Posting from Delhi with a Pregnancy tag

Its been four days since I’ve arrived in Delhi and I’m still unwinding.Namnam,as expected,is thrilled to the point of infinity at having been united with her Ammachan & Ammamma again!For once I don’t have to run after her to check on her.Not that she is insisting either.She is reveling in the fact that she has,for a change,more than two people to cater to her every beck and call!Then there is Bronco,the ferocious German Shephard who I’m petrified of but,who Namnam is completely at ease with.In fact Bronco is so protective about Namnam that even when we roughhouse her playfully and he senses that she is not enjoying it much he will at once start barking as though telling us not to trouble her any further.And then a stern command from his little master to the tune of,”Chup,Bronco,dont bark” would suffice him to simply snoop under the table and lay quietly.

The one person Namnam had been missing terribly was her ‘Jayantididi’.Jayanti is our domestic help who has been with my parents ever since Namnam was born.And both of them have formed a mutual admiration club for each other since then.They are very attached to each other.
When Namnam was told upon her arrival that Jayanti was away,not a single day had passed by without her enquiring about her and asking us when she would be back.So yesterday,when Jayanti was back from her yearly visit to her parents,her village,needless to say,it was joie de vivre for Namnam.It was as though a lease of life had been infused into her.As for me,I was pushed to deeper levels of obscurity.Namnam was not at all asking for me.All she beckoned for was for her didi.Didi to play with her.Didi to feed her.Didi to apply lip-balm on her dry-lips.Didi to even take her to the loo when she wanted to ‘pee-pee’!
Thankfully Mama was summoned when it was time to go to bed.As Didi didnt know the lullabies ‘nanhi kali’ or ‘Aao tumhe’,Namnam didnt have a choice but to get back to her Mama(who has decided not to teach those songs to didi for a long long time to come). *Mama smiling wickedly*

Since much of my time is spent lazing around doing nothing for obvious reasons let me at least do an interesting tag which has been given to me by VJ and get into a reminiscing mode when I was pregnant with Namnam.

Here it goes…

1. WAS YOUR PREGNANCY PLANNED? Oh yes,absolutly.


3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS?Ravs & I were ecstatic since it was something both of us had so yearned for a very very long time.



6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT?The usual ‘peeing on the stick’ was administered,but it gave only a slight positive sign.Since I didnt have the patience to wait for another day or two we went to the clinic immediately for a proper blood test.The report did come back as positive though but my Hcg levels were down and my Gynaec feared it might be an ectopic pregnency.So as my luck would have it I had to wait for another 2 days to ensure my baby was safe.After 2 days the tests came back as normal and our prayers were answered.


8. DUE DATE?8th October 2006

9. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS?For the first three months,yes.I had strong aversions to chinese food and Pastas which were things I used to gorge on prior to the pregnency era!

10. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE?Mangoes and more chocolates!!I had a whale of a time gobbling mangoes during that period as they were available aplenty.

11. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST?Starngely I don’t remember feeling irritated by anything or anyone!


13. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING?No,we were perfectly fine with both.Had it been a boy we would have been as elated.


15. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER?Not really.There was a ceremony in my 8th month wherein I had to visit about 6temples to seek blessings from God.

16. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW?No,it was not a surprise as I knew the date to visit the temples was finalised in my presence!

17. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY?Thankfully,no. I had very easy 2nd and 3rd trimesters and eventual delivery

18. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH?Max Hospital,Noida,India

19 HOW MANY HOURS WERE YOU IN LABOR?about 3hours…yes..thats it!!I didnt even know I was in labour,people!When my Gynaec told me while on a routine check up I was in labour and I had to get admitted I didn’t believe her!I told her I wanted to wait for my husband to join me.So she said I could wait if I wanted to but warned if I experienced any discomfort I had to get myself admitted immediately.Since the hospital was just a few block away I said Ok.But my parents got their bouts of panic and advised me to get admitted the very same night.So I got admitted at around 8PM on 18th and the whole night I was roaming around my ward talking to fellow patients and cracking jokes with my mom!And then there were the constant calls through the night from my darling husband to give me the much needed moral strength.


21. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? My Gynaec and the resident doctor.Sadly Ravs couldn’t make it on time as our baby seemed to be in a literal hurry and in a span of just 3hours she sprang out!


23. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN?No.I didnt experience much pain till about 430AM.And then suddenly the pain soared which lasted for a few hours and


25. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN? 744AM on 19th September 2006

26. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? Namya,which means ‘to bow’.Namnam was derived from her real name.

27. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN?2years 6months & 3days

28. WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION WHEN THE DOCTOR ANNOUNCED THE SEX OF THE BABY?I was happy to know that my baby was fine.It didnt matter to me if it was a boy or a girl.

29. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST REACTION ON SEEING THE BABY? I was relieved and when my doc placed her on my chest all I could say was ,’Oh,my baby!’

30. DID YOU CRY No.I was smiling throughout.I was so proud of myself at having brought my li’l one into this world that even though I was tired with all the pushing I could hardly sleep.It was a major feat as far as I was concerned and I so wanted to share it with evryone around me!

Now I tag Reflections,Napervillemom,Kiran,Sindhu. And all those moms who would like to do share their first born stories,please feel free to pick this tag up!


22 thoughts on “Posting from Delhi with a Pregnancy tag

  1. Namnam is having the best time with her grandparents and you must be getting pampered rotten too. Enjoy! I miss it and a bit envious too.

    Now to the tag,

    Ha..ha.. peeing on the stick. I did on 5 and if that was not enough then went ahead for blood test too.

    Namya is cute name. {{Hugs}} to little Namya.


  2. Hey Deeps, I`m back! πŸ™‚ Loved reading the updates from Delhi and the pregnancy tale. ‘Namya’ is a truly beautiful name. So glad you guys are having fun.. So when do you plan to get back?


  3. @Amrita: πŸ™‚

    @Solilo: Thanks you!Namnam is totally being pampered and I too just let her be as this is the time when she gets to be with her grandparents and vice versa so I should just let her enjoy every bit of her time with them.
    will hug Namnam for you:)

    @Piper: Hey,thanx,Mishy good to see you back too!We’ll be here for a month or so as I’ve a couple of things to sort out.Once that is done we’ll be back in the Gulf-shores:)

    @VJ: Hey,thank YOU for giving me this lovely tag to do,VJ.It surely had me nostalgic:)

    @Renu: πŸ™‚


  4. @Iya:hee hee…I hope you wouldnt have to wait soooo long:P

    @Sindhu:Ummmas to Sindhuaunty too from Namnam.And to Kavya chechi & Naynachechi too:)


  5. Ur daughter will feel all the more special when she finds out tht she was awaited for such a loong time:-)).

    3hrs in labour for me too but it felt like a lifetime:-P.

    I still havent done the last one u tagged me with…..anyways I repeat what I wrote last time…pleeeze gimme time.


  6. Namya is a cute name. Rhymes with mine:) Are you deeps for Deepthi then? Or Deepali? Deepa?

    3 hrs in labor? Really? Nice read. Look forward to hearing more abt yr vacation:)


  7. @Reflections:I hope she does,Nancy.As for doing the tag,take your time,no worries.I still have a picture tag pending from Napervillemom & Renu.So we're sailing in the same boat.I just asked about holding hands tag 'cos I was really looking forward to reading your version:)

    @Naperville mom:Hey,NM,you got my name right in the first guess itself!You're smart,lady:)

    @A:Amen.I'll wait to read your version whenever the time comes:)


  8. πŸ™‚ A lovely post… as it is always, when we speak of our little ones [however big they have grown.. lol]!

    Have a similar tag to do, on the first born.. must get to it sometime soon πŸ™‚


  9. Oh that was so cute! I love these tags.. Bring back loads of memories! And Namya is such a lovely name! Looks like the little one is having a lovely time with her grandparents – I just got back from home – and your account – brought it all back πŸ™‚


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