Cost of Denial- 55er on Drug Abuse

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“For the last time, Dad, give me money”.

“No”, was the angry reply. It made him desperate.


He pulled the wallet out of the dying man’s trousers and rushed out without a backward glance to buy a pack of cocaine and quench this terrible need he had for his fix.

An addict’s hellish story.

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Ritu Lalit
Deepak Amembal
Bikram Mann
Vibhuti Bhandarkar
Meghana Subramanian
Deepti Raman

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42 thoughts on “Cost of Denial- 55er on Drug Abuse

  1. This one toooo… I have read all my teamies articles and NO NOT being selfish WE ROCK people … Every other article written by my team is ROCKING …

    GO BLUE INK Gooooooooooooooooooo

    D: Yes yes WE ROCK, Teamie :D!!

    All the best ….


  2. ok, that sent a shiver down my spine! 😐


    Drug abuse is such a huge concern and still folks don’t realise it and the whole denial of – ‘not my kid’ is scary!

    D: Very true, Pix. Parents are at a risk of losing their children to the vicious world of drugs as much as the children are of ruining their lives for it.


  3. Ths 55er sent a shiver down my spine..
    Completely gory effects of drug abuse!
    All the best for this round at BPL..
    I thnk uve nailed it!

    D: Thanks a ton, Vibz! All the best to you too, Teamie 🙂


  4. That was so sad and yet so hard-hitting. It is how drug addicts react, apparently… Scary, isn’t it, how a substance can take over your life, in every possible way.. Makes one into a monster..

    D: Precisely, Smits!. Whats even scarier is that parents dont realize how vulnerable and susceptible their kids can be to drugs and other vices until some dire consequence hits them.

    Wonderfully written, Deeps! Very thought provoking and very hard-hitting!

    All the best for the contest 🙂

    D: Thanks so much, Smits 🙂


  5. **sigh**

    Indeed good one..Yes is a truth which we parents want to keep denying..For us,our kids are the best…

    D: Exactly, Nimmy..that state of denial can be so dangerous!


  6. Sent a shiver down the spine (Ctrl V on what someone said above ;-))). But yeah, addiction to drugs can turn man into beast!!

    D: Precisely,Pals..addiction is a vicious web


  7. Good one Deeps, that was scary !!! 😯

    (but was predictable in the beginning itself because of the title)

    D: Oh so you could guess from the title itself…so you’ve proven that you’re intelligent too 😛 😛


  8. So true…and it happens with so many people…the addiction makes an animal out of a human being. Very well written.

    D: Yes, the problem persists when we refuse to acknowledge that our children and loved ones are as vulnerable as anyone else to this dreadful vice.


  9. this is so powerful and mighty impressive ..
    in just few words you drive home the point very well..

    D: Drug addiction is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed head on.


  10. Very scary!! Can’t imagine what makes some people wish to even try something known to be so dangerous…

    D: I know,IHM! I guess the basic need, especially in the youth, to try out anything new is what makes one so vulnerable and impulsive.


  11. we all are human and we have situations…….choosing the right and wrong is the what decides our fate from there ahead………… i wish he could have made a better choice…..but drugs numb you senses …..

    Liked the 55’er … of luck for the contest………. \,,/

    D: Thank you Hitesh and welcome here 🙂


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