Off to Delhi

Namnam has been pestering me for the last one month to take her to Delhi.Every morning,invariably,the first sentence to come out of her would be,’namakku Delhikku pova(Shall we go to Delhi)?’ or ‘Lets go to Ammachu(she calls my father’Ammachu’).’
She loves watching her own videos and off late she has been particularly watching some old ones which were taken while in Delhi.So I’m gathering she is terribly missing her grandparents all the more after seeing them so regularly on TV.
When we told her she would soon be going to Delhi,needless to say,her happiness had no bounds.And now the pesterings have become even more frequent!

So tomorrow Namnam & I are off to Delhi for a month long vacation.I dont know if I can say its a vacation for me as I will be going there with truckloads of work to be done.Nevertheless,Namnam can sure look forward to having a blast as always.Whenever we are in Delhi,her Thaatha(my father-in-law)too joins us from Bangalore and this time too I’m hoping he would come by and make Namnam’s stay even more special.
I know this post is not as engaging as it should be.Pardon me for that.My heart and soul have already reached my city but my mind and body are still here.They just refuse to work in tandem.
So,till you hear from me next(hopefully soon)its adios,people!


18 thoughts on “Off to Delhi

  1. have a wonderful trip deeps!!! i hope namnam enjoys her days wi ammachu!! πŸ™‚

    God bless! Have a safe n wonderful trip!!


  2. Deeps, Have a great vacation!

    Hugsy to Namnam! I am sure she will enjoy her stay with grand parents.

    And Deeps be good an no thoughts of Farhan Akhtar. Sho…sho


  3. @Sashu:Thank you,Sash:)

    @Bedazzled:Thankk you,B:)

    @Solilo:No guarantees,Sweety…you c I’m going to be in much closer proximity to the man of your dreams than you…mmmbuhaahaa mmmbuhaaahaa!!!

    @VJ:Thanks VJ.Will do:)

    @Renu:Thank you.will surely share my experiences with you all:)

    @Iya:Thanks!As I said my pa-in-law is planning to come down to Delhi instead so our going to BLR is more or less ruled out,Iya.Nonetheless whenever we come to your city I’ll beep-beep you and then we can surely touch-base:)

    @Reflections:LOL!!Nancy,trust me,I have full intention of blogging while being in Delhi so hopefully ‘the-dont-know-what-to-post’ bug will not bite me;)


  4. Hope u have a wonderffful time with ur folks!!! have a blast and let the kiddu hav her share of ice creams and kulfi πŸ˜€

    enjoy the time.. and have a safe trip


  5. Now as always this is also from the heart and so a pleasure to read! Hope to hear some thaza Delhi khabar! And regards and love to your parents too.


  6. hey what a beautiful name Namnam…may I know what does it mean?? Well first time here at ur blog so need to read more posts to catch up…hope you have a great time in Delhi…it’s my fave city…loads of sweet memories scattered around in all those by lanes πŸ™‚


  7. Amrita,Mishy,VJ,Sindhu,Sunder,Roop & sakshi,thank you all for your wishes.

    Sakshi,welcome to my blog.Namnam,actually is my daughter's pet name.Doesnt mean anything,we derived it from her real name Namya:)


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