Random me

This is one tag which has been floating in the blogosphere at a speed much greater than sound.And I too have been caught in the whiff.I knew it was going to be one helluva herculean task.Nevertheless,here I am with my version of the tag.

Reflections has tagged me and the rules are thus:

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

You have to link the person who tagged you.

So,here is a bit of Deeps-ipedia for you,people…enjoy:)

1.I love music.Its a part of me.I’ve learnt Carnatic music for about 12years and still regret not having pursued it further.I don’t know if I can relive my unfulfilled dream in my daughter as I am sill not sure if she has that inclination.And I’m certainly not someone who believes that if I didn’t do something in life that I wanted to,I should let my child do what I wanted to do. I’d rather let her do what SHE wants to do.
So the next best step is to resume my lessons!

2.Unmade bed turns me off totally.Even when I’m going on a vacation,I make sure my bed is made up if nothing else before I leave my house.That’s how weird I’m.

3.Speaking of vacation,how can I not mention my love for travelling?Its precisely why I chose tourism as my stream of interest.Having said that I still cant boast of having travelled ‘footloose’ like Samantha Brown(Oh!How I envy her!).But I’m hoping I get to explore at least one city in an year as promised by my husband!

4.When I was small I used to have these little conversations with God which,on hindsight,were so naive.I remember,when I was in class 6 or 7,I was so affected by the fact that my friend always stood first in class that I had written quite a few letters to Him begging Him to let me come first instead,or questioning why He was being unfair to me,and so on!And those,invariably were written on a small piece of paper torn from the back pages of my notebook.I don’t remember when I stopped writing letters,but I still do have my conversations with God.

5.My birthday and my parents’ Wedding anniversary fall on the same day!And every year my brother never fails to mention he had his ‘choroonu’* on the very day,so its his special day too!

6.I hate cooking.I cook only those dishes which my husband likes to have.And I have a darling of a husband who relishes even when I make him a cheese sandwich!Which,by the way,happens quite often.

7.I’m a slow reader.Not all the books that I lay my hands and sight on interest me.But if a book does catch my attention,then I make sure I read each and every line of each page till the very end.Even to the extent that if I skip a line or two of a page and carry forward,I feel something is amiss and I just flip back and read the entire page again and then continue!

8.I have this very lousy habit of indulging in reading in the loo!And since its a quirk that I share with my husband,we have a small book-holder fixed in there with our magazines and books stacked.So whenever we are under pressure to perform,we know how to indulge ourselves!!

9.It used to be very difficult to make me cry once upon a time.That is before motherhood happened to me.But post-motherhood,anything can get me misty-eyed!

10.As much as it is easy to make me cry now,its even easier to make me smile.Yes,I smile way too much!I’ve always been like that and it sometimes gets embarrassing.Even on my wedding day when I was expected to keep a low profile,I was smiling away to glory and my ammayis and valiyammas were constantly poking and telling me to keep my head down and walk soberly.

11.I’m a pessimist to the core.My husband and my parents would vouch for that fact.’Cos whenever I’m low,all their time and energy are wasted to pep me up and keep me positive.

12.I get very scared of telephone calls at nights.I,invariably end up thinking the calls are going to give me some bad news.

13.I bite my nails and I hate myself for that.I’ve been trying to shun that habit for a very long time.Till now I’ve just had luck with one hand.Hopefully I’ll quit biting nails of my other hand too soon.

14.I am all ears for juicy gossips of any kind!

15.Chocolates are my weakness.I like them in any form.And mind you,I refuse to share my chocolates with anyone!

16.I hate hanging wet clothes to dry.Even worse when they are dry,the thought of folding them and arranging them back in the wardrobe irks me no end!

17.I rely a lot on my inner voices.They more often than not,show me the right path.

18.When in school,while giving a song recital,I blacked out on stage.I couldn’t remember the lyrics of the keertanam I was singing and I felt so pathetic that the whole day I was crying and feeling let down by myself.Moreso because the keertanam was one of my favourites,which I could sing even in my sleep.And strangely,since that day I could never memorise the keertanam with the right notes.

19.I am very possessive about my daughter,husband and parents.I can’t even tolerate when my father spends most of his time with his pet,Bronco,a ferocious German Shepherd,who BTW,my Namnam adores!Or when my mother’s students call her ‘Amma’!I so itch to go up to them, slap them and tell them,’Don’t you dare call my mother Amma!’

20.Sleeping is the ultimate bliss for me.And I can get very nasty when someone tries to wake me up!

21.Clumsy and I go hand in hand.oops!I just spilled my coffee.See,now do you believe??I’ve lost count of the number of cups,saucers and plates that I’ve broken barring the ones that I’ve had to throw on my bitter-half in our usual bouts of rage!

22.I detest people who are pompous and so engrossed in themselves.

23.I can go to town shopping for clothes for my daughter and never get tired of it.Howsoever much I try to curb myself from going overboard,as soon as I enter one of those Babyshop outlets and see the variety of dresses on offer,I get all weak-kneed.Its so tough to chose that one right dress for your child when all the dresses displayed around you seems right for her.I’m sure all you,mothers of daughters would second me on that!

24.By now I’m tired and bored scribbling so much randomness about myself.

25.Lastly *a relieved sigh* and lately my favourite pastime is to watch and hear my Namnam talk.She has just started framing sentences and its a treat to watch her.
Recently I was all teary-eyed after watching ARR giving the Oscar speech.Upon seeing my eyes all welled-up,Namnam said,’Mama karaya?Enda ploblem?’…Mama,are you crying?…Oh I so wanted to say,’Nahi beta yeh khushi ke aansu hai!’.But I made do with a ‘No,sweety’ and smiled at her.
And then as though sensing I was getting too much glued to the TV she went to say,’Namnamkku veshkkunu,korchu kanji taruo?’…literal transalation-Namanam is hungry,can she have some porridge?
As much as I was overawed from watching ARR recieve his trophies,I was also beaming with pride for having witnessed my daughter frame those two sentences at one go.I just picked her up,hugged and kissed her real tight and off I went to serve her kanji.

I’m tagging Nitya,Renu,Sashu,Shail,Usha Pisharody,VJ,and all those who have not been tagged on the theme before.

*Choroonu is a ceremony wherein a baby,at or past six months,is given rice for the first time.


27 thoughts on “Random me

  1. Wowwiee… Dunt know how i missed a new post from u ..prolly cos the blogroll wasnt getting updated !!.. ditto abt 1 , but i am not the carnatic kinds..maybe u shud pursue it now .. ditto abt 2,3 ,15 and 16 also !..Nanmam is the name of u r daughter of is that a malayalam endearment ? .. nice list !


  2. Ok, it is this one!! I have been tagged by a couple of others too. I will get to it soon! 🙂
    That was quite interesting. Your 7th point is so true of me too! I feel something is amiss if I even have a doubt that I left a sentence. I go back and read the whole page over again!


  3. @Bedazzled:Oh its not your fault,B.This post had been lying in my drafts since 3days and in the rush of publishing I forgot to change the date in the post options.have amended it now.
    Namnam is a pet name for my daughter,Namya:)

    @Shail:Looking forward to reading your tag:).


  4. Oh nice to know more about you..

    14 , who is not…

    ur earlier tag, i am still to complete..well its not my fav topic..anyway will do it..


  5. Every time I see this tag I make a promise to myself to get it done but then I forget.

    Deeps, there is lot of things similar to me like hating unmade beds, cooking, possessive about my daughter. I think I am obsessed with my daughter that I might stalk her when she leaves me after marriage. Ha..ha..a


  6. heyy, you must, must,must start music lessons again. I have been thinking about it myself. Here of course its difficult for me. I did manage to find someone from India who is willing to give me lessons. But she lives so far away and I cant drive :(:( But you must start again!
    Also, I see so many similarities :):) Ditto on #11,12,14,15,16,20,21 and 22!!!! And heyy I get realllly nasty if someone wakes me up from sleep too :):)


  7. Ohhhh any call after 11 always gives me scare too….I guess since we are so far away the fear is heightened:-(

    that blacking out on stage is the ultimate nightmare for me…do u suffer from stage fright or was it just a one off things????

    And those conversations with God are really sweet…..I do them even now:-)

    And continue ur music classes……such a pity u had to stop after so many years. And ur decision to let ur daughter choose her own way is so commendable esp since its such a diificult things to do:-P


  8. @Sunder:So you love gossips too?? Will look forward to reading your holding-hands tag.

    @Solilo:So we have quite a few things in common,huh?And about being obsessed to the point of stalking your daughter…totally understand you.I fear that for my Namnam myself!Poor Peanut&Namnam..Par kya karein,yeh ma ka dil hai ki maanta nahi:-P
    Would love to read your take on the tag BTW:)


  9. @Piper:Oh I’d love to resume my music lessons,Mishy.Hope I manage to find a good teacher for myself:)

    @Reflections:Nancy I really do hope though that Namnam shows an inclination towards music.Then it will be so much easier for me to guide her 😛


  10. simply an awesome way of taking a tag deeps! though i seem to b knowing almost all about u, reading this post was indeed a treat. love u lots da.


  11. Hey Deeps it was good to know few things about you !!!
    and yes we do have some stuff in common…!
    shall hopefully post mine today..


  12. unmade beds are a strict no no for me too.. and sleeping IS the ultimate bliss in life!!!!

    and so sweet of ur daughter!! she must b a darling.. god bless her


  13. Those ‘little conversations with god’ sure seems cute. It must’ve been embarassing to be caught, no? Do you still do that?

    Call in the night…always frightening…I even keep the phone nearby, just in case…

    Wow! It must be a pleasure listening to Namnam talk…How old is she?

    Nail- biting? Hmmm, we’ve a fraternity there;)

    ‘Unmade beds’? That reminds me of rampant cleaning just as I’m stepping out for dinner or somethin’…Just wanna get back and admire my ‘housekeeping’ skills:)

    Also, one of these days, I should’ve the privilege of listening to your ragas. Kudos for that, girl:)


  14. Nancy,I’m sorry I didnt respond to your question on blacking out on stage.Yeah,it was just a one off thing.I was quite used to performing on stage and participating in competitions,so I’m still clueless what had got over me.Maybe some evil spirit.But then thankfully,after that I never had such an experience during any of my shows although that was one fear I had had in the back of my mind everytime I went on stage:-P.


  15. @Ma:Hugs,ma:)

    @Abhishek:Oh I dont mind sharing my food,but chocolates..strict no,no!
    BTW,Joey is my favourite!

    @Sindhu:I show that ugly side of mine only to Ravs and my parents!Hugs to you,Sindhu for that cheerful compliment:)

    @VJ:Thanks so much for doing the tag so soon:)

    @Amrita:Thank you as always for your lovely comments:)will pass on your wishes to my daughter.

    @Napervillemom:Oh yes I do have my conversations still,but I dont write letters anymore.I dont remember being embarrased when my mom found those letters in my bag.She just smiled at me.She never made me feel uncomfortable.


  16. Wet clothes, folding, ironing, all that .. me too 🙂
    @reading in the loo… hmm.. sometimes, when I have time, that is me too :D!
    Have done the tag:

    It’s HERE


  17. Nice to read about you, somewhere we are so similar like me to scared of calls at night, fond of travelling, but i am a hardcore optimist, rest i will tell you in my tag:)
    Thanks for tagging me !


  18. i read in the loo all the time. It’s one of my favorite places to read and I have a rack there too for books/magazine etc :).
    i blacked out too on stage once, while reciting a poem at a competition. was so embarassing.

    I just love this tag, don’t you. So much to know about the other person.


  19. All well,Mishy,thanks so much for asking.Have just been a bit tied up at home front.Will be back on track soon!
    The li’l one is absolutely fine:)


  20. Loved reading this tag and was smiling throughout:D

    You learnt carnatic music for 12 years??*looks in awe*
    gosh!Thats like being a pro!:)

    and its so obvious from your words that you love music:) yes you def should take it up once more:)

    Okay *same pih here*:D
    2 and 3 are so me!Unamde beds put me off too!..ofcourse sometimes I leave them like that ..but before going out anywhere the bed has to be made:D

    ”When I was small I used to have these little conversations with God which,on hindsight,were so naive.”

    awww..no not naive but really cute…the innocence of it all:)

    5 that must be awesome the whole family celebrating together:)
    we call the ceremony annaprasan in UP.:)

    6 yay!!I hate cooking too!:D
    and I am wishing that I get a hubby who loves to eat cheese sandwiches too:D:D

    7 yeah I have to go back too:)a lot of times 🙂 but thats not being a slow reader..thats being so engrossed that yopu leave out certain parts in your eagerness to finish the book:D

    I cry now a lot..after being a mother it probably increases even more..all the moms I know here do it:D

    you are a pessimist?but you come across as very cheerful:)from what I know of you..you are being too harsh on yourself..you are probably a worrier like ma:)mom too worries a lot and dreads phonecalls at night…

    what??you love chocs?Are you trying to make me envious?:P

    *sigh* I have them in little quantities.:)

    17 is true:)
    and more often than not it turns out to be right 🙂

    point no 19 is totally me:D
    I disliked it when mom and dad used to play with other kids ,cousins and all:D

    21:D I am a klutz too:D completely!twins we are on this one!:D

    22 yeah me too:)

    loved reading about namnam most of all:)
    now I know why daughters are so special to you :))god bless her 🙂
    and may god bless you and your loved ones:)

    ((hugs))for Namnam:)

    loved the banner pic:)


  21. Oh no,IndyeahI’m not a pro.How I wish I were!I’ve every intention of resuming my lessons…in time,though:P

    Thanks so much for dropping by:)


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