Another voice against Domestic Violence.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Solilo,Smitha,IHM,Lakshmi,Hypermom,Swaram have each written a post on domestic violence and done their bit to spread the awareness. Passionate Goof,even touched upon a relevant issue of child abuse to tell us all about how grave and sensitive the situation is.

After reading each of their take, I didnt think there was anything left for me to contribute.They had voiced their concerns in a much better way than I could have mine.

But a simple gesture by my daughter,yesterday,made me sit up and think of not only those children who were being abused but also those who were being affected by simply witnessing their loved ones being abused.

R and I got into an argument about something as trivial as buying a furniture.The argument went on for a bit longer than usual. Eventually we reached a consensus and the matter was pushed aside. Namnam, was doing her own thing in her room, so we were pretty much sure that she didnt care much about what had transpired between us.

The day was being spent just as usual. Nothing noticeable. But what I didn’t fail to notice was how Namnam was being extra careful in making sure R & I joined her in whatever she did,together. Whether it be painting, or playing badminton, or watching television, or simply running around the house. She even insisted,at one point that R & I played badminton with each other and she watched us play. Even while I was busy doing my chores, she dragged me midway to join her while R read us stories !

And then the most beautiful thing happened. Namnam simply got up and asked me & R to say ‘I love you’ to each other. The minute we said that and turned to look at her, she threw herself on us to hug tightly and said ,’I love you too’! The look of sheer happiness on her face is inexplicable. It was as though all her efforts had been paid off.

This is when it was clear that she did care about the argument that ensued between R & me earlier in the day. I realized how important it was for her that her parents loved each other just as she loved them .
If one slight argument between her parents could affect a 3year old , imagine the plight of those children who must be witnessing their mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent or even a friend being abused mercilessly day in and day out in front of their eyes .

Almost all of us have come across cases where women are beaten black and blue, raped , paraded naked in public. Where men are tortured no less. Where young girls are caged and raped for years by their own fathers. Where young boys are sodomized or forced into male prostitution. Where aged are thrown out of homes by their own children like dirt. Where small children are physically and mentally tortured by their monster-high-expectations-ridden-parents! Not just one,but every section of our society is susceptible to the dangers of Domestic Violence.

It also includes those who silently witness abuse being meted out to their loved ones.They are as much the victims.

One way to combat and condemn this menace is by spreading awareness about the same and letting the victims know its not their destiny. They have every right to change it.The Bell Bajao campaign is a movement in the right direction to bring domestic violence to an end. So are the efforts of so many of us bloggers who are spreading word by writing about it.

I do not know how far and wide this drive to spread awareness will reach.But if even one person realizes that there is an option to call out for help,then,in my opinion the intention is well served.

Today is the last day of the month, however let this not be the end of our drive towards living in a world sans domestic violence. Keep spreading awareness.

Autumn Pleasures-part2

When Solilo published a post to welcome Autumn in her life,she made us all reminisce about its significance in our own lives.The post made me nostalgic,for sure,but it also left me envious because all I was getting to see in my part of the world,was slight breeze in the evenings and early sunsets to signal a departure from the scorching summer.

So to cheer myself up,I decide to go on a nostalgic trip of my own and bring out a post about what I associate the season with.Hence a ‘Part2’! Thank you,Sols,for the suggestion.

courtesy Google Image
courtesy Google Image

Autumn, to me, is about:

1.Listening to the sounds of migratory birds and rushing out to see them fly high up in the sky signalling the arrival of winter.

2.Father and I announcing the arrival with a new-found fervor,to mother & brother who would be sulking at the thought of having to wait for 6 whole months for summer.

3.Taking Razais(quilts),Sweaters,Stockings,Mufflers & Shawls out of divans and putting them out in the sun.

4.Gorging on boiled kappas(tapioca) with spicy,finger-licking green chilly chutney prepared by Amma,over a cup of hot tea on a chilly evening!

5.Achan waking me and brother to get ready for school/college with a loud call out from his room,while he stayed in bed snuggling up cosily inside the quilt to catch up on that last 5 minutes sleep…God,how annoyed we would be that Amma allowed such injustice to prevail in the house!!

6.Waiting for the school-bus on a sleepy-foggy day with zero-visibility and feeling wee-bit disappointed at sighting the bus’ bumper light suddenly glaring out of the fog…it meant another ‘chutti’ went down the drain!

7.Greeting friends with puffs of fog-smoke!The more fierce you could let out the smoke on each other’s face,the tougher you were considered!!

8.Rushing to the terrace,when the sun is out,spreading out the cane mat and enjoying the season with my favourite book in hand.

9.Walking from Mandi House to Canning Road or from Chanakyapuri to Dhaula Kuan with soft,cool breeze brushing my face all through making me feel fresh as ever.

10.Last,but never the least,its pure bliss.Its about feeling happy,gay,romantic,going on long drives with my beloved sitting right beside me and beautiful soulful music playing in the car.

Namnam is yet to experience autumn and winter in the true sense of the word.Although winter,here,is not as intense as it is in India,Europe or the Americas,it,still,is enjoyable.

Heres hoping she gets to enjoy and savour the season in her own way this year.

That’s it from me,people.How about you?What does Autumn mean to you?Lets have a Part3,Part4,shall we?

Car-mic connection!

They reached their building.He got out of the car.Stood there for a few seconds,admiring the beauty.

He exclaimed,‘Isnt she strikingly beautiful??’

She who was still inside the car with her daughter who refused to come out unless her Mama buckled her shoes,responded,‘huh!what?’

He repeated,‘She’s so smart,so attractive,so stunning!’

By now,she was well out of the car,holding on to her daughter with one hand and her hand-bag and daughter’s water-bottle with the other.

She was visibly shaken by his remark.She gave him a mighty stare.A stare that seemed as though her eye balls would pop out.

She retorted,‘I know its been a while since I’ve been to a salon.I also know parenting,homemaking and blogging have taken most of my time and energy which means I’m not looking my best now.But that doesnt mean you can admire any sundry beautiful girl in front of me.

‘you need not be beautiful from the outside.What is important is to be beautiful from inside….blah blah blah blah blah’

Before she could go on blabbering,he stopped her right there and blurted,‘ YOU M.O.R.O.N**! I WAS TALKING ABOUT OUR CAR!’.

The snubbed look on her face was enough to make him burst out laughing!

She wished she had a magic wand which could make her invisible!Since that was not to be,she simply whisked off inside to serve him his favourite Chicken curry and Rice!

And then they lived happily ever after

MORAL OF THE STORY: Marriage is not just about making each other laugh.Its also about allowing the other to make fun of you and being able to laugh at yourself.

**To avoid their 3year old daughter from picking up scandalous words early on,the husband-wife duo usually resort to spelling the words out phonetically.

Happy Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights.To me,it is associated with happiness,joy,togetherness,exchanging sweets,wearing new clothes,having fun galore with friends and family.

Firecrackers and fireworks have always been synonymous with Diwali.But over the years they have been known to have adverse impacts in the form of pollution and accidents.

So this year lets celebrate Diwali without fireworks and ensure a better,cleaner and safer surrounding to live in.

Heres wishing you all a safe Diwali.Have a great day!