You get an inkling that you are absent-minded…

When you forget to take wet clothes out of the washing machine and keep them lying there for one whole day.


Its when you realize those clothes were never washed in the first place because you completely forgot to press the ‘START’ button, that you know for sure you’re daft.

Or does it mean you’re getting old??

A taste of my own medicine?

Sometimes you are willing to go to any length to see a smile on your little one’s face. Even if it means eating atta(dough) pretending it to be a roti. And relishing it too,mind you!

Yes! I’m not kidding,people. That’s exactly what I did.

I was doing my usual chores in the kitchen when Namnam came running to me and said, ” Amma, can I have some atta and a rolling pin? I want to make ‘rothi’

Now I remember how much I used to love playing with dough, amma’s kitchen utensils and the likes and run a ‘parallel house’ of my own when small. So when Namnam asked for the dough and rolling pin, not only did I not think twice before giving them to her, but also put some flour in a small plate and placed it in her ‘kitchen’ . C’mon she’d need flour to flatten the dough-roll, won’t she?? 🙄

I knew her room would be a mess by the time she would be done making her ‘rothi’, yet didnt want her to miss out on the little joys that I knew would be so exciting.

Anyway, I came back to the kitchen and got on with my work. After a while Namnam came running again, this time with a flattened dough in her hand.

She took out a plate from the shelf, placed the dough, put some cookies as a side dish and offered it to me saying, ” Here, ma, this is for you” . Before I could take the plate from her, she realized something. ” Oh oh! there’s no dal “.

Since it was about pretend-playing, I pretended to pour some dal in the plate. But I was wrong. The rules had changed!

Namnam insisted that I pour the real dal that had just been cooked. I didnt want her to get disheartened so I put a small amount of it and said,” Give the atta to me, Namnam, I’ll make roti for you properly” to which Namnam replied,” But I already made roti for you properly“.

I sensed there was no way she was going to let me make it so I pretended to take a piece and eat it.

Aha! Surprise surprise! It was no more pretend playing.

Namnam(clearly irritated by my lack of understanding of the ‘real’ situation) said, ” Oho, not like that! Come here, I’ll feed you “. I kept saying “I dont want“, “I dont like it“…but to no avail.

She took a piece of the ‘roti’,dipped it in the dal and shoved it in my mouth and said, ” Come on,Mama, try it once,if you dont like it dont eat it. But you try, ok?? ”

Thats when I realized its exactly what I say when she fusses over her food. She had clearly given me a taste of my own medicine.

I, not only ate that piece but gave out a “Hmmmmmmm” expression also, to which she was quick to respond with a wide smile, ” See, you liked it, no?? ”

Yes, darling, anything to see that smile on your face! 😀

I couldn’t help taking a snap of the ‘rothi’ & dal and of course the side dish which I was made to eat too right after. So technically the side dish turned into a dessert!