As per my pact with Solilo,here I am attaching a picture of Vishukani arranged at my house.Although we saw the kani very early in the morning,I couldnt take the snap then as I was still very sleepy and all I wanted to do was take my Vishukaineettam and get back to my sleep.This picture was taken a few hours later.

Edited to add:Since the time the snap was uploaded in the computer,my brother has been bragging about the fact that it has come out beautifully solely because he was the one who took the picture.To top it up he has also left a comment here stating that the image looks nice,indirectly telling me to give him the due credit!

So before he threatens me with any more dire concequences,let me stamp the fact here….Image Courtesy:Ragzzz,my KID brother
I know how he’d hate me for stressing on ‘KID’! C’mon isnt this space about stating the fact?!!


22 thoughts on “Vishukkani!

  1. @Solilo:When I opened my eyes to the sight,it was even more blissful:)

    @Renu:Thank you so much:)

    @VJ:Thanks for tagging me with such an amazing post,VJ.Will do it surely…but in time:P

    @Sunder:Ha Ha!Thanks so much,wish you the same:)


  2. Thats so homely…Deepthi. I forgot to take a picture and by the time I saw Solilio’s post, all the konna poova had dried up!


  3. @Sindhu:Here too we managed to get the konna poo after much difficulty.Amma could get only a few petals!I couldn’t help thinking about how different a scenario it must be Kerala.Konnapoo would be available in plenty this time of the year.

    @Smitha:I can imagine how nostalgic you must be being so far away from home.I’m glad the image made you happy:)


  4. Lovely kanni…that’s all I am getting here…looking at internet kanni’s…hope you got kaineetam’s to ur heart’s desire?? I managed to wriggle out some dollars from my better half and he said why do u Keralites have so many money gifting festivals??


  5. You’re smart,Sakshi to have demanded your share of kaineettam from your better-half!

    Yes I got my share from my parents and my father-in-law.The one person who got the maximum number of kaineettams,though, was my daughter.Being the youngest in the family she got her share from each and every one of us!


  6. Lol thanks for dropping by my blog…yeah when I am craving for things I go nuts and do all sorts of craziness and blogging is one of those…I did give a reply to ur comment on my post…read it and let me know if u can handle that..

    Namnam is lucky na to be pampered..i always believe little gals should be pampered silly!!


  7. Oh yes,Sakshi,she sure is getting pampered to the hilt.She is totally out of my control now.I too let her be as this is the only time she gets to be with her grandparents.Once we’re back she will have be stuck with me!


  8. The picture does look good Deeps:-))!!!!

    U knw we dont & have never celebrated Vishu as such….Onam is big..u knw like with the sadya & all but for Vishu we do nothing, strange huh.
    But another christian family staying below my apartment made payasam & sent it across & all of a sudden I also had this urge to make some sweet. But the day was almost over. So next year I guess;-P


  9. I know what you mean,Nancy.Vishu is more prevalent among hindu malayalis.Thats not to say that others cant celeberate it.It as much a festival as Onam is.Its all in our mindset isnt it,N?
    You should have made the payasam anyway!


  10. Reflections:Thanks a ton for that info,Nancy.As for the update on my coming to Dubai,have left a comment for you in your post.Will wait to hear from you:)


  11. Deeps, am glad my info helped u:-D.

    Once again u DO NOT have to feel bad abt anything….safe-guarding our concerns is our right. I understand very well:-)).

    Take care,


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