Commonwealth G(Sh)ames!

Yes, thats what the Commonwealth Games,one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, seems to be turning into- a BIG shame. And all because of a bunch of power-hungry and corrupt people who have been dubiously claiming to run our country.

I was ecstatic and immensely proud, when I got to know, a few years back, that my country was going to host the event in 2010, and even prouder upon knowing that Delhi, the city where I was born and bred and which I love with all my heart, was where the Games was going to be held.

But the last few months, that is, ever since the news about the shoddy handling of the CWG project has bee doing the rounds, have had me anything but feel proud.

I was in Delhi last month. And despite finding the entire city dug up with piles and piles of muck and garbage at every other corner, I did have a small tinge of hope that things will be fine as we drew in closer to the start of the games.

But when reports of misappropriation of funds, of mishandling of this project by our very own politicians started emerging,the very hope began to dwindle.

And the last two days, in particular have had me go through a gamut of emotions, none of which is happy in nature, by the way.

I’m furious, depressed, frustrated, saddened to see the organizers handle this project so callously thereby tarnishing my country’s image in front of the whole world.

With the Commonwealth Federation terming the Athletes Village as “filthy and uninhabitable”, an under-construction foot over-bridge near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsing, causing grave injuries to people, athletes from different parts of the world either withdrawing their participation or delaying their arrival, with grave concerns of security growing, I’ve never felt so embarrassed as an Indian.

10 more days to go for the Games to start and it seems there’s still a lot of work to be finished. Even though our leaders are insisting that the Games will be one of the most successful ever, yet going by the photographs that are being circulated across the web, of the conditions of the games village, I really dont know what to expect.

The BBC has put up images on its website showing conditions inside rooms at the Athletes Village .

I’m forced to wonder if this is why we elect our leaders. If this is why we trust them. If this is why we pay our taxes. So that they can stuff our hard-earned money in their own pockets and squander the country’s resources with no accountability whatsoever?

Our country may have got freedom from the British and even found her way to be a part of the Commonwealth Nations. But has she freed herself from the vicious web of corruption, malfeasance, red-tapism? NO. Will she ever? I hope so. As the saying goes ‘Hope costs nothing’. So lets hope.

Last week has been very hectic, and I’ve hardly been blogging. But the happenings in the last two days have affected me so much that I couldn’t help myself from jotting a few thoughts down. Just had to take it out of my system! Phew!

34 thoughts on “Commonwealth G(Sh)ames!

    1. I agree with you totally…

      Its a national shame !!! I am more angered at the way that man is still the head of the CWG federation or whatever !!! This is just an example of how our tax money is going down the drains….
      And the worst part, they are trying to hide the faults and making it show that all is well…huh…I hate such attitude. Accept the fault, cancel the games – atleast be brave in admitting the mistake.
      It’ll be more shameful if all the countries pull out of this and we’ll be left with only our Indian team…

      D: Hope it doesnt reach that extent, Ums when we wont have any countries participating.


  1. Very true Deeps. This is why I keep telling that I am yet to feel proud of my nation. I am sure we as citizens will forget all this once the games are over. That has always been the attitude.

    Thanks for sharing the link. Athithi devo bhava, it seems !! Our govt. is planning to treat the foreign athletes just like how our own athletes are treated here or what ??? We never learnt to respect, value or care for our sportsmen and athletes here, oh except for the cricket ‘stars’!

    Even a miracle cant save our nation now ! Its over !


    1. It’s sad we give up Vimmuuu and that us being proud of our nation depends on the decisions and actions of these political fools. Isn’t it time we feel ashamed of ppl we vote for too?


  2. It is so disheartening to see what could have been a wonderful opportunity to showcase our country, turn into such a shame. I really really wish it were different 😦


  3. It is such a hugs shame, Deeps 😦 I almost put up a post, and then gave up. It is so disheartening to see what our organisers have made of the games. The saddest part is that even after spending so much, they have managed to make an absolute mess of things! How, I wonder? And when you think of the amount of pocket-lining activity that must have gone on, it makes me wild! Roofs collapsing, bridges falling down, the photographs – so shocking, aren’t they?
    And after all this, they continue to assert that the games will be a ‘success’ – success for them, I guess – they ust have made enough money to last generations !!!


  4. Totally agree with you, Deeps! The worst part is, in 1982 we hosted the Asain Games quite successfully and so many years and supposedly so much development later, we have managed to successfully create this unholy mess!


    1. Dreamer, that’s because media was not strong back then and participants didn’t have that much support. I’m sure things were bad then too. It’s just that people didn’t complain.


  5. Call me the biggest sucker of them all… but I am still hopeful… its not as as bad as it sounds… and the games will still be conducted… and a lil bit in a proper manner… I just despise the media which thinks not an iota of good work has been done…

    Sigh… I know… I m hopelessly optimistic.. ! but then thats me.. 😐


  6. we need a rude shock to get us out of complacency.. but the problem is for a lot of politicians this is just part of the game..They’ll brush all this off their shoulders and walk away after the games are over.. To loot us somemore !.. I dread going through the papers because i know for sure that everyday some other sordid detail will be added to make us look even more pathetic than we already are !


  7. Even still things under uncertainty, I feel and hope that India will stage the best ever commonwealth games. I cannot imagine facing the world saying that we Indians are corrupt and are not capable for such mega events.


  8. I’m furious, depressed, frustrated, saddened to see the organizers handle this project so callously thereby tarnishing my country’s image in front of the whole world…couldnt agree more..These people have stooped so low that nothing can be rectified.


  9. Deeps, We are living through this every day, huge traffic snarls, separate CWG lane adding up to the constant rain caused traffic jams, flood stricken people in makeshift camps on pavements in Noida on the one hand and on the other hand huge , so called luxury apartments for CWG, which has gone to the dogs (Actually!!!), foot over bridges crumbling down, ceilings falling off !!



  10. Seriously pathetic, the way things are turning out. On top of that the comments by the people responsible are so…. dunno the word.

    I wish that some heads roll after this disaster but as always, after the games, the government will pat it’s back saying they did a great job and in a few months, all will be forgotten 😦


  11. You have spoken for all of us. We have all learned to live with corruption and pocket lining-but we expected some accountability, some responsibility…but not this horrible scenario. There should be some scope for all taxpayers suing the government for downright cheating.


  12. I read a comment elsewhere that we Indians are the only ones washing dirty linen in public, that other countries too must have had problems.
    If they have I am sure heads that were responsible have rolled. Here the head still sits on top. All we can do is rant and rave. 😦 But like Rakesh says, after the games all this will be forgotten.


  13. We need Indira Gandhi around like in the Asian Games in 1982 to straighen out these useless buggers! 😑 talk about development!! t everything seems to have gone straight down the drain rather!! 😦

    I saw some of the clippings in the news of the CWG!! Paan stained walls, dirty bathrooms, leaking roofs, paw prints on beds….omg! what were thinking by presenting this to visitors/foreigners??!!! 😐


  14. shhhhhhhhhhhh why did you put this up , you might end up being called a fool πŸ™‚ like me

    Very true what you say SHAMEFUL and I regret now that i was happy i would be visitng my country for this occasion, We have never dropped so low ever in our history wonder how low can we go .. but I am sure our leaders will surly find ways of stoooping a bit more …

    Even if the games are conducted wonder how it will be with the top athletes not turning up.. I guess NOW India will have loads of chances to win some medals .. But then will they be worth it …


  15. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this issue. Will be back to respond to you soon. Just wanted a share a song that I heard y’day and felt there was this particular line that suited quite well to the current scenario πŸ˜€

    ‘Hum toh aise hai bhaiyya’ has been our basic attitude while dealing with any issue. Its high time we got rid of our ‘sab chalta hai’ attitude and raised our bar higher while tackling issues.

    Heres’ the song…enjoy! See you on the other side of the weekend πŸ™‚


    1. Oye but I love this song πŸ˜₯ You linked such a happy go lucky song with this disaster?? 😑

      D: I love this song too,re..but I still couldnt help connecting that one line ‘hum toh aise hai bhaiyya’ to the current scenario πŸ˜€


  16. An event which should have turned us to celebration made us to disgust at it 😦 😦

    I am feeling helpless and sad.. any blame on official won’t be enough for what we lost..

    D: I just hope even when the Games are a success, we dont just stop at blaming the officials but make sure they are brought to books


  17. Bhanot said that foreigners have different standards of hygiene from us. What an a@@#$%! the idiots like him represents India.

    D: Different hygiene, my foot!! So according to Bhanot paan stained walls, filthy bathrooms, accumulation of malba, kachda outside the stadiums are all normal?? Sheesh!

    Did you see the pictures of CWG village that BBC put up? 7 years and that was the filth they could come up with. Corrupt politicians. Sad part is that we don’t have a choice. Whom to vote? Choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    D: Pathetic state of affairs!

    CWG Games Village pictures posted by the Canadian Field Hockey Team looks good though.


  18. Yes it is really frustrating to digest the things that are happpenning at CWG..questions arise, are we not capable to do this etc etc? …

    i wonder is all this because of our chalte hey..attitude..

    D: This ‘chalta hai’ attitude has been our core problem for a very long time, Sunder


  19. Wanted to write a lot, because have been into this debate for a long time.. and to be truthful I hold each one of us responsible .. not only for not voting or being callous to choose our leaders but also for being ignorant .. How?

    Read here – I dealt with this in my column this Sunday –

    D: Read it, Sags and left a comment on your blog too :). Brilliant writing!

    Btw.. lady when do I see you back in my blog?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


  20. Seriously, such a shame!! We go all out to prove we are slumdogs despite a few people being millionaires!!

    D: You know, Pals, I do want the Games to be successful, but what I also fear is that if and when they do go well, then we will all be so engrossed in celebrating this success that we may even forget to seek justice for all the wrongdoings by our beloved politicians. This has been the case always, sadly!


  21. what is more shameful is the way they are still not feeling any shame over it..
    i was watching a discussion where one of the organizer was saying they didn’t not have fund to employ staff to clean the rooms/toilets !!

    D: Blech!


  22. I am sorry to say this, but I hate it when I see Indians themselves spreading the images let out by BBC! Its high time people realized that this is all bad PR, some propaganda to tarnish the image of our good old country in front of the world. Why are we still reluctant to speak against all these developed countries? What about the Beijing Olympics? Do you remember the high media frenzy and negativity that was spread? And what was the end result? It was one of the most successful Olympics ever, what about the recent world cup? I Agree that the country needs well balanced (!) politicians who work for the development of the country! But How can you also forget the developments that has happened in Delhi, just becos of this commonwealth games? How can you forget about the sweat of scores of engineers and architects n planners n simple plain laborers who have been toiling for this, for their country? Trust the country, I am pretty sure the games would happen really big, and it would be one of the best!

    D: Sham, ‘the country’ constitutes its people. I’m not denying or ignoring the efforts of our engineers or architects or labourers who have been working hard. My grouse is against those politicians and bureaucrats who have been siphoning the country’s resources for their own personal gains. They are the ones who are actually tarnishing the image of our good old country, Sham. I do hope the Games are hugely successful. But I also want those perpetrators to be tried for what they did.


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