How we change!

A couple of days back we were on a flight back from Bahrain and there was this guy on board who was on his way to India.His behaviour throughout the flight got me to thinking how typical we Indians are.

No sooner did the flight take off,than he had started pestering the flight attendants with requests to serve him liquor.He kept on saying”Madam,whiskey please’.’Madam whiskey please’!And every time the attendant had to remind him that there wasn’t enough time to serve him liquor.
Either the fact that it was a half hour flight and he would soon be transiting in Doha to catch a longer flight where he could have his whiskey to his heart’s content had escaped or he was simply being desperate to cash in on that little opportunity he had got to have as many drinks as possible without spending an extra shilling!
Anyhow in that short flight of half hour he must have buzzed for the attendant at least 5 times totally oblivious to the fact that he had become an object of ridicule to the air hostess and his fellow passengers.

This is how we are,is it?When we are in a foreign land,we always abide by their rules and regulations.Always striving to be a model expat.We drive on roads in the sanest and safest way possible following all the road rules strictly remaining in our lanes and not try to overtake vehicles zooming past us.
We take efforts to keep the city clean and tidy.We wont spit here and there or throw garbage in the middle of the roads.Not even on streetsides.
Even in cash counters or immigration counters at the airport we maintain a decorum and remain in queues and not try to topple over others to come in front!

But the minute we board our flights to go to our country,we are back to being our typical self.Jumping queues to get ahead of others,driving insanely and rashly as though we are in some race against time.Even worse,spitting,peeing or throwing trash at every nook and corner.Why?Isn’t our motherland entitled to be clean?Don’t our fellow citizens have the right to live in a clean haven?Cant we take efforts to keep our country clean just like we do when we are in foreign lands?

This may just seem like a rant.And rant it is but I feel it is high time that we stopped taking our nation for granted.
Just as we strive to set an example with our behaviours and deeds outside our country,our nation has every right to feel proud of us for our actions and how we conduct ourselves IN our country.


12 thoughts on “How we change!

  1. been subjected to this behaviour as well .. I had to travel next to a whiskey guzzler who kept burping and i was like WTH !!Indians take india for granted cos nobody fines them 500 bucks when they spit here .. but on second thoughts, a lot of expats dont care 2 hoots abt cleanliness away from home .. Little india in Singapore is a classic example … u almost know that u r near indians when u see heaps of rubbish ..


  2. A flight to our home country always brings out the rant in us:-D
    Have u ever noticed this funny thing in our Indian flights….
    Just when the flight touches down, all the people start getting up to pull down their luggage & stand in the aisle like as if they r inside a bus:-D


  3. you`re right ofcourse!! The moment we touch base, something happens! 🙂 Infact I have been guilty of this behaviour myself! I tried to push other people and run, so I could be the first in the line at Immigrations!! 🙂 Even while boarding, there are thousands at the international airport(Kolkata) who`ll jostle and push to get onto the plane!! 🙂 🙂 I wonder why.. really, I wouldnt do that here. As in, I wouldnt think of pushing people around at the New York airport, would I? Food for thought..


  4. oh yes we have also wondered , how we are so disciplined amazing thing is the punctuality at which any functions starts…so far i havent witnessed ( except events where our bollywood personalities participate) any event which has started one minute late…


  5. Having pretty much lived on a plane in my early years as a professional, I know for a fact there are travel jerks pretty much anywhere and in any culture. If we didnt meet them it would be travel would it 🙂

    But yeah, desis can really drink, like REALLY drink if its for free 🙂

    Love your blog header. Great picture. Came here from Renus blog and will come again.


  6. @Nancy's comment "Just when the flight touches down, all the people start getting up to pull down their luggage & stand in the aisle like as if they r inside a bus:-D"

    Ha..ha.. so true. I have always wondered about it too. This happens even when the instruction is to be seated.

    Deeps, Have to agree with you here as I have felt the same many times. But there is also a hidden side to Indians abroad. I remember once a colleague just put his baby on the car seat without seat belt and wife looking at it casually. So I asked him to secure the seat belt and he says oh! carseats are to show the cops. Whole journey the baby was on mom's lap and other kid was walking in that van. I never traveled with them again. Another day I had one look at their van and it was even worst than a dumpster. Bits of food, clothes and all trash.

    Abroad they do things hiding from law and when they reach India, everything is khullam-khulla.


  7. @Amrita:Welcome to my page!Will look forward to having you visit more often:)

    @Bedazzled:You said it,Bhargavi!Its more due to fear that we behave so well while abroad.And when we are in our country we are sure there are no stringent rules or fines to refrain us from damaging our country’s reputation!Who do we blame here?Ourselves or the authorities who need to really shake themselves up and introduce some strict measures to keep us on check?

    @Reflections:Oh yes,Nancy.Its quite a sight in the aircraft.Its as if it has been transformed into a mini fish-market!

    @Sindhu:Absolutely!Some habits dont die only!

    @Piper:Its quite a sight at Delhi airport too.And the queue that the people form right when the announcement to board is made,sometimes even surpasses the boarding gate!Its so frustrating!

    @Sunder:I’ve always believed Muscat has one of the best traffic systems.And its amazing to see how people there drive with such perfect road sense(including my husband:P!).And you know what,after being there,now whenever I’m in Delhi driving I make sure I give the pedestrians the right of way.It invariably attracts surprising looks from them though!But someone has to take the first step isnt it?

    @Kiran:Righly said.I guess our fellow desis experience an altogether different high when they drink for free!
    Thanks so much dropping by and your lovely comment on my header.Will convey it to my daughter.Looking forward to having you visit more often:)

    @Solilo:Oh so it happens in the US of A too,huh?But in discreet!How could those parents be so callous?Its after all their children’s safty thats at stake.


  8. I have heard of passengers who refuse to disembark and create a racket asking for all and sundry to come and give them explanations because of the delay of the flight in reaching India. But the funny part is, none of these Indians utter a word when the flight takes off late from its place of origin. As soon as it touches India, they show their true color and behave in this unruly manner. This is the experience heard direct from Security officers at the airport.
    Why do some Indians behave this way??!!!


  9. hey ya, thats unfair.. i do agree that there are some people like that but then don’t categorize all Indians in one bracket… u will find people who lack etiquettes in all countries.. don’t be generic…things are changing and its on us to make this world a better place…


  10. @Shail:”Why do some Indians behave this way”…Your guess is as good as mine!

    @Iya:I’ve invariably come across people from our country who behave irrationally..almost always,Iya.Lets hope things are changing for the better.You’re right its on us to make this world a better place.


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