The last few days have been quite hectic yet a bit eventful.Namnam was in and out of flu.She started off with vomitting and later on developed mild fever.We took her to the hospital wherein she went into her usual shrieking spree upon seeing the doctor.The Paediatric ward of the hospital was bombarded with children of all ages.Some had fever,some had persistent cough and some had running nose and their mothers were running after the imps to get them to blow their noses.And thats when we realised that Namnam was not the only one caught in the plight.The whole of Qatar had been engulfed by the sickness wave.

Nothing seemed to suit Namnam.I couldnt give her milk as it was adviced against.She refused to have anything except juice and porridge.Thankfully she was always game for medicines,so Ravs & I never had much of a problem giving her tonics.My poor baby was so used to them by then that at times she even asked us ,’no marunnu(medicine in malayalam)??’

Since I’ve a literal phobia for fevers,especially when they hit my daughter,the three of us were practically holed up in our house for about 3-4days.By then Namnam had reached her tether and started to pester us to take her out.We thought it would be harmless to go out since she was well out of her vomitting and fever bouts by then.So out we ventured to have some nice fresh air.Only to realise the very fresh air was going to act as a villian in our life.By next morning Namnam was down with running nose and a complete wreck again.Fortunately her fever didnt relapse.But her crankiness certainly had.And then we were stuck inside our house for another 2-3days by which time even I had caught cold.So my house was an absolute haven for all germs and viruses.They somehow had spared my husband.Maybe they thought he was one amongst them!!

Anyhow,Namnam and I were up and moving in a few days.It was time to gear up for a picnic that was finally going to see the light of the day after much planning,shelving,postponing and planning again.

We were a group of about 25.We went to the UmmSaid beach which was an hours drive from the city.All of us reached there around 3PM and spent our time playing football,throwball,making sand castles.Since it was windy,a few of us opted against going in water,although some were brave enough to take a dip in the chilling sea.All of us had a whale of a time,making the most out of the much needed break from the usual grind of life.

As the sun began to set,it was time for us to get back.Since Ravs was still unfamiliar about Doha routes,we decided to follow one of our friends’ car.After driving a certain distance we realised we had reached a relatively darker area where there were neither any street lights nor any sign boards to navigate us to the city.So we called our friend to make sure we were going the right way.Thats when she told us that they too were doubtful about the directions and had lost sight of the car that they were following.So….there we were,the two families with our respective cars parked aside,in the middle of nowhere,totally clueless as to where we were,or how far we were from the city.And to top it up,our car had run out of fuel and our friends’ had run out of battery!We stood there for close to two hours.I have to mention that in the midst of this fiasco,Namnam was a darling not to have given us any trouble whatsoever.She was as tolerant as she could be.
Finally,we got some of our other friends to come and pick us up and we reached back home safely.May God bless you,guys!

The next day Ravs was off on tour for 3days and life was dull again.You’d think I could have blogged to my heart’s content with him being away and all that…trust me,I did try too.I just didnt feel driven enough.

I was so caught up with the happenings in the last few days that I just lost all the motivation to blog.I somehow couldnt get myself to jot my thoughts down even though there was so much happening.Although I did visit other webpages,I was invariably at a loss of words even when I was moved by the posts.As a result I just couldnt leave any comments or express myself too.It was strange as I never imagined that I would lose interest in blogging.When I shared this predicament with Ravs he said,’dont worry,it is just a phase.You’ll get over it.’And then she and she sent me alert comments wondering about the long leave of absence from my end.I was touched by their gestures.It was aggrandizing to know there were people who did look forward to reading my posts.Thank you,Mishy and VJ for making me feel so nice.
That set the ball rolling.I started writing this post.And VOILA!The floodgates were open.Words were flowing in and out.Hence this looooong post in the offing.

So tell me people,has this ever happened to you?have you ever felt words are pulling you in rather letting you out?


16 thoughts on “A.W.O.L

  1. All the time, Deeps, all the time… the floodgates refuse to open, and then there is a flood :D! Glad to see your words pouring out here 🙂

    And I do hope the little one is much better, and that your cars are back in their homes, and that all is well with your world 🙂

    Have a good weekend too!


  2. I do hope that little one is fine now.and what a weekend u had, i am always scared of getting stuck somehwhere like that,but you were two families atleast thatw as better.


  3. I hope Namnam is doing fine now. It was sickness here too for the past two weeks, both my kids and my hubby, and it seems the whole place is down with wheezing. Terrible:(

    Glad to see u back… It’s always nice to hear from u:)


  4. @Usha Pisharody:Really,you too experience this struggle for words??Its hard to believe that someone like you who literally plays with her words would come across such hiccups.So I’m not alone after all *smiling wickedly*
    Yes,Namnam is fine now and so is our car.Thank you so much.As they say all is well that ends well:)

    @Bedazzled:Yes the li’l one is fine and sleeping right now peacefully as I respond to you:)

    @Renu:Yes that was a big relief that there were two families although both our cars were down but in that godfosaken place if it had been just us then it would have been even worse.

    @Ra:Yes Namnam is fine,thanx:)

    @NM:The unpredicatable weather in this part of the world too has been giving us a tough time.Hope Rustam and Chulbuli are fine now.


  5. in gulf, it is inevitable for kids getting sickness too often…

    hope by now you should have bought a GPS…by the way are you stuck in no mans land..no cars passing by to ask for way?

    oh yes, sometimes one tends to lose the interest to blog, though reading others blog will continue..


  6. U knw it happens…..once we are a bit out of touch we convince ourdselves that we dont have thing to blog abt. Only if we sit down & just start random tapping away, slowly the words start forming & soon it will all pour out. The trick is to try. It happens all the time with me:-))

    ummm…at the risk of sounding stooopid, what is the full form of AWOL:-P?????


  7. hey Deeps,
    great to see you back !!
    glad that Namnam is all fine now…
    about the blogging part, I hear you and completely agree with you soul sister !!sometimes I just cant find anything to write or I think they are too silly to write. I just prefer to read for weeks before I realise, I havent written anything and when I comeback I am lost for words.


  8. “have you ever felt words are pulling you in rather letting you out?”

    Often. I will want to write about something, but won’t know what to say. Then the words come with urgency, and it all seems so clear and so effortless. Then comes the editing, always the editing, and it is not easy. I do enjoy it, but then it never ends. Nothing ever seems as good as it should be.


  9. It happens all the time. There are times when there is so much happening in life but I just don’t get motivated enough to blog. As the learned men say – “it’s just a phase”
    And glad u r out of it…
    Hope both u and Namnam are up and running by now!


  10. Sunder,Nancy,VJ,Snowbrush & Iya,thank you,guys for empathizing with me.I feel so much relieved now:)

    Nancy,AWOL is Absence without leave;)


  11. aww…seems lik u had such an “eventful” time…hmmm..hope de little ones’s doin well!! God bless you n yours! 🙂

    N nice to read ya, as always! therez diz element of warmth in all your posts..a quality, i really like 🙂


  12. Oh Deeps, I hope the lil one is doing better now. I have been in a turmoil myself. Hence this delayed response to your posts.
    I love the new header. Your lil baby is sooooo sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!


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