A Note of Thanks..

To Bloggers Premier League(BPL) & the judges of BPL for choosing my article Who Tires Faster as the best in the category and honouring me with this award.

GingerChai.com - Bloggers Premier League

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m honoured:)

Even though this was a boring topic, I knew it was one that I would immensely enjoy researching for as I had a reference point right at home in my husband who has been in the media industry for more than a decade. So a BIG thanks to him.

I also want to mention a journalist friend with whom I had a casual discussion about this topic a couple of days back which helped me a great deal in writing this article. So Sindhu, thanks to our talk the other day I got some valid points and links to refer for my post. Thank you for that:)

If you’re participating in a contest as a team, no win is complete without your team-members. And here I mention the 7 pillars of my team who helped me put my article together in our e-mag which we created for this particular round.

Ritu, Manna, Vibhuti, Deepak, Bik, Meghana & Karthik, a heart-felt thank you to each one of you and loads of hugs for being such wonderful teammates. Believe me it was immensely inspiring to be interacting with each of you. We may not have won this contest but we surely have found some great friends in each other:). And that’s the greatest win of all, right?? So here’s to friendship!

Last but never the least, Thank you ever so much to Lakshmi Rajan & his team at Cafe Ginger Chai for this opportunity called Bloggers Premier League. Because of you, I not only made some great friends, but got a chance to read a wide array of awe-inspiring posts. It was a revelation to come across such amazing bloggers spread across the blogosphere.

With this I end my acceptance speech post. Hopefully will be back with another one in the next season of BPL, this time with my team-members for winning the contest ;)!

Here’s wishing all the luck to the three playing teams for the upcoming rounds. May the best team win:)

PS: Here’s the link to our ezine Where Time Flies which has got us the award for Best Magazine. Yayyyy!!

44 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks..

    1. BTW, beautiful header…hibiscus at its best !! Love it !!

      D: Thanks, re..thats a home-grown hibiscus at my parents’:)

      And Deeps, I am FIRST !!! Yay !!!:)

      D: Oh yes you are, dear..party time😀


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  2. Great ….read the post now…nice analysis….

    The stage drama is one which lost out to TV and Movies…

    D: You’re right, Sunder… Stage plays have been majorly hit because of the dominance of TV & movies😦


  3. Awesome Deeps!!! U deserved the award:-) And definitely, here’s to the beautiful friendships that have blossomed during BPL:-)

    D: Thank you, Pals..yes here’s to beautiful friendships:)


  4. and no ‘thanks’ to the readers !! Hmmpphh !!!


    (to avoid your counter questions, I went and read it; also left a comment! Buhahhahahaha!!)

    D: So you are scared of me…mighty glad to hear that😈

    Congrats Deeps !!!:)

    D: Thank you, Vimmoos:)


  5. Yayyyy! Thatz a wonderful acceptance post *yawwwn* err kidding n all thatz😉

    Congrats Deeps. I loved reading that one. Thanks to R and Sindhu too:) Cheers to many more such wonderful moments in ur life and hope u find a lottttttt of good friends again and again and again:):)

    D: Awww..thank you so much, Swar:)


  6. Congratulations, Deeps! That was so so so well deserved! Here’s to many more of these!

    D: Thank you so much, Smits:)

    And the magazine concept was just great! So simple, and yet so very creative! You guys did a rocking job!

    D: Thanks again,re:). Each one of us in the team simply loved the concept when Deepak & Vibhuti shared this idea:)

    And yes, we all have so much to be thankful to the BPL for! Getting to read so many interesting bloggers, meeting some wonderful people, and making some great friends:)

    And the icing on the cake, getting to write on such varied and interesting topics! What more can one ask for:)

    D: Exactly! Its an experience in itself to be able to cover such varied topics:). I saw the topics of the Super 3 round..have to say, they are quite interesting!


  7. Hi Deeps, A big hug and hearty congratulations. You are growing by leaps and bounds in the blogosphere. All the best and keep growing !!!

    D: Awww..thank you so much, Rekha..means a lot:). Hugs to you too:)


  8. Wow! Congrats Deepti. Well done. And well deserved.😀 Yay. Ab party kahaan hai? Mujhe woh molten chocolate waala dessert chahiye!!!

    D: Thank you so much,GM:).. party anytime..jahaan aap bolo. Actually I’ll be in Delhi soon, so come over..molten chocolate fondant milke khaayenge😀


  9. Hey.thats great and congrats. And thank you for the mention. Real proud moment!Loved the chembarathi puvu on ur header. Very homely!
    And I am in my offf-blogging moods once again, my exam is on July 12..so studying!

    D: Thank you, Sindhu:). And all the best for your exams. Will call you soon:)


  10. Thank you once again for all your wishes, friends.. means a lot!:).

    I’m sorry I’ve not been blog-hopping lately. Have been tied up with very many things at a time including packing for my India trip. Yes, yes, yes, Namnam & I are leaving for Delhi tomorrow. Am very excited and Namnam even more so at the prospect of seeing her Grandparents and cousins:)

    Am not sure how regular I’ll be seen in the blogosphere, but will visit you all as soon as I can take some time out.

    Bye for now
    Keep Blogging:)


  11. Wow thats great and congrats deeps…:) its deserved post as it told everything in precise and concise manner:)
    And happy vacation Deeps… Have a rocking time in India…:) any chance of coming to Chennai?

    D: Thank you so much, Kanagu:).No Chennai plans as of now, if there is, will surely mail you:)


  12. Congratulations on the well deserved award:)
    You always write with such involvement, and never leave out the tiniest detail, yet keep engaging your reader. Small wonder then, that it had to be recognized and lauded:)

    Really happy to know this:)

    D: Usha, you know how much your words mean to me:).You’re someone who has always inspired me with your thoughts and writing. So thank you ever so much for the encouraging words..I cherish them like I always do your words:)


  13. Super Deeps! Congrats! You totally deserve teh win especially for something so creative!:)
    The certificate is cool!

    Happy vacation as well!:)
    Hugs! Hope you have a safe and fun trip!

    D: Thank you so much, sweets:) Hugs to you too:)


  14. Yaayyy, you won something :)) Only certificate? No cash??? Too bad. And what did Hubby get from you as a gift for helping😉

    D: A hot, steaming…………………cup of tea😈😛

    Enjoy on your holidays😛

    D: Thanks a lot, Rakesh:)


      1. *sakshi dragging the good ol innocent Rakesh to a safe corner from the steaming………* Please to note the dragging person is Yakshi and not Rakesh’s wife Sakshi:mrgreen:

        Deeps!!! what use is all the literary awards and certificates if you have to opt for ………….. to describe a steaming gift?👿😈


  15. Deeps the pleasure is all mine.. truly said met some lovely people thanks to BPL.. congrats for the award you deserved it .. and THANKYOU for the lovely words you written..

    and yes here’s to friendship CHEERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…

    Thanks for being there and being in the team.. BIS.. is the best….:)

    D: Thank YOU, Bikky..yes BIS is the best..Cheers!:)


  16. Yeh sab kab hua? Where was I while you all were having STEAMING adharak wali chai?:mrgreen:

    D: You were roaming around in the wilderness amidst all the wild animals. Hope they are safe, wild animals I mean:mrgreen:

    Congrats Deepsy and will go and read your winning article pronto.

    D: Thank you, kuttoos:)

    So you are back from my Delhi?

    D: Yup! Check your mail:)

    Btw your header pic reminds me of the song “chembarathi poove chollu…devane ni kando”

    D: LOL. This is a home grown chembaruthi at my parents’. I love that song you mentioned:)


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