Resigned to withdraw

Honestly,I had thought I’d be doing a tag in my next post. But while watching a news-bit on TV,right now,I had this outflow of thoughts that I needed to scribble down here.This is the bit I’m talking about.Yes,E Sreedharan has withdrawn his resignation from the post of Managing Director,Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC).

He had made a formal announcement on his 78th birthday,yesterday to step down from his much respected post.This resignation came right in the wake of a mishap,that happened a few days back at one of the Metro construction sites in Delhi which claimed five lives.And then in a span of 24hours he decided to withdraw the same after much coaxing from Shiela Dixit,the Delhi CM and the Centre alike.

And this has what has set me thinking about the credibility of the situation.Was it really necessary for Mr Sreedharan to withdraw his resignation?Is it not time that he paved way for others,who may be as deserving to run the organization,if not more?I am certainly not blaming him alone for what happened.Any project is a team effort and there are ‘n’ number of hands involved in making that a success or a failure.So pinning one person down will not be fair to say the least.

I am a huge admirer of E Sreedharan.In fact I firmly believe that he has been instrumental in putting our country on a global map by the way he has handled the Metro project for so many years. I feel fortunate and proud to see my country shaping up so well with its metro network so well in place and its all thanks to Mr Sreedharan and his team.

But now shouldn’t he be giving others too a chance?This has happened before too.He has put in his papers a couple of times in the past and everytime they have been rejected.Whatever may have transpired between him,the State and the Centre now,shouldnt the authorities be honouring his decision to step down and enjoy his domestic life?Or is it that he doesnt want to step down and he is doing all this just to keep the furore down? I doubt that though.I respect him too much to actually believe he would be resorting to such shrewd techniques.

I know its his decision ultimately and I’m in no way disputing that.This is just a string of thoughts that crept into my mind which I wanted to let out and free myself.


20 thoughts on “Resigned to withdraw

  1. however competant a person is , i think 78 is too old .. he should beappointed as external consultant.. after 2 times u put down u r resignation and dont step down (for whatever reasons) common people will definately not take you seriously .. its time he paved way to younger administrators

    D: He has been quite a pillar to the organization I agree.I remember reading in one of his interviews a few years back wherein he had expressed his desire to stay at home and enjoy the domesticity of his home away from all the pressure. I mean its perfectly fine if he is wanting to take it easy.It seems the authorities just want to overlook that.


  2. I read in the newspaper that yesterday was his star birthday. He must be too good, for working at this age and he has got so many admirers.

    D: He is Sandhya,there’s no denying the fact.He has really changed the way our country looks from a global arena.

    Yes, he should have been firm in his decision to resign. Sheila Dixit may be under political pressure or maybe genuinely admiring Sreedharanm and reluctant to let him resign with a black mark. God knows what the truth is.

    As you said he should have done what he thought right at that moment, which would have paved the way for the younger blood to take over. 78 years and he still is active!

    I really commend the way Infosys founder Mr Narayana Murthy has approached his profile. He resigned from the post of CEO so that he could give the younger generation ample opportunities to get ahead in life and yet,he chose to remain the non-executive chairman and chief mentor of the organization which gave him enough scope to be involved in his company’s affairs.

    I am not able to believe that they did not think of using some more good cranes for lifting 200 tonne launchers. This is a big blow to the Metro and the Delhi government.


  3. Dont you think this is our typical Indian pschye..we dont want to resign..we want to work till the last moment of our life…See karunanidhi , TN CM….Advani in 80s …Tendulkar, Dravid etc etc will play till they are asked to go…many many more…

    D: πŸ˜† ! I think with Mr Sreedharan,more than him not wanting to resign,its the Government who is not ready to let him go and give others a chance!


  4. atleast the man feels accountable.. that much is enough for me..

    In today’s world its rather difficult to find !!!

    D: Yes thats true,Hitchy…its very rare that you find people owning up to a mistake…passing the buck on someone else is more prevalent in today’s world.


  5. I have a mixed feelings about this. I am from Delhi and I just admire the way he has changed the face of Delhi. The city’s public transport system needed major overhauling and he has done that.

    D: I’m from Delhi too and I’m no less grateful to him for what he has done to my city.

    I know he is old but he has also been very efficient so far. I think the idea is to pave way for the younger generation when the seniors can’t perform, in this case it is really not true.

    D: hmmm..I look at it differently. He has been in this position for ten years now and yes he has been efficient.But there should be a system wherein,if a person has held a top position for a certain period of time,he should give way for someone else to take his place who may have new and better ideas and innovations.Why to wait till some mishaps happen or when it dawns the person that he cant perform?The said person can very well be involved,if he wants by being a consultant or adviser.A perfect example would be Mr Narayana Murthy.
    Its a matter of taking that risk.But so is the case even when the company is sticking to the same person at the helm and missing out on a probable person who may have a better way of approaching a project.


  6. I admire him a lot. I think he is honest and effective, efficient.

    D: Oh yes,certainly. I admire him a lot too πŸ™‚

    As for his resigning and then withdrawing it – from what I could make out, he feels accountable for the accident – so he resigned. And since the CM and the govt feels that he needs to be there to guide the progress of Delhi Metro – he has finally withdrawn it. From what I could make out, they feel that without him at the helm – the Delhi Metro project might face a bigger set back. After all they have deadlines to meet with the Common wealth games looming in the horizon and getting a new man in this situation might just be suicidal for the project. My guess is that he has been convinced to stay – because the project needs him.. I really, really admire him. Atleast he has the guts to accept moral responsibility.

    D: You’re right,Smitha,he was convinced by the Centre and the State to stay back.He sure is an integral part of the project.And there are means by which he can stay involved,but he should also make room for others who may have as much or more to contribute to the projects.
    Oh yes he certainly had the guts to accept moral responsibility.Kudos to him for that!


  7. I got here through your comment at aparna’s corner. And Muscat is the place I had landed first time I left India… and went back many times afterwards…That place still interests me.

    D: I love Muscat to the point that I still crave for it.I had some of my most cherishable moments while in Muscat.Not to mention some lifelong friends I made in that short span of my stay there.The place is special for me πŸ™‚

    Like many other people I have strong Delhi connection as I lived and worked there and also that being our capital. After working there long enough I would say Delhi is under the clutches of the “Old Guards”. In all the fields particularly the ones related to the civic authorities. Be it the Council, or the Delhi Urban Arts Commission or any other administrative authority. (Political scenario is same all over the country though)
    I strongly believe that its time that the Old and Experienced people step down and make way for the young and the energetic ones. They can take up advisory (non signatory) positions. We need them but we need the others as well.

    D: So agree with you.

    ….. You got a nice blog… never mind that I gate crashed to your blog and jabbered

    D: Ha Ha Ha..thank you so much πŸ™‚ Dont bother about the gate crashing…I love that sound πŸ˜€


  8. I think it is a common thing that we dont want to give up something we enjoy doing, like blogging for example!! and the fact remains that he is a wonderful and efficient person who has really done wonders with the metro project, I feel personally that it should be part of the job for senior professionals to groom a deserving junior to take up the mantle, if thats done as a part of the job then the feeling of losing it all on retiring will be less as the job would be delegated to your protege!

    D: Very well said,Sujata.Yes there has to be a system in any organisation which will groom a worthy person to take up the top position so that when the superior leaves or retires the company is well equipped to adjust to that switchover.Everyone should be given a fair chance.


  9. I admire this man and he has shown that he deserves all the admiration. No one has the guts to accept when they make a mistake and face it – he has done it even if it was team effort and was ready to step down. What I feel is he will definitely handover the charges happily if there’s someone else to take his place. As of nw, may be, it takes time to find a replacement and hence on request, he has decided to stay back. The man does not seem to be anything but honest .. I mean may nt be any nautanki behind all this – hai na?

    D: I hope not,Swaram. I dont think he is that shrewd.But I wish I could say the same about our government.I mean the nautanki part πŸ˜€ .


  10. Why do I get the feeling that you and me gonna have a fight and make up kinda relationship?? Ohh got it like my husband…you both love Federer and politics and all the thing that comes with it…My how in the world I end up with the same kind of people and love them…grrr

    well I better not open my mouth abt politics as then everyone will know what a dumb curly black haired person I am…sigh!


    1. Arre,I’m not at all into politics,re(oh,that makes us similar,so do you love me any less??oh no pls no!!). Its certainly not worth my time. This was just a one off thing that stumbled my way and I had to blurt out what I felt πŸ™‚


  11. I am a huge admirer of Sreedharan too Deeps. Totally get what you are saying.

    YES he should have retired by now and should have continued in a supervisory capacity from outside.
    but I really think that in this official capacity he can demand more accountability.

    D: You’re right Abhi. I think he does face a lot of glitches from the authorities(government) where implementing his own methods is concerned. Although he is assertive and clear about what he wants,else the metro wouldnt have been a success. But I feel the authorities still limit him to some extent.Maybe thats why they wanted him to stay because they know he will be lenient with them.

    He seems to be a genuine person toh I think his resignation was genuine as also his taking it back.


  12. I agree with Smitha’s analysis. He is a down-to-earth, stable person and the government needs such people to guide them during crisis points. And this one such moment. I support his withdrawal but I also wish he would be given some peace at this age…But such agile brains at 77, wah bhai wah…by then I will be sitting with my legs on my grave ready to jump in if my kids don’t push me in before that…


    1. “by then I will be sitting with my legs on my grave ready to jump in if my kids don’t push me in before that…”…ROFL!! Sindhu you seem to be in full form with your sense of humour…all thanks to good riddance from exams,huh?? πŸ˜†


      1. yeah, not just exams a break after a long time, no papers to submit and tutorials to finish…the stress was getting to me! And with a family like mine I am nestling on the thin line between sanity and insanity


  13. Haa…good to hear that coz I don’t like diplomatic endings to my fight (read the husband and his political moves after we have a fight)…hee so u qualify to be loved…sigh!!

    D: Samaadhanam πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  14. we dont have an age limit for retirement for politicians, do we? That`s the reason we have 70+ politicians running the country, who literally flip at the thought of passing the crown onto younger shoulders. 78??? About time I should think!
    D: Indeed πŸ™‚

    Like my nephew(all of 2!!) says to his 90+ neighbor`s grandmom, “Why, you`re almost dead!!” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  15. This is the problem u see…old does not want to give way to the new!!! He would serve better if he passed on his experience and knowledge to the younger ones who are the future. This thing is prevalent in every it sports too.

    Succession Planning is a must as only then u can have smooth and uninterrupted performance. Its one of the integral pert of management but the govt dosen’t seem to learn from its mistakes. Time has come for all metropolitan states to have their CEO’s.

    D: If only our politicians and our leaders thought the way you did,Nazish,our country would be so much more progressive.If only…!!


  16. I also agree to you completely. I respect him a lot, but he should be only in an advisory capacity, he can guide, but cant be efficient in day to day monitoring. I n a country as vast as ours, if we look, we may find many more people competent enough. and incidents like this where many lives are lost, shouldnt ever be taken lightly and brushed under the carpet.

    D: Sreedharan’s gesture,in that respect has been quite commendable,Renu.He at least feels morally responsible for whatever mishaps happen.You need to have a lot of guts to own up the mistakes and feel accountable,where not just you but so many others are equally involved.

    BTW,so glad to have you back,Renu πŸ™‚


  17. whisper~ I have no idea about whats going on, other than the metro bridge crashed and killed some people and the guy whom you all are debating about resigned. ~ no comments *exists as fast as she can*


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