Wishing you all a Happy Vishu with a musical tag!

Since I’m a little pressed for time right now,I had thought of posting all my pending tags once I was back in Doha.But this is a tag which, when I read in my tagger’s post,I literally forced her to tag me as I so wanted to share my list too.As a result I couldn’t wait till I was back home.Nancy,thank you so much for being such a sweetheart and heeding to my emotional threat:P!!

When I started to do this tag I had thought I could do it in a jiffy.C’mon,how difficult is it to list down your 10 favourite songs in two languages??But as I began listing down the songs it got increasingly difficult to stick to just 10.Trust me,it is no mean task.And for someone who literally gorges on Hindi and Malayalam songs,you can imagine my predicament of choosing between a ‘Tum Pukaar lo’ and ‘Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb thi’ or a ‘Tujhse Naaraz nahi zindagi’ or Do Naina’ from Masoom.It reached a point where I had to resort to ‘in-pin,safety pin,in-pin out’-the eternal elimination game!

Anyhow after much editing,here I am listing my favourite songs in Hindi and Malayalam.Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did while linking them to you!

My 10 favourite Hindi songs:

1.Mera Kuch Saamaan- IJAAZAT
2.Aa chalke Tujhe Mai leke chaloon- DOOR GAGAN KI CHAON MEI
3.Abhi na Jao Chodkar- HUM DONO
4.Rimjhim Gire Saawan- MANZIL
5.Tum Pukar Lo-KHAMOSHI
6.Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi-MASOOM
7.Tumse Milke Aisa Laga- PARINDA
8.Mere Dil mei Tu-BHAVANA
9.Tum Itna Jo Muskuraarahe ho-ARTH
10.Tumko Dekha toh Yeh Khayal- SAATH SAATH

My 10 favourite Malayalam Songs:

2.Endu Paranjaalum nee endedalle vaave- ACHUVINDE AMMA
3.Kaarmukil Varnnande Chundil- NANDANAM
4.Endinu Veroru Sooryodayam- MAZHAYETHUM MUNPE
5.Kaliveedurangiyallo- DESHADANAM
6.Ennodendinee Pinakkam-KALIYATTAM
8.Ramakatha Gaanalayam-BHARATAM You need to hear the song to witness the phenomenon called KJ Yesudas!
9 Akale Akale Neelakasham- MIDUMIDUKKI
10.Azhake Nin Mizhineer- AMARAM

Tomorrow is Vishu.Amma is making all arrangements to set up ‘Vishukkani‘for Namnam.We’ll be offering the usual auspicious articles like raw rice,golden cucumbers,fresh linen,betel leaves,metal mirror,konna-poovu(Cassia Fistula),a holy text and coins in an Uruli(a bell metal vessel).
As she wakes up tomorrow morning to the sight of the vishukkani,as her day,her year starts witnessing full of brightness around her,I wish you all on behalf of my family a very Happy Vishu.May the year bring you all good health,wealth and prosperity!


12 thoughts on “Wishing you all a Happy Vishu with a musical tag!

  1. Wow, that list is phenomenal…Mera kuch saman is my fav too…I will get down to doing this.
    Wish you all a happy Vishu too… dont forget to the collect the kaineetam’s…


  2. I wrote such a looong comment & it got deleted by my own foolishness:-(
    After writing the comment I went to chk out this saamaan song both u & sindhu were talking abt, came back & my comment was gone


    Will come back to comment again abt the tag

    !!!!!!!!!HAPPY VISHU!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Deeps I don’t have to do this tag as my list of hindi songs will be exactly this 10. Mera kuch saaman is our all time fave…it has a special place in our love story…lol…not getting into that now. Abhi na jaao…is one song which doesn’t fail to lure my guy back from his laptop or tv even after 9 years..even though I sing very badly.
    Aayiram kannumaayi is one song i still sing and my north indian hubby knows the meaning coz I made him listen to it so many times. Endu paranjaalum brings tears to his eyes even though he doesn’t understand the malayalam words I did my best to translate the emotion. Oru Murai has its own funny moments in my household..in short loved ur tag and it made me nostalgic..

    Happy Vishu to you and Namnam and wishing her the best vishukkani ever…love to her


  4. wow!loved all the hindi sogns in the list!what a list!okay now I have to add that after MAdira’s , Nancy’s yours is the third one that I liked :))loved actually…coz these are my fav songs too:)

    have no clue about the malayalam songs though I am working on it:D

    lovely tag Nancy tagged you?:D


  5. Hey, i love your 10 collection. Had them on my playlist whole afternoon and now it’s become a pretty romantic evening ;).
    so sweet of you to add the links too.

    and Happy Vishu to you and your family


  6. Happy Vishu Deeps.
    still having fun at mom’s place?

    that was nice list of songs.. dindt know much about malayalam songs except oru murai


  7. Deeps, Vishu Aashamsakal!

    The first 3 songs in your Malayalam list is same as mine. I am yet to publish that tag post but finished it long back:).

    Post picture of your Vishu Kani if possible. It must be so much fun to celebrate Vishu with parents and Namnam, vishu kaineettan kittiyo?


  8. Happy Vishu to you and your family, Deeps and a wonderful year ahead! You must be having a Sadhya today!! Did NamNam like the Vishukani?

    As for the songs – all the songs you have selected are wonderful – I love ‘Mera kuch saman’ too! I find it very difficult choosing a favorite song 🙂


  9. @Sindhu:Do do the tag,Sindhu..will look forward to reading your list of songs.
    As for Kaineettam,I did get my share from Achan,Amma & Appaji(R's father),rather I demanded for my share:D!!

    @Reflections:Thank you,wish you the same:)Do come back to tell how you liked the 'saamaan song'(ROFL)

    @Renu:Thank you so muhc,Renu.I liked your choice of songs too:)

    @Sakshi: Thank you so much for the wishes.Hope you had a wonderful Vishu too.Did you make a sadya?
    I'd love to hear your 'oru-murai story someday.Do you transform into Nagavalli then??I'm sure it'll make for an interesting post:)

    @Indyeah:Thank you.Glad you liked the songs.Yes,Nancy tagged me.
    As for Malayalam songs I'm sure Solilo & Usha must be treating you to some wonderful collection of theirs.Now you can count me in too as another Malayali friend of yours.Whenever you feel like listening to Malayalam songs you have one more person to get in touch with:))

    A: And how sweet of you to actually have the list of songs in your playlist.Hugs to you:)

    @VJ:Thanks so much,VJ.Oh yes I'm having a great time with my parents.In fact Namnam is having an even more gala time here.She is totally out of my hands!

    @Solilo:Thank you so much,Sols.Post your musical tag fast.Dying to know your choice of songs.
    As for Kaineettam…Ende share enikku kitti…alla njan chodichu vaangi:))
    Will post the image of the Kani soon!

    @Smitha:Thanks a ton for your wishes.Yes we had a wonderful sadhya today.
    I'm glad you liked the collection of songs:)


  10. hey happy vishu.. thou i am tamilian, we somehow started following the vishu-kani thingie in our family.. and lovely list of hindi songs .. evergreen! need to listen to u r malyalam piick too .. i remember some of the songs of his highness abdullah and swati thirunal were good..


  11. Thank you so much.Swati Tirunaal songs are all cult songs I must say.Hey,thanks for reminding me,Bhargav.I’m off to youtube to treat myself to a few songs from the movie:)


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