapping-them kind of comments like ‘Oh!your baby is so small!’,’why is her weight so less?’,’Oh she is light like a feather!’or the typical ‘आपकी बच्ची तो बड़ी कमज़ोर है,कुछ खिलाते पिलाते नही हो क्या?’

The very day she was born,I got a call from one of my aunts (who till then I virtually idolized) to congratulate me on my little feat! Before even she wished me,her first question was ‘what’s her weight?’ And as I mentioned the figure,immediately without even thinking she went ‘Oh thats too low!’Here I was expecting her to be happy about my achievement and she had started off her conversation with a discouraging note.I was so furious at that remark of hers that I bluntly told her that was not the case and that the doctors had said she was normal and her APGAR score was 8 which was very good.

From then on R and I have faced a barrage of comments like this.Earlier I used to get affected by this hugely.Whenever someone told me my child was skinny,I used to get into a defensinve mode and give them a plain-right’NO,SHE’S NOT’.Just to prove them wrong and tell them ‘YOU DO NOT DECIDE FOR MY CHILD,I DO’.
Then it reached a stage where I got so tired of defying people that I started justifying to them that my child was not fat because R and I were not when we were small.And that children,more often than not go after their parents!

What is it about fat kids?Why do we fancy them so much?Madmomma says’fat kids look cute until they’re one and then they’re just unhealthy’.I absolutely second her on that.I have seen parents take great pride in their babies being plump and waste all their time and energy criticizing others’ less plump babies and advising them how they should let the kids gobble all and sundry just so they can be fat.They dont realize that their kids may be plump but they may also turn out bow-legged or obese.How can the parents expect their babies will walk properly with so much of body-weight?

For me,every kid is cute.Bonny,skinny,fat,tall,short.In any whichway,babies are cute and adorable.Every child is different in his/her own way.Kids develop in their own pace.It is not at all important that your child is fat or skinny.What is important is that that he/she is healthy.

Now when R and I are confronted with such baseless remarks,we say,’our child is healthy.So long as she doesnt fall sick often and so long as she is active and growing up well,it is fine.Her Ped is happy with her progress.And that makes us happier.Nothing else matters.’Period.


19 thoughts on “Our child is healthy!

  1. Precisely, Deeps, if your child is active, healthy, happy and energetic, there is abs. not need to worry. Nothing. Period!

    Liked the post!

    And the Carpenters’ Song I am now listening to 🙂
    Top of the World!


  2. How familiar all this is!! i don’t understand this obsession with plumpness we Indians seem to have. I have been thin at all times (except now!! Gulp) and you don’t know how irritating it was to hear people ( friends and relatives) going on and on, ‘OMG look at you, all skinny!’And you won’t believe this, one of my cousins set off a rumour that I was having marital problems and that’s why I was thin!! 😛 Well I hope they are all happy now that I am not thin anymore Lol.
    My elder son was on the thin side, still is and I had to face the same flak, lots of advice on what I should and should not do, what I was doing wrong…yada yada yada…
    If your child is active, there is nothing wrong. Besides, it is healthy to be thin! But women seem to have an obsession with fattening kids up. It will only end up getting harmful in the long run!


  3. @Usha:Thanks for that reassurance,Usha!I wish there were more people who thought like you.

    @Shail:You were thin too??So was I.But thankfully none of my cousins propagated that my marriage was in shambles…ROFL!Hilarious,Shail!


  4. I was looking around wondering from where the music was coming…until I finally realised it was this blogger who was entertaining me…I wish you would sing and add your song too, long since I heard u sing.
    And true, about comparision…it will go on from weights to studies and then finally you will get immune to what others say!


  5. you said it deeps! i wish those who seem to be more concerned about nammuttan would get to read ur blog. let us just ignore those un called for comments and be happy that she is active and perfect as per the expert…the ped. wat else do we need.


  6. hmm i can understand the sentiment, though I dont have kids yet.
    I wonder who would say such things to you. You have such a beautiful lil angel.


  7. sounds so familiar, we Indians always love to advice, I heard it all my life till 40..why is she so slim,initially after marriage everybody wondered whether i was unhappy or there was some problem in my marital home:), poor me..who was on the toes controlling the wt, and now when i am perpetually worried about my wt. gain and fat they comment about it also:)


  8. @Sindhu:I loved that widget too when I saw it on another blogger’s site and I applied it here.As for my singing,you’re welcome home anytime.we’ll have a small kachery,what say??In any case its been a while since I’ve heard me singing too:

    @Ma:you said it.Ignoring is the best way to go.

    @Ra:Your mother is still confronted with such people???I wonder if A does too,what with them hinting at some marital dispute…LOL! Such people are simply irreparable,I guess:)

    @Piper:so sweet of you to have said such a lovely thing about my li’l one.Thank you,Piper.

    @Renu:You too??I guess such people are beyond repair.As my mom said,’just ignore’:)

    @Sunder:Thank you


  9. I am a mother of a 4 year old healthy girl but not fat and I hear ya.

    I get nutrition suggestions. I get comments like oh! finally I see your girl eating and worse is when you visit Kerala and comparison starts with fat, unhealthy kids.

    I used to be mad but not anymore. I just laugh and say I am glad she is slim and beautiful and more confident.

    These days if some one says something like this in front of my daughter, I ask them to not do so as it might affect my child’ confidence. For me that is most important. Once I said that and the ammayis and kunjammas got my point.

    Beautiful header. My first time here. Bloghopped from somehwere. 🙂


  10. U knw….the situation is not so different here but whenever anybody asks me abt this I say with a bright smile “oh adhe nyan avare kannu pedathe ikikaan angane vechaekuva”

    Most of the time it shuts them up:-D. Had to write it in Mal otherwise it doest quite give the same effect.


  11. @Solilo:Thank you so much.Welcome to my blog:)
    I so agree with you.Its much more important to ensure our children’s confidence is not shaken just because some thoughtless people feel they have every right to be insensitive than to feel sorry.You need to be blunt with such people.I too am going to react the same way as you the next time people question my daughter’s well-being.

    @Nitya:Absolutely right.You said it:)

    @Reflections:ROFL!!… writing in Malayalam did have that effect.What an idea,sirjee..oops madamjee:))


  12. I wanted to gun down those people too…And now, I’m careful not to ask THE question. Why should somebody other than the doc be the judge of how yr kid is doing healthwise!?

    Thanks for sharing…


  13. I say, slap them hard and say…OH but your cheek looks so fat I didn’t think it’ll hurt…..hee hee hee…
    But seriously..I hate nosy bodies like these. such people don’t just shower their expertise on kids, they’ll do it on your home, your cooking, your decor, etc etc etc….grrrrr

    acha…now hop over to claim your awards 🙂


  14. @Naperville mom:Welcome to my blog:).I so share your sentiments.

    @A:LOL!Oh such people are rampant in our society.You’ll find them everywhere.
    Thanks a ton fr the awards.Hugs to you:)will acknowledge them soon in my blog.


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