Bang my head, pull my hair!

Ever been around people who would make you want to bang your head on the wall?? I’ve been, a couple of times. In fact, I encountered one only yesterday. And I didn’t have to go very far, he was right here in my house. And that’s my cleaner.

Now, my cleaner is otherwise a very nice helpful person. Very hardworking. Very humble. An absolute blessing I must say when it comes to helping me with the sundriest(wonder if that’s even a word) of chores. The best thing about him is the ever-smiling persona he sports even when asked to do the toughest of jobs or when faced with a house that many a times looks as though it has been hit by a typhoon.

BTW he is very innocent too. Or so he wants me to believe. And that’s what makes want to pull my hair and bang my head on the wall! It irks me when people try to be ultra naive or make an effort to be sweet. AAARRRGGH!

Yesterday, I boiled milk and I spilled a small amount, ok a fair amount, on my cooking range. My cleaner, the innocent soul that he is, came in to the kitchen, saw what was very conspicuous and asked me, ‘ Oh the milk got spilled, huh??’. ๐Ÿ™„

And then a few minutes later, when he saw the AC dripping water droplets he asked in the most ignorant way possible,‘ Oh the AC is leaking, huh??’. ๐Ÿ™„

And then again, a little later he saw a few dark scratches on the coffee-table, out came, ‘Oh the table got scratches, huh?‘. He was unstoppable yesterday! And I was on the brink of losing my sanity.

The incident(s) made me realize that he is not alone in this world of ‘innocent’ people. There are many.

There are those who, right after you’ve seated yourself aboard a non-stop Delhi-Doha flight, ask you the very pertinent question, ‘Oh so you’re going to Doha, huh??’.

Or when you’re glued to your book with the title written in bold on the cover for even an ant to see and you’re just about to crack the Da Vinci Code, you’re fielded, ‘ Oh so you’re reading Dan Brown, huh??’ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

I remember the wife of a very dear friend of my father’s who had this stating-the-obvious-while-trying-to-be-angelic syndrome. She had taken it upon herself to explain whatever we spoke or did, word by word to her husband, who BTW would be sitting right next to her.

For eg. if my brother smiled she used to say, ‘Nokku, M’etta, Raghu chirikkunu (Look,Raghu is smiling)’ or if my mother served them tea,‘Nokku, M’etta, CK chaaya undaaki (Look, M’etta, CK made tea)’.

And each time she would be more excited and more upbeat than the previous, with her loud louder loudest laugh!!

To this day each one of us in my family have a rollicking time reminiscing about those moments when Aunty visited us, although I’ll have to admit when I actually lived those moments years ago, they did make me want to bang my head on the wall.

When Namnam was born, I came across such kinds aplenty. Every time I told them I was blessed with a baby girl, they used to reiterate what I said with a question,‘ Acha ladki hui hai?’ and even go a step further to say,‘Koi nahi, agli baar ladka hoga(Never mind, next time you’ll have a son)’

Here I’ll admit that more than wanting to bang my head,I wanted to bang THEIR head on the walls and pull THEIR hair!

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Homesick still, am I??

Oh yes I am! Very. Even though we came back from a month long vacation on 14th, I’m yet to unpack or make my mind up fully to settle back into the routine.

Surprisingly Namnam switched over to her routine instantly. Here I was thinking she would take weeks, and she surprised me by adjusting back much faster and easier. The very day we arrived, she looked around the house, and said with a gleeful smile, ‘ I’m happy to be home’.

And this is not the first time. Every time we are back from our vacation I expect her to get cranky and moody, each time she proves me wrong. Maybe she is still small and yet to reach the stage where children become attached to a certain routine or surrounding and take a while to accept any change away from that. Or maybe I should just stop underestimating my child.

Whichever be the case I’m glad she has adjusted well and now I just have to handle my cranky, moody, lazy self to come to terms with my domestic routine!

Our trip was a mixed bagful of experiences. With lots of happy and memorable moments and some not so…

Namnam is always the most excited to reach Delhi and this time also she made the most of her stay there.

She made loads of friends with whom she spent some wonderful time, playing ‘eye-spies’, badminton, reading books, and learning hindi. The sparkle in her eyes was hard to miss whenever they used to come calling her out to play.

Namnam finally got to know what ‘getting wet in the rains’ was, thanks to some heavy showers graced on us while we were there. Both she & I got drenched to our heart’s content, not once, but twice.

The best part of our stay was that all of us were in town around the same time. My parents, father-in-law, brother, R’s brother and his family. We could meet up with everyone this time around.

Another high point of my trip was when Smitha & I met along with our two imps, of course :). It was an amazing experience. And what was even more endearing was to see how well Namnam & Poohi got along with each other. Truly one of the most memorable moments for me.

The not-so-pleasant moments, that I mentioned earlier, came by when Namnam fell ill with high fever and had yet another bout of febrile convulsions. I hated every bit of those three days that she was in the hospital. I felt utterly foolish because I had not carried her suppository or syrup as I thought she was well past that phase. But I was clearly wrong in my assumption. As per the Pediatrician, children who are prone to Febrile convulsions are at risk till the age of 6.

And then there was the unfortunate news about IHM’s daughter. Its truly inspiring to know that she and her family have decided to channelise their sorrow towards positive direction. May God give them the strength to stay positive and take forward the causes that Tejaswee believed in.

With this let me sign off for now….leaving you with this beautiful song and heartfelt wishes for a year filled with love, happiness, good health and prosperity.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Onam :).