Will he or wont he?

Tomorrow is the day.Will he?Or wont he?Will he make history?Will he prove his detractors wrong?Will he finally take home the title that has been eluding him?We’ll only know tomorrow how much of an iconic player he is.Yes I am talking about ROGER FEDERER.

This is the fourth consecutive French Open final that he has reached and every time he has missed the title by a whisker.And for the last three years Rafael Nadal has been a bane in his way at the Roland Garros
This year,however,with Rafa out of the reckoning,we have reasons to believe that Fedex might treat us to an historic fiesta.This title will give him two honours.One he will have won his first ever French Open,the only Grand Slam that he has not won till now and two,he will have created history by winning 14 Grand Slam titles in all.Something that is attributed to only Pete Sampras.
However,the person who stands between him and his destiny is Robert Soderling,who,by the turn of fate,crucified Nadal in the fourth round.But,of the 9 previous meetings he has had with Federer,the latter has always emerged victorious.Thats an incredible respite.

Being a die-hard Federer-fan myself I have my money,my bets,all my stakes on him.For me,he is right up there.He is the best.I remember how dejected he looked after losing to Rafa in the marathon Wimbledon final last year and then again this year at the Australian Open.Gosh!I was crying as I watched him break down on TV.
Hopefully this year he will be all smiles and bringing smiles on our faces too.I have my fingers crossed!

Go Federer go!Tell them you are the greatest!

EDITED TO ADD: And he did it!Way to go,Fedex!


20 thoughts on “Will he or wont he?

  1. My knowledge of tennis is very limited :))
    but your enthusiasm comes right through the pages:D
    it literally almost jumps off the pages:D:D
    I can realte it to my mania for cricket and empathise:))
    SO I too will join you and say Go Federer go!!!!:D:D


  2. Oh Deeps!! I hope so too!!! I really really like Roger Federer! Breaks my heart to see him lose!!

    I have my fingers crossed too πŸ™‚


  3. i wish he should win..but i would have certainly liked Fedex to win french beating nadal….

    he has to win, otherwise the world will say, he cudnt despite nadal being not there..even if he wins, the world is going to say that he won because nadal was not there…


  4. someone is a die hard fan :). so how much money you're putting on him.
    I like both Federer and Nadal. Federer for being an allround player and his ability to rise to the occassion most of the time. I compare Federer to legends like Pete Sampras and Boris Becker. He also has the flair of Andre Agassi which I sooo love. I also like Nadal for his humility and strong focus.
    I think it's a shame that two strong players are in the same era competing for the number one spot together and me liking both of them πŸ™‚


  5. @Indyeah:ROFL on my enthusiasm jumping out of my post!Yes I'm very passionate about the game.Sadly I dont play that well but I follow it intrinsically.Especially when Federer is playing I'm glued to my TV:)

    @Amrita:He will do well theres no doubt..its when his opponent plays even better when the stakes get high!Lets hope for the best!

    @Smitha:Hope for the best!Now since he is going to be a father,lets hope his child will bring him luck:)

    @Sunder:Let me tell you something to cheer about.Fedex did beat Rafa at the Madrid open last month.And that was a clay court event like the French open.But yes,Fedex-Rafa match is always a treat to watch.

    @A:For me,I like the rivalry that Fedex & Rafa share and despite that they have immense respect for each other.That speaks a lot about their sportsmanship.
    Oh yes there was a time when I used to swoon over Agassi too:).He was a treat to watch!


  6. I have also watched all his matches because my SIL is also a crazy fan of Federer:), he called us to tell the good news:).


  7. Yes he did. YAY! tying with my another favorite Sampras' Grand Slam mark.

    Another Tennis fan here. In school we had a Graf vs. Seles team always at each other's throats. :))))))) I was on Seles team. πŸ˜€


  8. @Smitha:yesssss:)

    @Renu:So you saw yesterday's match??it was pretty one sided though.Federer was in control from the beginning.

    @Solilo:Oh yes,a major fan!I remember the Graf-Seles era too and their nerve-wracking matches too.I was a staunch Graf supporter though.I'm sure you & I would have indulged in some fist fights if we had been in school together during that era:P!

    You remember that match where Seles was stabbed by a supposed Graf-devotee?Gosh that was unfortunate!And I feel after that one incident Seles never could play her best.It proved to be quite a jolt on her confidence.


  9. Ok ok..he won and I am here to rant..My hubby got up so early on a sunday morning to watch him..I was numb to see him up so early and all excited. So he watched the whole show while I made him piping breakfast and till then it was ok…I mean I loved it in a way..to see my two guys(yeah the 4yr old is getting hooked to sports) huddled together watching tv. But then the unexpected happened. After winning the match Federer was breaking down on TV and my great husband gave me a whole lecture of how he can feel what Federer was going through, he even was looking like he himself might cry any moment….hmmmpf oh yeah and when I cry all he says is "it's ok just don't cry, you are so grown up…..grrrr…Deeps I tell you am hopping mad after this great historical win…


  10. @Indyeah:You did,Abhi??Thats so sweet of you!Yes I was jumping on my couch,a la tom-cruise-on-oprah's-couch style and howling with utter delight:)…and every time Federer won a point and I shouted,Namnam would come running from her room asking 'Federer won??'…

    @Sakshi:ROFL!Actually I too welled up when Federer got all emotional y'day:P!!But yes I get your point.Men will be men.Unpredictable!


  11. what a feel-good post this is!! yeah, he did it, didnt he :):) How`ve you been? And the lil one? Great to be reading your posts again! πŸ™‚


  12. I think we are almost same age. 31? You Graf supporter you! Taking my Taekwondo moves at Deeps.

    I know after that incident Seles could never regain the form and I was for the longest time mad at all Staf supporters.

    Also, my other love was Pete Sampras and I disliked Agassi so I was only too happy that Graf married him. They deserve each other kinda feeling back then. :)))


  13. @Piper:How wonderful to have you back,Mishy!Welcome back to the blogadda!We've been fine,thanks so much for asking.
    Eagerly looking forward to reading your posts:)
    Hugs to you:)

    @Solilo:ooooh taekwondo pro huh??no probs I'll make do with my desi laathi-thappad!
    Oh and I used to swoon over Agassi!I particularly liked all the matches between Sampras & Agassi.Both of them had amazing style and shared a strong rivalry.Something that we get to see in Fedex & Nadal now.

    @VJ:Sad you couldnt see it!You too a federer fan??so that makes another one of our Virgo similarities:))


  14. Federer sure deserved the win….he waited long enoff didnt he;-D!!!!!

    I used to be a Pete Sampras fan & even watched Martina Navratilova.


  15. Hi Deepti,

    Thank you so much dear, I would consider myself lucky if I could write half as good as you. Your blogs have an innate honesty and purity to it.. and Namya is a darling, your blog gives such a beautiful depiction of her growing up.. Keep it up Deepti..
    thanks for the hugs and give my love to Namnam



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