I love being a MOM-no five ways about it!

From the time I learnt I was to be a mother,I loved every prospect of being one.I remember how worthless and incomplete I would feel when I could not conceive and my friends would discuss amongst themselves about their experiences as a mother and their virtues of being one.Whereas I would just be listening to them,cringing from inside at not being able to contribute anything from my end.
When I was puking day in and day out with morning sickness,getting endless aversions to chinese food,noodles,pasta and the likes,one corner of my heart was revelling in the fact that I was getting to experience this phase which I so wanted to.When I got the first kick from my baby within,it was as though to reiterate how connected we were to each other.And then when she sprang out of me and was placed on my chest I knew this was going to be one joyous ride for the mother-daughter duo.

Much before Namnam was born,I had decided that I’ll quit my job to be fully accessible to my child.I will not deter to say that as much as I wanted to be there for my daughter on a more regular basis,I took the decision to stay at home to also,be a part of her growing up at every stage.So,from her first smile,to the first time she giggled,to the first time she turned to her side,to the first time she crawled,to the first time she sat up,to the time she stood up unaided for the first time,to the time she took her first few steps,to the first time she scribbled on the wall,to the first time she said “AMMA”,to the time when she started combining words and eventually rattle off in full sentences,I have treasured each and every moment.To this day,I don’t regret the decision of quitting my job.This is the most important role that I have donned in my life and the one that truly identifies me.

Now you’d wonder,’is this so smooth a sail’?And I’d say,’Nope’.Being a mom has its flip sides too.I get challenged every time my daughter falls sick or hurts herself and cries her heart out.I remember how miserable and guilty I felt when she fell off her bed the first time when she was barely 5months old(yes,GM,me too).To make it even worse,I was warned by my many been-there-done-that-mommy friends that this was just the beginning!I died a thousand deaths when my precious little got her febrile convulsion when she was just 10months old.As a result every time she gets even a slight fever my heart skips a beat.Thankfully we’ve managed to keep it on check ever since.Hence no relapses.
I’m further tested to keep my control when she makes a mess of the house just when I’ve cleaned up or when she spills milk on her dress right when we are about to go out or scribbles endlessly on the walls despite my pleas and scoldings or just defies me pointblank simply because she wants to have her way.
Then when I’m all red-faced with frustration,with all my weapons down,at times even questioning myself as a mother,she runs to me to give me a hug and a kiss,calming me down instantly.And I realize I can take up any challenge for this unconditional love of my daughter.

By now,you’d have realised how my life is woven around Namnam.So,imagine my predicament,when I got tagged by VJ & Goofy Mumma to list down 5 things that I love about being a mom!I love everything about being a mom.In fact most of my posts as a blogger have been about my wonderful journey and experiences as a mother.How could I dwindle them down to 5?However,as is the rule,I’ll just list them down at random.Thanks a ton VJ & Goofy Mumma for tagging me with this wonderful theme.Here is my take…

1.I love when Namnam places her undaunting trust on me.She knows I’ll not fail her ever and I’ll always be there for her.All she needs to do is call out to me ‘AMMAAA’. Oh how I love that!

2.I love how being a mother has changed me as a person.I have become more tolerant,patient,sensitive and forgiving.

3.It makes me jubilant to think,that for my daughter,I’m the most important person in life.I know it may not stay that way for ever,but I’m cherishing every moment of that honour now.

4.I love how motherhood has infused a sense of protectiveness towards my daughter to the extent that I don’t shirk from indulging in any kind of altercation with anyone if it hampers with my child’s safety and well-being

5.Finally I love the respect and warmth that I get when I am with my child.Its as though people put you in a different pedestal when they know you’re a mother.I love that empowerment!!

The tag is aimed at reaching out to other mommy-bloggers around the world in 80 clicks.Since VJ & Goofy Mumma have already tagged some of the blogger-moms that I have wanted to,I reach out to the few others that I would like to tag
Naperville Mom(Illinois,USA)
Renu(Tamil Nadu,India)

28 thoughts on “I love being a MOM-no five ways about it!

  1. beautiful Post and I love reading how today’s generation is so devoted to their children:)
    and thanks for tagging me !


  2. Hi! A first timer to your blog!
    Loved your post and it’s as if it’s me who’s thoughts I’m reading!
    i too died a thousand deaths when my 7 mth old fell off the bed, turned blue due to febrile convulsion @ 10mths, had a deadly bout of dengue at 11 mths.
    Now she’s a 3 1/2 yr old non-stop chatterbox, throwing tantrums, acting grownup, arguing with me, challenging my authority and just being my baby when she curls up on my lap at night!
    Loved your post and will keep visiting!

    Do visit my blog http://whimsnwishes.blogspot.com whenever time permits!


  3. Loved to read this post and yeah I agree with you..our kids make us a better person.

    Deeps Kill me ok….tag and me?? now u guys are plotting against me for a post. will try and let you know if I come up with something to tag abt myself being a bad mom???


  4. Well written Deeps.Wonderful reading it. I can complete identify with savouring the feeling of being so important in Namnam’s life.


  5. Deeps, I knew that reading this would make me misty eyed. A lot of things which I would say about Peanut too.

    I agree with Renu but the fact is we have no other go either. In olden times mothers had help around in India and were more relaxed. These days we are most far away from our family so every thing is precious to us. A reason why I left everything to be with just my Peanut and now only took up work which suits my Peanut’s schedule.

    I have lot of American friends who left their jobs just to be SAHM and now going back once their little ones started schooling. My neighbor is a SAHD and he does a pretty good job himself while his wife goes out to work.


  6. My brother used to have febrile convulsions too when he was little, so I know how you felt…I loved the five points that you talked about too, thanks for the tag:)


  7. very lovely post……..i love kids and yeah kids definetely make us feel special. I’m yet to go through this experience but i surely loved the points u talked about!


  8. @VJ:Thank you:)

    @Renu:I had my daughter after much yearnings and prayers.Hence wanted to be as much a part of her growing up as any mother.And I feel these are the formative years that my daughter would need me and I wouldnt want miss it for the world!
    But yes I understand what you’re saying.As Solilo said,as mothers like me,who live away from their folks,we have no option either.And I wouldnt have been comfortable leaving my child with a babysitter too.

    @SGD:Daughters are sheer blessings,aren’t they?Its amazing how our children can evoke so many emotions in us.
    Welcome to my blog.Will look forward to having you visit me more often:)

    @Sakshi:C’mon,if you can do an idli and autorikshaw post which was so engaging,I am sure you can do an even more engaging mommy-son post:D..looking forward to it!

    @Goofy Mumma:Thank you,GM for dropping by.Glad you enjoyed reading my take:)


  9. @Solilo:I agree with you,but,Sols,even if I had been in India I would have opted to be a SAHM.I had already made up my mind as I felt Namnam would need me the most in these formative years of her life.But,yes I see your point.Had I been near my folks,I would at least have had an option.

    @Napervillemom:Will look forward to reading your version:)

    @Aruna:Thanks so much.Glad you liked the post.Yes,kids do make our lives more worthwhile to live:)


  10. Babies do change our entire perspective towards life!! I think we become more courageous, and much bolder once we have kids …

    Your daughter is lucky to have such an involved mother, I agree wiyh Renu above, mothers in this generation give much more care to give to their children, sometimes I hear elderly ladies say, “Our kids just grew up!We never took so much trouble ove every little thing.”

    Your daughter is fortunate to have such an involved and loving mom, when she is older, you will not need to give her as much time, and she will more like a friend… you will be amazed to see what a joy she will be…

    Warmest wishes to you and to dear Namnam πŸ™‚


  11. @Sindhu:Take your time.Will wait to read your version:)

    @IHM:Thank you so much for those kind words.Coming from someone who comes across as a wonderful mother herself and who has gone through the phase that I’m going through,it means a lot.
    Have passed on your wishes to Namnam:)


  12. Deeps, That was such a touching post! I love reading mommy tags and mommy posts!! So sorry – could not come here earlier – have been having a busy week..
    I couldn’t have imagined that I would love being a SAHM mom so much – just a few years ago.. Having a baby changes us in so many ways, doesn’t it? I can so identify with you when you say that you don’t regret quitting your job.. Although I am thinking of going back to work, I am not yet sure if I want to … I want to be there for my daughter, in everyway possible…
    Your post is all the reasons, I love motherhood too πŸ™‚ Lovely, lovely reading it!


  13. @Rajesh:Welcome to my page:)Rightfully said so!What fun is there in raising kids if they are not naughty??:P

    @Smitha:Dont feel sorry,Smits!I knew how busy you were the past week.But I also knew you’d be here in my page to read the post.Our mommy-posts always seem to connect us with each other in some way:).I’m glad you could relate to it.
    Thank you thank you for those lovely words:)Motherhood sure is a pleasure!
    Hugs to Poohi:)

    @Rush:Awww..so sweet of you!I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful mom one day!


  14. Loved the post Deeps:)
    it touched a chord…no not a mom yet:)or anywhere close but because this is how mom shares her memories too:)

    point no 3…I can guarantee that you will always be the most special in her world:)
    mothers and daughters have a special bond thats unique:)

    its hard to describe isnt it?:)
    ((((hugs)))for namnam:)


  15. @Reflections:Thanks so much,Nancy.means a lot:)

    @Mad Blogger:Thank you,glad you liked the post:)

    @Indyeah:Awww…Namnam hugs you back:)
    You're right,a bond between a mother and a daughter is something inexplicable.Its a relationship that I would attribute next to the one between God & oneself.


  16. Even you describe this blog as ur thoughts as a mother first.. that just shows how much you love being a mom…. and yeaa i too see how mothers are placed in a pedestal.. some day i will be there too πŸ˜€


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