Worshipping while Menstruating- Why not?


Its amazing to realize how, sometimes, your beliefs can rule your life. Even when those beliefs border on the lines of superstition, you still allow them to take over you. I’m not talking about person A, B or C. I’m talking about myself. I’m frustrated to think that I’m allowing my religious beliefs to clash with my superstitions because of which my decisions are being influenced.

I had a long and fierce discussion with R & my mother about the same. While I voiced my inhibitions, they were constantly urging me to shed them and go by what my belief and faith ask of me and not what some ridiculous ideologies/ superstitions want me to do.

I’ve been wanting to initiate Namnam to music for a while. And since she had been showing an inclination towards it lately, I thought I’ll introduce her to the world of music this year on Vijayadashami.

Vijayadashami is considered to be an auspicious occasion to start formal education of any kind. On Ashthami, the eighth day of Navarathri, children keep their books, musical instruments, etc. for pooja, which are taken back and used after pooja on Vijayadashami, the tenth day.

Now there is a slight glitch here, which is making me withdraw my plans, much against my wish. And that is the clashing of Vijayadashami with my menstrual cycle.

According to Hinduism, the religion I follow(sometimes blindly, I wonder), a woman is not allowed to take part in any kind of religious ceremonies for the first four days of her menstrual cycle. She cant go to temple, do poojas, eat prasadams or offerings from temples, churches, or mosques. Partake in festivals. She cant enter the kitchen. In a nutshell, she is ostracized. So much so that she is made to feel like a sinner if she goes against such beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they may seem.

This has been going on for ages, for generations. Those 4-5 days women are considered ‘impure’ or ‘polluted’. Its so disturbing to even write about it.

In some parts of our country women are confined to a shed/hut and allowed to eat dry foods, salt and rice as though they are being punished for some crime. Preposterous!

And this is where I’m frustrated. I know how ridiculous it sounds to me, and yet I’ve been following it blindly for as long as I can remember. Why? Because all my life the reasoning that my religion presented to me was that God doesnt approve of women worshipping Him during their menstrual period. And if I wanted to defy that reasoning, I couldn’t because I didnt want to invite God’s wrath.

When I hit puberty, I remember very vividly how disturbed I was , when I was told that I’ll not be taken to the temple or allowed to light a diya. I could very clearly see the agony, the pain in my mother’s eyes as she forbade me. I was so shaken up that I had cried into my pillow that night- something even my parents dont know about till today.

I remember an incident when we had gone to Kerala on one of our summer vacations. The entire family had planned a temple visit and as my luck would have it I got my period. My Ma, the rebel that she is, decided to stay mum about it and take me to the temple, come what may. Of course I was asked to keep mum about it too. But one of the aunts overheard us and word got around just when we were about to reach the temple. Oh dear, the accusing glances that my mother & I had to endure!! As though the whole town had got polluted! I could sense how helpless my mother felt at that moment. As expected I was not allowed to go the temple :(. I’ll never forget this incident as it brought forth the regressive and backward line of thinking of my society.

Thats how it is isnt it?? We steer clear of questioning any illogical reasoning for the sheer fear of being shunned by the society. So we bind ourselves to the ridiculous customs and let our lives be taken over by them.

I’ve wondered all my life why does a woman have to be ostracized for something that is one of the most natural and important functions. Ok agreed, in olden days it would have been hygienic. But today, we have sanitary pads, we have other clean ways of handling the situation. Then why this need to seclude women?

If God is the one who created us, as is preached universally, then He would surely have thought about this particular function well enough to understand it to be an important aspect of a woman’s body and NOT something to be shunned , right? If He were to disapprove of us women worshipping Him, then why would he give us this function in the first place, while creating us? If we have faith in God, then cant we believe that He will be reasonable enough to understand us?

What I’m trying to say is that such beliefs are nothing but brought about by some religious fanatics to propel their ridiculous ideologies. And sadly such beliefs are still being practiced by fools like me.

Today, I feel overwhelmed as a mother, when I think about the situation when in a few years Namnam will reach her puberty. What do I do then? What do I tell her then? Can I tell her that worshipping God can never be wrong, in whatever circumstances one is in? Can I tell her that so long as she and her God know she is ‘pure’ and her devotion is pious, no society can forbid her or decide for her when she should worship or why she should or should not worship? I hope to God I can. I hope to God I do.

After a constructive discussion with R & my Ma, I’m seriously driven to defy these very illogical beliefs and go ahead with full faith in my God and initiate Namnam to music.

Maybe I should. Maybe I will, if I want to raise my child in a prejudice-free environment.


EDITED TO ADD: Here’s wishing one and all a wonderful, joyous and blessed time this festive season. Happy Dussehra to everyone!

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  1. I totally agree with what you have written!
    I agree with your mom and R, Go ahead and initiate Namnam to music on the auspicious day! And your mom is truly a brave lady!

    I’m quite sure, that when such auspicious tasks are done or started with a pure heart, nothing can go wrong!!

    And what you have decided for Namnam is truly commendable for we need to make sure our children live and thrive in a prejudice free environment.



  2. Not all the religions of the world forbid women to worship etc during those days. Church doesn’t bar females from entering during their periods. If we understand the basic reason why such a practice was levied by our religion, then we won’t feel so bad abt it, and we will also be able to bring abt the required change for our future generations more easily.

    In our olden days, women had to fetch water from wells. They had to work the chakki (can’t remember right now what’s the English word for it) to make flour. Basic lifestyle required more physical strain than today. plus, the normal furnishings in the houses used to be silk & velvet etc. And with no dry cleaners or sanitary pads, this practice made perfect sense, both from the rest point of view, as well as for the materialistic benefit.

    Perhaps if we pass this info down to our children, they will be better equipped with enforcing the change in the society. Don’t feel guilty abt it… you are doing the right thing by not letting this prejudice get in the way of Namnam’s future. And don’t even think about those looks that your relatives gave you and your mother. Not everyone is meant to lead the world towards a new morning! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Even I agree with what Kaddu said.. I guess it was enforced so that women could take rest since in those days, they never worked outside home.. but it cannot be applied in this generation because women dont just work at home, but also outside


  3. I was once explained about this practice by my mom… The origin was during the age when the works of women used to involve a lot of physical effort. So to ensure that they are not exploited when they are in pain and get complete rest this practice came into existance, now the physical labor has reduced the rest is gone only the bare shell of superstition is left ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  4. Deeps, I dont know why but the last two paras brought tears to my eyes. I have always wondered about this issue, but in vain, as you have rightly said, what has been instilled in us since we attained puberty takes the better of us in such situations. What about christianity, as far as I know, in their religion there is no such restrictions on women that they cant attend church or do their prayers during their periods, does the God turn a deaf ear to their prayers during that time, I am sure not!! So Deeps all the very best to u and R for inititating Namnam to something so wonderful and great (I am sure Namnam will have the same melodious singing liker her mother is blessed with also)

    take care and go ahead deepu


  5. well this is one supersition I have never ever followed… one of the main reason could be that mum never forced us to follow… but I think even if she would have I would have rebelled I have always been a rebel in these things

    Traditionally speaking this particular thing had a logical which made complete sense… the two primary objectives were
    1. hygine – Pre modern day sanitory pads it was really a little use isnt it?
    2. rest – we all know what most women go thru in these days and need rest and the only way women could get there rest in those days was to confine them…

    Its not fair no women I agree but these were the logics, none of them holds anymore but we are sticking to the tradition like crazy

    Deeps let it go as u say for Naman… to raise her in prejudice free env… kudos and best of luck

    and best of luck to the little naman for the new musical journey that she begins soon

    hugs to u and her


  6. Whatever the reason was for this horrendous custom in the earlier days, I believe this is the time for you to break free from it and lead Namnu onto her wonderful journey towards music.

    Hugs Chakkaroos and it’s ok. Each of us have gone through some kind of torture due to some ridiculous rituals.


  7. The rebel inside is me is awake once again.What I could not do, dear child, go ahead and do that if u can.Rebel fully if u can. let not any fear of untoward results caution u (as it used to be in my case whenever i wanted to rebel in full measure). God made us women and in this festival in which we worship Mother Goddess let us shed all our fears and inhibitions and go ahead as women of substance. let us not be ostracized for being what we are.I am with u if you can break the chains and be yourself.Let us go ahead. Nammu needs to be initiated into music this Vijayadashami.


  8. Can’t tell you how much I agree with everything you have said in your post!

    We follow so many things – blindly! And if you ask me, God surely would not discriminate on all these crazy basis. So many of us do not follow these beliefs – does it mean that their lives are hell? Or that the ones that do follow, are spared from all issues in life? Then why should we be following all this, is beyond me..

    I have seen this practiced in the most inhumane of conditions – girls not allowed to sit on the furniture, can’t sleep on beds – made to sit on the floor – what does it achieve, I can’t help but wonder.

    Long long back, when sanitary napkins were not as good as today, I guess people feared the ‘cleanliness’ angle.. But these days there is no real basis. As for rest, each to his own, don’t you think? I have always been on my foot, working, going around my routine with no issues, so if I don’t need the rest, why should society decide that I ‘need’ to rest ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And women who do want to take it easy, should be able to – without declaring to the whole world that she is on her cycle!

    God, I have ranted, haven’t I!

    Go Deeps! Bring up Namnam in a truly non-discriminatory, prejudice-free way! Hugs to both of you! And Aunty! She is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. To be really very frank and honest..I have never followed this tradition/ritual…nor did my mom made me do it…

    So as long as we are sure about what we’re doing and we don’t feel guilty about it then I think there is no on to stop us.

    As long as praying/worshipping Him is considered…it’s from heart and not from ‘that’ or any part of the body ! [I might sound kind of lame here but that’s my logic] and heart is pure ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also like Kaddu said above the earlier times it was for woman’s benefit that she was not allowed to come into kitchen and touch anything-that is not to work at all and take rest ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Hugs to you Deeps. Just go ahead and initiate Namnam to music…all these dont matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Its all the belief over the years and its time to change. As u rightly said, if God has given us this, then we shouldnt worship Him in those days ???

    Its high time, we leave all these beliefs and let ppl be themselves.

    During our recent trip to Nagercoil and Tirunelveli, my younger one had her cycle. I made her enjoy herself in a waterfall, visit all the temples with me – only thing is I told her to keep it within herself. Becos my MIL may not be so open-minded to allow this, probably becos of upbringing with such strict ideas. But now, we can change them all for our children and make it easier for them.

    I tell my girls to do whatever they can, but when it comes to interacting with the elders of the family, I tell them to respect their sentiments in front of them. Thats the best we can do, in a situation like that.

    Hugs and take heart…dont u worry…go ahead and do the Vijayadashami programme. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Read my take on this – http://umsreflections.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/menstruating-discrimination/


  11. Our family followed only the God part of this tradition, where as my mother’s generation followed it to the core. By my time, we had moved to our own house, and had the independence to break free. To me religion is a faith, and a belief and a promise to myself to concentrate and do good. This does not matter to me. I applaud your decision and best wishes to Namnam.


  12. Kudos to you, Deeps, for writing such a bold and truthful post. Take a bow ๐Ÿ™‚

    In earlier days, the seclusion was primarily to allow the women to take rest (esp considering they lived and cooked for huge joint families!!). Again, the hygiene factor probably played a role, so women were not allowed to sit on furniture blah blah.

    But today, people do follow the same custom BUT they make women feel so awkward, as if getting a period is the most embarassing thing ever!!! Its disgusting, especially because the Men in any family don’t even seem to mind, but it is the other older Women who impose all inane restrictions.

    As for initiating Nam on the auspicious day, just do it, Deeps. This is for your daughter, so you decide what is best for her!!!

    Though my Mil is quite orthodox herself, when it came to a function like this, and I was in similar situation, she chose to hide the fact from all her relatives and asked me to participate in the Puja. Nobody knew, so nobody cared. I think its upto each person.

    Quite honestly, methinks the custom is actually beneficial to women, as we get a few days breather from everything!!!



    1. Oh I ws gng to say I forgot that point, but thanks to Pal who said it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      This ws mainly to give women some rest from all the work they did for hugeee families. With only 2-3 of us staying now and with so many gadgets arnd, its neither all that work nor do we have someone to do anything for us if we r taking all that rest ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ [I know our husbands help us, but not all of them do :)]


    2. I’m a brahmin with three sisters and my working mom made herself clear not to enter the whole house instead made us so comfortable in a corner of a room pretending that we are camping and are inside tent where my mom would offer everything we just have to eat and take plenty of rest.this went on for all my adult life until i was married 10 years ago. Please spare the temple and pujas atleast people. i really find it disgusting as you dont respect the temples but just being selfish to find a shortcut to enjoy and putting a name called “modern/western” in your so called thoughts.


  13. Oh I dnt believe in this at all. Mom n Dad asked me to attend Ganesh Puja @ home when I had my periods during my initial days and so it has never come to me. Even now, I go to the temples and do whatever bcoz I dnt think it is something impure or God wil punish me bcoz of that.

    I agree with others that the main reason was rest and hygiene, but it did turn out to be something against women – as though they r untouchables during the period.

    So, go Deeps and do it this time! It was to create Namnam that u hd this cycle. So, why not do what u want to do with her on such a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs!


  14. Thank you so very much, everyone! You all have no idea how much strength your words have given me. Yes, I have decided to shed my inhibitions and go forward in my decision to initiate Namnam into music :).

    I hope and pray there comes a day when our children will finally grow in an environment sans any prejudice or any discrimination.

    Have to go and make arrangements for Namnam’s vidhyarambham, will be back soon. Have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚



    1. Oh I am so glad you have decided to go ahead and initiate Namnam to music..

      Came here to say a bunch of things..but they have all been said above..and you going ahead makes me really happy.. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Customs and rituals need to change with the times…

    As far as the church, women can come in and pray any time they want to.. except, (ya one stupid rule some ppl follow) between the time after they give birth (because they will be bleeding) and the baptism of the new born.

    It could be read as, the child is brought to the church for the first time on that day of the baptism, so it kind of makes sense that the mother cannot leave the baby alone at home and come to church to pray!! But when there are people to take care of the little one at home, and the mother is physically strong enough to visit then why not she visit the church…

    My mom had gone to visit the Puri temple and she kind of refused enter because her cycle was on and more out of respect for the customs followed by her Hindu friends!! why offend their feelings! But she felt extremely bad that day she says, but she visited it another time!

    That’s the same reason why some religious communities bar others from entering their places of worship because others might not follow the purity rules of worship!!

    But even in olden days, shutting somebody in an outhouse or a shack for 4-5 days is ridiculous!!

    I’ve ranted enough
    There is nothing in these rules Deeps, please go ahead with the ceremony and initiate Namkutty into music..

    actually it is we who need God, why does he need us, he has created the universe, do you think he wants so ego boosters:P No!!

    Hugs and hugs to both the kuttys


  16. It’s sad that sometimes some practises that are initiated for some reasons (in this case, for hygiene and rest, in the olden days) have been carried forward to blindly. With your decision, you’re starting to give Namnam an opportunity to see these things without the bias of “but God will punish me if…” Bravo ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. Traditionally women are suppose to be resting during mensturation and after child birth so I think that they may have started by saying that women stay out of kitchen so you can rest. But that turned into almost being barred from the kitchen. As far as the puja goes, what my understanding is that the mantra chantings and arti etc. are very heating to the system and increase the fire in the body. Fire does bring clarity to mind. This increased fire can lead to increased bleeding and that could have been a reason that women were told to not do pujas while mensturating. People turn everything into reasoning of religion and then it becomes a superstition. In my family they say not to cut nails at night or broom at night. I think that may be way back in the no night light days in the villages, elders suggested that you may cut yourself at night due to dark or dust may not clear well so that practice came to being. I donno thats my theory.

    Now my sadhna is from my heart and not physical body so mensturating or not does not make a difference. : )


    1. Hats off to u all my friends. I read everything what i had in my mind about “why not to do puja while mensurating? ” Now i got answers from ur blog. For all traditional beliefs ,I keep on thinking reasons behind them. Thanks a lot clearing my mind from those thoughts. We can follow the traditional rules for our elders have kept the rules seeing all good & bad. If we follow we’ll only benefit. Nothing affects us from those rules but our mind can be affected for we are not able to follow in this modern days.Happy Dasara !..


  18. I think u shud go,deeps. In the olden days obviously the intent was on giving women rest during the 3 days- and that could happen only when they were asked to sit out for the 3 days those days.. but things have gotten so warped that it started imposing restrictions on women..Just like a lot of the olden days customs are ..I read somewhere that during our period,the auras are very strong and make us susceptible to negative influences.. i have no clue if this is true though.


  19. I think majorly women have replied to this post! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ok here u are talking to someone who broke every rule in the book, lit the pyre of her grandparents – one of them WHILE she was menstruating – and conducted funeral rites, and also went directly to the funeral house (where women traditionally dont go) coz she organised the whole thing…
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I care two hoots abt society…

    But having said that…this temple rule is something even I havent violated! Funny aint it? ๐Ÿ™„


    1. Deeps, It’s high time. At some point it has to stop. Don’t be afraid to practice it in front of those Aunts who scorned at you and Auntie that day.

      Hugs to Nammu chakkara on her initiation to music.

      D: Hugs! How was your Vijayadashami? Kept Molu’s books for pooja too??


      Ash, Hugs. I’m so proud of you, dear. Most people rejoice the birth of a son/grandson mainly because of this ‘one’ reason. ‘Hamari chita ko aag dena wala aa gaya’. WTH!

      Iโ€™ve witnessed a distant cousin of mine grinding her teeth when her cousin (the one from her Dadโ€™s side) lit the pyre. The guy was on drugs still he was deemed eligible for the task and not my cousin because she was a girl. My cousin wanted to light her Dadโ€™s pyre but her Dadโ€™s family opposed it. Retarded idiots!


    2. OMG… I didn’t see my comment had got so many responses!!

      @monika: Yes please do. This whole funeral rites thing to be done by only sons has been grossly over-rated.

      @Sols: Totally agree. I think the son as much as the daughter has every right to light the pyre. It’s truly sorry when elders dissuade you from doing it. What right do they have to comment anyway?! ๐Ÿ˜ก

      @Swar: Hugs!! Daughter power rocks, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Dear Deeps

    First of all, kudos for a post that probably a lot of us women might have wanted to share but did not ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos again for bringing to the fore a much needed instigation into thinking about certain practices that need to be redefined in the modern era.

    Go for it, is what I would say, because finally, it is your conviction and your belief and your heart that you should follow. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

    No matter what!

    Wishes on the occasion of Dussehra, and may the Mother Goddess bless you and your family abundantly ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishes to the young lady too, that she will enjoy learning music as well!


  21. Hey chechi,
    Wow, this is something I myself was going through this time, though a li’l different. But I somehow prayed hard to be fine during this period. But hush hush, I somehow managed it. Well I myself is disgusted with the whole idea. I myself believe it need not be practiced. After all its something the GOD, whom we worship granted, if he does not understand who would. Actually the church does not have these kinda activities..

    Thank god ma parents have been supportive enough at least at my home. But back in Kerala I was not even allowed to roam inside the whole house during that so called “periods”. Which used to make me refrain from going to ma native place. After all, Its all your belief and your concepts which people around you would also follow.

    I am restricted in a lot ways but where i have a way I would do it my way ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You would be the best guru to namnam and go ahead with it.. I am there with all ma wishes and support ..;)

    Love u


  22. Thank you everyone once again for your encouraging words. Believe me they mean a lot and have helped me to a large extent in taking this firm decision.

    I have initiated Namnam into music with full faith in God. The ceremony did turn out as I had wanted it to ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kaddu, Comfy, Ilsj, Anu, welcome to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    And Ash, hugs, darling! Dont know why but I had a lump in my throat when I read your comment. You are one amazing lady…I bow to you :).


    1. Yay! Came here to check the update and ammmm so glad u did what u did ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay to that Deeps and loaads of hugs to u.
      Let Ma Saraswati shower her choicest blessings on our Namnam ๐Ÿ™‚

      D: Thank you, Da ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. Big hugs!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      For some reason I missed seeing all the replies to my comment. I m glad I hopped over from IHM’s blog and saw this now.
      And Deeps, this post certainly needs mention. Particularly your update that the sky didn’t fall on your head just coz you decided to do the puja while on your period ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. I don’t know whether such a ritual exists in my family deeps.. maybe its because it only me and my bro, so there is a chance I don’t know that..

    but the thing is, it’s our life and why we should live for others whom don’t give a damn for us… if it is for whom we care means its ok..

    What I hate about any religion is they don’t have valid explanation for every belief.. if they have I am happy to follow anything else I have my own beliefs to follow..

    Did Namnam joined the music classes Deeps??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    D: She didnt join as such, Kanagu. I’ve started giving her lessons myself from my music books :). If she shows keen interest, then will send her to proficient music teacher ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Dussera to you and your family Deeps ๐Ÿ™‚

    D: Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. I dont think it is illogical..there are many reasons for isolating the person, butto make the people follow them strictly they made it religious. This is one time when women could take some rest, otherwise they had lot of hard work. And certain foods were avoiuded , because the body is tender in those days and its better to give light food.

    Do you worship god while urinating or defaecating?…In hindus,a lot of emphasis is given to a cleanliness before poja, thats why we do it only after bath and in washed clothes only..


    1. Agree to the above comment and also in those days,atleast in my sect, women did not even take bath for those 3 days or so.. as a result, they obviously could not worship god or change clothes.. it is impossible to not take bath in these modern days, so it doesnt make sense now.


      1. Not taking bath — it is more import to be clean during these days. How foolish that you dont bath during those days .
        What has taking bath got to do with worship. If you believe in Hinduism, god dictates every aspect of our life. So our every action or karma is an act of worship. This moral compass is what guides our life . If we agree to this then what has Menstruation got to do with worship.


        1. Excuse me, I did not say that I don’t take bath. Please read it properly before commenting. I said people in olden days did not. And I clearly said that I do not agree with that ritual.


    2. @Renu: If a woman is confined to a hut, or stopped from entering the kitchen, or treated like an untouchable or forbidden to be even seen in the vicinity of temple or such places, then such beliefs ARE illogical in my eyes.

      Not going to the temple or doing pujas BECAUSE a woman feels the need to take rest is fine. The choice has to be the woman’s. Why should the society decide if she should take rest? There are women like me who haven’t felt the need to take rest even during those 5 days. By God’s grace I have never had any complications like body pain or dizzyness, etc. during my period. So if I want to go to the temple, do pujas, offer prayers, then I dont think any community or society should have the right to forbid me from doing so. Praying or having faith in God is a personal choice and will.

      AS for cleanliness, who decides? In the olden days, I understand hygiene may have been a concern. But in today’s day and age, there are sanitary pads and other ways to keep oneself clean. If I have my period I know how to keep myself clean and hygienic. So then why should the society or some preacher decide if I’m clean or not? Let me decide for myself and let my God be the one to understand me. If cleanliness were really a matter of such importance in ‘hinduism’ then what of those filthy people roaming around naked in the streets of Varanasi, Rishikesh and other such cities where so many religious shrines are situated? Their preposterous actions are considered acceptable and given the name of devotion, or sadhna despite their unhygienic ways.

      Not worshipping while urinating or defecating is a non-issue. Let me ask you, do you close your mind to all nice and godly thoughts when you’re doing your bodily functions? By your logic, if one falls into a pit full of shit then one cannot pray or seek God’s help because he/she is impure?

      All I’m saying is let people have the freedom to worship or pray as and when they want.


  25. yes, like Pal said, the custom was made so that women could get some rest during their periods..but we have misinterpreted so many things written in our vedas and we did the same with this too! at my mum’s, ladies are treated like untouchables at this time and I am used to it now! but I will personally not follow such customs which do not make sense!

    D: The problem is even today the women are treated like untouchables during those 5 days. How frustrating!


  26. Again one of those rules which should have been just ignored with time, but still persists. I am against any kind of rule that seems to exist solely for the purpose of marginalizing women, cos like several commenters before me I fail to see it’s relevance in the modern world. Now it exists solely as a punishment for being female. Glad you went ahead and did your own thing, Deeps!

    D: Exactly, Dreamer..a woman is made to feel as though she is being punished for some crime ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  27. Kudos for the post Deeps ๐Ÿ™‚
    Let me tell you a story that I have heard. There lived a pious woman (I think it was Kurooramma, but I am not sure, could be someone else too) and she was praying, chanting when a learned contemporary of hers accosted her and accused her of praying when she was menstruating (he knew because she was confined to a certain area of the house). Her reply was “What if I die when I am menstruating?? Isn’t God’s name that should be on my lips when the time comes?? So can I afford to stop praying because of menstruation??”
    This happened not now, not in the recent past… but long long time ago. A pious woman of the past could think on these lines! It is high time we shed this belief and get on with our lives.

    D: Absolutely! I’ve heard this story too, Shail. Yes, I think it was Kurooramma. I couldnt find any related links to this story on the web, else would have shared it here.

    We assume there must have been reasons for many of the restrictions. Perhaps there were, perhaps there weren’t and it was born out of ignorance or fear. Why must we always look to the past and what was followed then?? Weren’t they humans just like us?? Can’t we use our own intelligence or is it assumed that those of the past alone were intelligent and we are all dumbos?? If they could make rules and restrictions, don’t we of the present generation have the basic intelligence to question and change some of those rules as per our needs and knowledge we now have??

    BTW, I would like to ask Renu above, what is the objection in saying prayers to yourself while urinating or defecating if you are theist and if you so desire?? If you believe God created you, and he is all powerful and all-knowing, then he knows all our bodily functions as well. I am sure He is magnanimous enough to understand if you pray whatever position you are in.


  28. Hi,

    Its late to reply on this..as everybody gave their own comments…I would say in hinduism also there are communities which do not follow this…sikhism lays no restrictions on this..we need not compare only with christanity, even sikh ladies (sardarni’s) visit gurdwara with out any restricitions when ever they want to…

    I always say it must be a choice of your own what you want to follow or what you don’t want to follow…I would say if it is so impure then with the same blood is your child born when he comes out…I don’t understand the philosophy of it and i don’t argue with people who follow it…My mom follows it so when i am at her home i follow it and my MIL does not so i am free to do what i think is right..simple choices in life makes life more enjoyable..


    D: “simple choices in life makes life more enjoyable..” I like what you said and totally agree. Welcome here, Priya ๐Ÿ™‚


  29. we must understand that the rules and taboos and ways of those days were according to THAT TIME.. things have changed and we have come far far from those medivial times so yes its time to change…

    and one shud change or evolve accroding to time, its funny to think what rituals we had , I know they had a reason but then THOSE REASONS WERE OF THOSE TIMES…

    not anymore

    D: Precisely!

    so fully agree with you on this …

    Bikram’s blog


  30. I can so relate this with mine.. I was also forced to follow all these traditions blindly. I was confided in one corner of the house with a plate and a glass. Even for drinking water, I needed to depend on someone. It was a horrible experience. I just felt like I was in a jail. I just came out of that jail after marriage, as my In laws does not believe in all those things.

    D: Glad to know your in-laws are broadminded enough to not get influenced by such ridiculous beliefs, Kavya. Welcome here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still people at my place follow this tradition. It is just a pain.

    Kudos to you for taking such a good step. May God bless Namnam with lots of happiness.


  31. agree with you…things should change for better….so how did the first music class go?

    D: It went well, just the way I had wanted to ๐Ÿ™‚


  32. Came here from Link Fest links of Jaded16.

    Will not go into why or right and wrong of this taboo. Have spilled enough ink at IHM’s blog and other places on this topic. Will not even read the comments cause they’ll have nothing new that I do not know of or may not agree or disagree with. Here are my two cents on what you wrote:

    …my religion presented to me was that God doesnt approve of women worshipping Him during their menstrual period…

    You were told there is a God and you accepted there was one. So what happened to the God of Christians, Muslims and Sikhs? Do they have different God than the one you have?

    Then you were told God is HE. You believed it. What if God were SHE. Could God be genderless?

    If HE God cannot be worshipped during moon cycle then goddesses should be cause they are females. Goddesses can not be accessed during menses but the menses of one such Goddess is celebrated during this period of Navratri with great pomp and show by men in Kaamakhya (Assam).

    If the God became unclean (apvitra) by the touch of a menstruating woman that means a woman in her periods has more power than this God. Then what kind of God is it that fears a menstruating woman?

    …And if I wanted to defy that reasoning, I couldnโ€™t because I didnt want to invite Godโ€™s wrath.

    You were also told that your God is angry and vengeful who gets upset at minor mistakes. Is HE a God or neighbour’s kid who believes in tit for tat. You slapped me so I’ll kick you.

    Also, it is God, not a Car that one has to use according to the user manual (rituals) or insurance claim (prayers) will not be redeemed (prayers answered).

    Vijayadashami is considered to be an auspicious occasion to start formal education of any kind. On Ashthami, the eighth day of Navarathri, children keep their books, musical instruments, etc. for pooja, which are taken back and used after pooja on Vijayadashami, the tenth day.

    So all other days are inauspecious to start learning. What about rest of the world? They have intelligent people too. Have you thought it was just another ploy of Brahminism to get paid from the patrons.

    If you ponder on these points I guess you’ll find the answer if you should worship the God while mestruating or change the God and get a new one.

    No offence and appologies,

    Desi Girl


    1. Desi Girl, you’ve brought out points on this subject in a way even I couldnt have. These points should be in blockquote ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with all that you’ve said. Nothing more to add from my end. Thank you so much for dropping by. Welcome here ๐Ÿ™‚


  33. Terrific post. A few years back I was helping a friend prepare food for a puja. Towards the end she asked me: By the way, you don’t have your periods, do you? I told her that I did. Right then and there she threw out every last morsel of that painstakingly prepared puja food. I was appalled. I told her then – as I have always told my daughter – that purity of the mind is all that god cares about. Cleanse your mind of negative thoughts before praying. The experience of praying will be more meaningful then, to everybody concerned. Nothing else stops me, and it is the same with my daughter.

    D: Welcome here Kamini. I firmly believe that in order to raise your child in a prejudice-free environment, its important that you shed your own inhibitions and superstition first. I applaud you bringing up your daughter with such a positive mindset ๐Ÿ™‚


  34. Lovely post! Very sincere and thought provoking.
    I haven’t been asked by my parents or in-laws to stay separate and not touch things around the house during my menses. But I have been following the custom of not going to temples or lighting a lamp in the prayer room blindly. Of late, I have been questioning this practice. This post gives voice to my feelings.

    I loved Desi Girl’s comment above. If we do away with the custom of staying separate during one’s menses, shouldn’t we do away with the custom of looking for auspicious dates, too? Aren’t all days equally good and bad? Haven’t we seen things failed even though they were done on a ‘good’ day? Haven’t we seen things work out beautifully in spite of being done on a ‘bad’ day?

    No offense meant to you or to anyone else. Just my two cents.


  35. Ok, here is my dime on auspicious and inauspicious days.
    No offences and No apologies to any one because this is what Desi Girl believes in. These are not original thoughts they are borrowed from the Japji

    Tithi vaar na jogi jaane,rut maah na koi.
    Jaa karta sirthi ki saaje aape jaane soi.

    There are neither auscious dates or days nor auspecious months and seasons
    Because when the creator created the universe he did not wait for any auspicious day. How could because day and night were yet to be created. In order for day and night to come into existance universe was required- earth, sun, moon and planets. So it is like what came first…
    This is mine:
    If auspicious days could be identified then how come no one knew that the day and time mighty sages and sayers were picking for corronation of Lord Rama would be time and day of his banishment.
    Yes when the voices of desent were heard Brahmins came up with alternate excuse that it was leela to arrange for killing of Ravana and Saraswati sat on the toungue of manthra and them jumped to Kaikay’s toungue. Ok accepted

    Then how come these sages and astrollogers did not know that the time and horoscope match they were setting for Sita’s wedding was the most inauspicious. She never had peace in her marital life.

    First, this daughter of an emperor who was forced to live in forests (yes, few will say she was given a choice, how good a choice would it be if she stayed back then she’ll be bad mouthed, there is no mention of Urvashi, Laxman’s wife. Just imagine he left her behind to serve his parents. Though he did not astray but why should a wife bear the decisions made by her spouse. Will the man do so if it were his wife calling the shots?)

    Second, Sita was abandoned when she was pregnant. So none of the horoscopes show anything. You and me would have just one or two astrollogers but her father had a retinue of wise men.

    So what significance does auspicious or inauspicious has? Will birth or death wait for auspicious time. day and time of death will always be inauspicious for the loved ones of the deceased. Will it still be a bad occassion for another family that has a birth at that same time? What could be auspicious for one could be inauspicious for another. If it is not uniform process then what good is it?

    I am reading this book if you guys are interested check it out.


    To me Every minute one is in gratitude and celebration of life is auspicious. Every minute one is plagued with ego, anger and self-aggrandizement is inauspicious.

    Desi Girl


      I am really greatly thankful to you that you have give us a ray of hope and show us a write path
      i want to say that IF females like you will be there than we younger girls will become right and strong


  36. Now this discussion is taking an all new turn. It is fine to talk about superstitions and wanting to eliminate them. Its another to talk about the entire vedic culture’s roots. Astrology is a complete science and it has to be studied and understood. To use Ram and Sita as an example for astrology does not make sense. They were divine and in this world to establish certain values and not to be confused as ordinary souls. Vedas also say that at some point when you take on path of bhakti yog then you do not need any rituals and auspicious times, then all is auspicious as it is for rememberence of God, whether it is male or female aspect of that ONE almighty supreme being. Let us not shake the entire knowledge by wrapping it into a simple act of ancient household practice of not doing many things during mensturation period, which does not fly in today’s society.

    I hope you know what I mean.


  37. @Ninna Sharma,

    You said, …I hope you know what I mean.

    Please don’t hope because I do not know a bit what you meant. But I definitely understood where it is coming from. It reminded me of a parent prewarning the kids by telling the them, Hope you know what I mean. It remineded me of abusive in-laws and spouse who prewarn the women in those same words. I definitely understood the threat in those words, “I hope you know what I mean.” Period.

    The discourse in the post involved three crucial points- out datedness of menstrual taboos, nature of God and auspicious/inauspicious days.

    Desi Girl, addressed each without questioning the faith people may have in ancient icons or heros.

    …Astrology is a complete science and it has to be studied and understood…

    Just a query, Have you read Vedas?
    What research studies established scientificity of astrology? Please let us know, DG will be more than happy to learn more.

    …They were divine and in this world to establish certain values and not to be confused as ordinary souls…

    Could you please elaborate, how and what values.

    While you find those answers Giribala has something to say on the issue


    …Let us not shake the entire knowledge by wrapping it into a simple act of ancient household practice of not doing many things during mensturation period, which does not fly in todayโ€™s society.

    If this knowledge could be so easily shaken then what kind of knowledge is it that it could not stand the test of time. Definitely not universal, definitely lacking logic and scientificity. Why is there so much stigma in accepting that it is a beliefe or this is what one (group) wants to believe in. DG believes it is their right to do so.

    Why is there so much enthusiasm to establish a beliefe as a science. The basic difference between Religion and Science is of reason, method and repeatability. A scientific study can be repeated umpteen times under same conditions and generalizations can be drawn from it. Where as every one may pray only few may have their prayers answered. So effects of prayer are not equally distributed.

    DG hopes you do not know what she means.
    In humor and sincerity,

    Desi Girl


  38. Very well written Deeps, I think every woman in this country is against this custom and want to rebel against it, I could not agree more on this.

    D: Thank you, maverickshree, yes, its high time that we rebelled against such ridiculous superstitions.


  39. This is just very simple to understand…

    I) You invite a guest at home, you please him, keep the house clean and fragnant, you cook his favorite dishes, serve him well, make sweet dish, etc..You try to do whatever he likes and make him happy. He blesses you in return.
    Clean house + Clean food + Clean Heart = Good wishes and blessing from the visitor (Atithi devo bhawa)

    Similarly when you worship a particular deity, you follow similar principles..you keep your house clean, get lovely fragnant flowers, perfumes, chandan, aggarbattis, perform puja with the right mantra, fast, etc.. God blesses you in return..

    The basic rule is you need to be clean at three levels

    Physical (House or temple needs to be clean when you are worshiping physical form of god, even temple’s have washrooms, but these washrooms are out of the main temple which is the area of worship. Reason being you cannot carry a dirt bag inside the worship area. It is your personal agenda if you wish to…)

    Mental (Your thoughts need to be focussed on prayer, mantra’s and their meanings)

    Spiritual (Everything you do must touch your soul…clean body, clean mind = clean soul = god realization)

    Having said the above it’s a very personal thing, how you want to worship your god…but these are the basics..

    It applies to man woman and all.

    You may find the meaning to your questions by asking your heart…Finally what you feel deep inside matters to anything else..




    1. I understand your viewpoints, Nik but the bit where you have equated God to that of a guest is something that I cant agree with, for the simple reason that to me God is NOT a guest. He is someone who resides within me, around me. He is the one who created me, created all of us. So in all fairness I expect Him to understand me, my bodily functions, my faith, my beliefs MORE than anybody else.

      “You may find the meaning to your questions by asking your heart..” Precisely what I did and intend doing henceforth ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. I totaly agree with you…Nik
      I dont have issue with what u people feel here..bt i do avoid going temples in such days as doing puja on such days doesnt make me feel happier from inside….its not the customs…bt its my mind..
      But certainly I pray to god on those days….i have never barred myself from it.


  40. yes u r right! We ve to stop dis stupid beliefs n move ahead! I ve done it! Dont fear! God wil never punish u if u pray him during ur periods. He blesses u for removing illogical beliefs from dis world


  41. ya its true.i am forced 2 followed it. when i question my mom about it she replied :she use to follow without questioning so should i. my friends dey r educated but stil when i question them dey appose me telling dat i am atheist i dont believe in god. when we cant convince our frnds who r educated ,modern, do u think v can change our thoughts of our parents and grand parents who follow it as custom.


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  43. Though easily said, it is still hard to practice to be free and to be as cool as always in the midst of people who are having strong sentiments barring women to enter kitchen or the pooja room, to be an untouchable during the first 3 days of the menstrual cycle.The leader of the house ( invariably a old male member) who has all along his life been re-inforced with the idea that women who are having periods are unclean and should be separated from the rest of the people in the house, who are pious and claim that going against their beliefs is a sin, are very difficult to deal with and unnecessary arguments would erupt disturbing everybody’s mental peace now and then if disobeyed.It is time for the Government to strictly enact a law to protect female rights in this regard and enforce severe punishment on those who ostrasize women on these grounds. Let the media and NGO’s take a great initiative to curb these superstitious beliefs which are still making even a lot of educated,employed women to stay aloof and restrain from a normal life just because of the social pressures surrounding them.


  44. Hi, I am basically from a non-brahmin family but married in to a tamil brahmin family. Its been 10 years since my marriage, but every time any ritual or festival comes i become quite jittery instead of becoming happy and cheerful. Unfortunately my brothers in law have married brahmin women and these women show their dominance during every festival. They have endless rituals which have women cooking ,observing several customs and the men usually grouping together happily saying their prayers and awaiting their sumptuous meal. These women never let me in to the kitchen but gave me odd work like cutting and mixing something. The true reason which i was to know later that i was not from a brahmin family so was kept away from their auspicious rituals. When i had stayed with them, i have seen them making a big fuss about periods, by sitting alone and sleeping all the time, making their husbands do all the work. I felt that this particular practice was good since it meant not doing any work. But when they told me that i was not supposed to touch a furniture or a curtain or anybody, when i had my periods, i felt like i was being punished and felt extremely humiliated. Now i stay with my husband and children and i dont observe any such customs. Thank god i get to see them less see days owing to the distance between our cities, i am somewhat happy and follow my own ritual on the festival days, the ones my mother taught me. Tomorrow is varalakshmi vratham but i have got my periods. i am not sure whether its my third or fourth day, so i was just browsing the net to find some literature on it when i stumbled on yours. Now i am getting determined to go ahead and perform the puja tomorrow. Thanks for your article. It was really helpful.


    1. Please go ahead! What matters the most is to have utmost faith in your God and the belief that your intentions are pure and pious which He would understand and stand by you for.

      I am glad you found this article helpful. May God give you the strength to defy all sorts of illogical and superstitious beliefs and let you follow your heart.

      May God bless you ๐Ÿ™‚


  45. Hi,

    Very helpful and nice article… but here the fear that i am facing is that I am scared that what If GOD punishes me or my loved ones.. I wanna change too… i will try and change… thanxxx ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ all u ladies made my journey easier.. take care! ๐Ÿ™‚


  46. Hi all …

    even i agree on the point that you can surely visit temple,say prayers even when you are having your menses……..
    I myself have fought this stupid thing all my life..even with my mother…who dint accept first but now tolerates it….
    the thing is now i am married and have to fight about this thing with my mother-in-law…..
    i am newly married and this time we decided to celebrate ganesh puja at home…and on the second day i had my periods….well mu mother-in-law is a very practical person when it comes to religion but even she dint allow me to take part in any of the festive prayers…i did not fight back
    i thought that it will need her time to accept this ….so let it go but next time i’m sure going to make a point to tell of what i believe in…..


    1. I agree. If it is due to rest, well my work makes me work like an ass even those days. I it is blood, will I not worship if my hand bleeds or nose bleeds? This is the most pure form of human. If a woman who is the origin of life is impure, then men should not be allowed to pray anyday.


      1. Why are girls not allowed to visit temple during menstruation ?
        This is the most common question what people usually ask me and I think this question is in mind of every women.. Therefore I thought to put light on this subject and reveal the most biggest fact about menstruation..
        Firstly, let me tell you Menstruation is nothing to do with impurity..
        Human beings are not aware about the major fact that’s why they call it Impure.. Even cows get menstruation and they still roam freely in temple and it’s premises..
        So why are women’s not allowed ?
        Answer for this question is very simple..
        We don’t touch anything that is pure.. And what we don’t touch we call it as taboo..
        During Menstruation each and every women is actually a Living Goddess and She is very Pure..
        Kamakshya Devi is one of the most important Shakti Peeth situated in Assam.. And the reason why it’s so powerful is because here the goddess is worshiped in the form of YONI (vagina).. Every year for 3 days even she goes through her menstruation cycle..
        The blood of menstruation has number of hidden powers, therefore it is also used in ritual of black magic.. This blood has a power to absorb all the energies from God’s idol and make it lifeless.. That is why Girls are not allowed to come in contact with God’s Idol at home or in temple.. As I already told a women in her period is actually a living goddess that’s why she is been asked to seat aside and not allowed to do any house work and this is the only reason why even Sex is prohibited..
        -Eklavya Sakpal
        It is true that women in primitive years were actually worshiped during their menstruation cycle… Their aura is strongest during that time. We are actually at our best… It’s sad that today ppl think exactly opp and I’ll treat women as untouchables whereas she’s actually in her purest form

        Neeta Rao.


  47. Girls let me tell you my story. I am a believer of Durga and any female form of god. In Hinduism, no puja can be completed without presence of a woman. Do you remember Ram’s Ashwamedh yagya? Because Sita was not present he had to make her sculpture to sit for the havan. Even in mahabharat, the night before the final fight day, Krishna told Arjun that you have to call Durga, without her even i cannot do anything. The power which gave brahma, vihsnu, maheswar to be the creater, sustainer and destroyer is the female power. If you are religious, then you believe this. But then why don’t you believe that we are the essence of the world. So how are we impure? Infact during periods, it is the most pure form of a woman. Do you know Kamaksha Mandir is the one in Assam where once a month, pujari puts a white cloth and next morning it turns red? When Shiva did tandav and sati’s body parts were sprayed everywhere, the female reproductive part is said to fall in a place, which is where the modern data kamaksha is. So, if we believe that got herself bled, if Durga had daughters (which obviously mess she is fertile), then why should be ashamed of my existence? I personally went to temples, churches during my periods. I dnt stop any activities due to this. I understand it is painful event, but will I stop praying when i have migraine? No. I am a cancer researcher and it takes 12 hours of work a day sometimes. Would I get any rest during my periods? No. I am woman, This earth is mother, one’s language is mother tongue, one’s country is motherland, universe is mother, then we should respect the most important evidence of being a mother (having periods).
    And if you are afraid of god doing bad, if you do not pray in periods, imagine people who commit crime and still go to temple. If they can, why not you? If you thing of secretion, well do you not secrete everyday? Did god not tell that once you are satisfied from all sides then only pray? Do I not have sex the day I prayed? So, why is this secretion bad? Hinduism has many logics. If you try to find out, you can find explanation for everything.


    1. You articulated it all so well Debalina. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts here. I hope more and more of us are able to break away from the shackles of superstitious beliefs and redefine our relationship with God a bit more rationally.


  48. Hi,

    I am not a feminist but I could completely connect with the post that you’ve written here because I too have faced similar issues and conflicts about challenging this much propagated prejudice. I want to share my views on this as an intense spiritual seeker.

    Whatever customs are there to indicate that women are impure or polluted during periods has no spiritual basis. The greatest living spiritual masters do not endorse or support this theory. Then why is this a prevalent practice? Perhaps it began as a result of not understanding the spiritual texts or its intent carefully by those who were the first temple worshippers. Perhaps it was also done to preserve and strengthen the patriarchal system of society and temple governance. Traditions like this instilled fear in women, it also made them step away from involving themselves in the governance of temple worship. As we all know, temples are treasuries of great wealth too and for men who have direct access to it, they probably wanted it to remain a monopoly.

    My point is this: you can worship any God, chant any mantra and be anywhere you want to be when you are having periods. No one can stop you. The real spiritual masters understand and respect women, they do not differentiate between men ad women in this regard.

    However, one’s motive is more important than anythingelse. You can take a knife to cut bread – good, it means you are cooking something. You can take a knife to stab some one – not a good idea at all. Similarly in spirituality, the intent is most sacred.

    If you go to a temple while having periods to mock God or to mock the beliefs of others in their face, that may not be good karma or energy for yourself. But if you are going because you want to remain true to your inner self and you want to be there at that moment out of love and devotion, no body on earth should ever stop you.

    As mentioned before, these are my thoughts as a spiritual seeker.


  49. Interesting thread.
    I am a sikh married to a Hindu , by choice.
    I am proud of my inheritence which for most part doesnot have illogical beliefs.
    But by choice and by virtue of love , i follow
    Even ridiculous beliefs like this despite resistance of my soul.
    I would not pass it to my daughter.
    Would krishna be abandoned by his mother during these days?
    I am a doctor , and i do not abandon my patients , not my child , not any of my other duties.
    There has to be an end to this . Our daughters do not need to inherit this nonsense , ridiculous aspect of religion which seperates them from almighty even for a second.
    I respect your views and totally agree.


  50. //What Iโ€™m trying to say is that such beliefs are nothing but brought about by some religious fanatics to propel their ridiculous ideologies…
    BANG ON..!! Exactly..
    As quote by Richard Burton : “The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.”


  51. Hey..i totally understand what you were feeling ! I felt the same too but then i realised that these rituals were started in the era when women were made to do all household work, lift water from well and carry it all the way to their house. During this time of the month, we all feel weak and some even have pain. So when these customs were put , it was like a 5day break to all the women. Just sit in one place and dont do any work..!! Be positive, think positive ๐Ÿ™‚


  52. One thing I have noticed that mother-in-laws are more superstitious about this. I am ready to follow this religious taboo provided I get 3-days of extra paid leave every month from my office.:P


  53. there may be different thoughts and views about this. generally people simply follow the rituals with out knowing the reason behind it. there is a story in srimad bhagvatam inwhich it is said that Indra dev was suffering from brahm hatya because of that he was not able to take part in any pooja , yajna and was out casted and was not getting his share of yajna ahutis. therefore he became very weak so of the world was suffering as there was no rains (we know he is the god responsible for rain) to save his life earth, river, tree and woman shared each forth part of this brahma hatya and each one got one boon from indradev.for woman as she wanted to enjoy sex any time she got the boon for it and in return every month she gets this cycle of menstruation as the sign of brahma hatya therefore she should avoid any auspisios rituals, pooja andpublic appearence. also she needs rest this time as well as to maintain hygien this is good to be in isolation as during this period women r more pron to get disease AS for food light and simple foodis good for health as it is easy to digest. heavy and oilly food should be avoided as the lady is suppose to sit in one place and not doinn work actively, cold vat food types should be avoided. Here we should note that there r many mammels on earth but only human gets this menstruation cyclle and can enjoy sex for whole year other mammels have mating seasons for getting offsprings.Think why? as for why in hinduism we r suppose to be away from temples? I think it is b’cause we pray to sakar devtas in other religions there r no deities in there religion so no need to follow thie ritual. In hinduism also there r provision that u can spent your time in chanting and doing prayers if u r spiritual.but do not touch the deities. that’s it. hope u have got the answer . today most of the families r nuclear. they do whatever they want . Decide your self what is good for you.


  54. can anyone share me a link that shows comments from some spiritual guru who supports the statement ‘ women need not sit aside during the M cycle?’. I need this to convience my parents


  55. Even i follow these norms as was followed by my mother and i feel guilty if i do otherwise. I still pray during my periods but dontlight the diya


  56. I have NEVER NEVER given in to such beliefs. My Mother never expected me to, but my MIL does. But I am not superstitious , I need a fair reasoning for everything. And I do not find any logical reasoning to support this, so I have never stopped myself from going to a temple in those days.


  57. Modern medical research is now proving what ancient cultures have known for thousands of years : that the menstrual blood has incredible healing powers – including the power to heal damaged parts of our body that seemed to be impossible before.

    The first evidence of the FDA approved (Food and Drugs Administration ) in the United States this year are beginning to venture into the land of cardiovascular disease (heart and congested veins). This is extremely common condition called ” atherosclerosis ” , affects nearly todx modernx humanx , responsible for almost half of the deaths. In animals , stem cells derived from menstrual blood have already proven to be effective to remove blocked arteries , even in the most extreme circumstances you could lose a limb. The reason is that the menstrual blood stem cells have the amazing ability to promote growth of new blood vessels , as they do every month in menstruating women when the uterus for possible fertilization is prepared.

    “Stem cells from menstrual blood (also called ERC ) are unique among all stem cells for clinical use . These cells are derived from the endometrial lining . Each month , new blood vessels in the endometrium , which subsequently released during forming menstruation. believe that these cells play a critical role in the formation of these blood vessels, which has been supported by numerous experiments, ” said Thomas Ishim , CEO of Medistem . ( 2) ” Since the biological function of the ERC is to produce new blood vessels , we intend to use these cells to produce new blood vessels in the legs of patients with critical arterial congestion .” Clinical trials have also begun to take place in men and women with congestion in the arteries of the heart (coronary ) since these cells have yielded positive results in some animal tests with dysfunction in the heart . Perhaps the most striking implication of the research that the number of stem cells present in the menstrual cycle of a woman alone can potentially be used to treat thousands of people. ”

    We are entering a new era of medicine. They are such amazing results of this research , this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. Traditional medicine has not completely understand the whole story , do not connect the dots that link the modern discovery with the long history of matriarchal religions and ancestral knowledge of the powers of renewal that comes from the female womb . This biological power that for centuries conociรณn as the Source of Life , the Fountain of Youth. As we begin to remember those ancestral powers , hopefully also start restored the honor and respect the uterus and female deserve.

    the spanish link below and the transalation above



  58. We have completely screwed up our traditions, we no longer know what it even meant originally, we are just following blindly…and we dont even question anything because we are not taught to or allowed to…


  59. I agree with this discussion on religion ,belief and religious practices. And since i am aware of the practices my religion has prescribed i always had so many doubts, and whenever i question them back to my elders, i was scared by wrath of god !!!! But now it all sounds funny . Hinduism says god is everywhere , then why so many temples. Even in early morning when we have just woke up with traditionally all kind of impurities in us , if we come across difficult situation and say hey Bagwan , please help me , does god don’t listen to us? then why all this show off. But slowly only by my experience i understood why do i need that. I need it because we are very naive people when it comes to spirituality ,so we need something physical to relate with. God is every where but when we go to the temple that feeling of being safe and near to god comes in us which builds up that inner strength in us to fight anything in this world. Its similar to that miraculous strength that comes in a mother when she sees her child in danger. We need a physical thing to trigger that inner strength in us which ,in religious term can be said as god in us, which can make anything possible. Now that physical thing is different for different people some call it temple , others mantras or guru or even vratas(fasting). Truth is all this helps us to realise the goodness in us which is our strength to do any thing. So why complicate it with rules. If there is anything that makes us realise that strength(God) in us its no ones business to tell us we cant do it. So follow ur heart and do not do any thing which brings negative feelings(be it anger, guilt or shame) in you when actually you are doing it to recognise that goodness(god) in you.
    The essence of religion and its practices is not in following it but what you achieve after doing it. As long as you get that correct,everything is good and fair in eyes of God, because its nothing to me more than what i believe it to be.


  60. @girlsguidetosurvival whatever nina said is actually very difficult to explain cause it is something to be realized…I would neither like to alter your thinking nor condemn it…but i would suggest you to go through the Ramcharitmanas before using them as examples..Rama and Sita were complete (poorna nar) human avatars of the eternal god..whatever they did on earth was only a lila….I used to think like you before i actually read it and discovered for myself…however we all are on a path and it is only when god wants us to know something that we know it…”soi janahi jehi dehu janahi”.

    Siya Rama Maya Saba Jaga Jaani Karahun Pranama Jori Juga Pani That is, “Knowing that the entire world is permeated by Lord Rama and His power, I salute (everything) with both hands folded together”.


    เคฐเคพเคฎ เคฐเคพเคฎ


  61. @Deeps.. very nice write up for a very rampant disbelief. You know one of my acquaintances is made to eat cow dung as a process of getting “SHUDH” after the menstrual cycle. I have even heard some old women say that one should not pickle or curd during the periods… when asked why … they give the reason that a female smells like rat during the cycle… if they touch perishable things as pickle..that “rat air” will enter in it and spoil it . OMG its so horrifying to hear such things.
    I wonder in this age where we are going to mars..how can one follow such awful thoughts!
    I was and I am a rebel for such kinds of illogical thought process. What matters is the purity of mind…rest everything will follow it …..


  62. Menstruation

    Many women experience behavioral and physical changes during their menstrual cycle. These can be severe, occur regularly and include depressed feelings, irritability and other emotional and physical changes. Many women with depression experienced worse symptoms before their periods.

    With premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), changes typically start after the ovaries produce and discharge eggs and the changes become gradually worse until menstruation starts. Researchers are exploring how the cyclical rise and fall of hormones, including estrogen, may affect the brain chemistry associated with depressive illness.

    More on women and depression can be found by visiting the American Psychiatric Association’s Web site.


  63. Many women will experience mood swings at some point in time, and most women are more susceptible to them during their menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle changes can cause mood swings that can be hard to manage because their unpredictability and variations in severity and frequency. Women often experience mood swings during certain times of their menstrual cycle when hormone levels change, affecting the chemical make-up of the brain and women’s moods. Continue reading below to learn more about menstrual cycle changes & mood swings.
    Understanding Menstrual Cycle Changes & Mood Swings

    Woman suffering a sudden and intense change in moodMood swings are drastic and sudden changes in emotional state. These changes in emotions and temperament can at times happen without any justifiable reason or they may be a disproportionate reaction to certain situations that are insignificant. Oftentimes, women may not know why they are sad or angry or how to react while experiencing a mood swing. Many factors can interfere with a woman’s emotional well-being but it’s worth acknowledging different triggers to better understand how to deal with menstrual cycle changes & mood swings.
    What Causes Mood Swings during the Menstrual Cycle?

    The causes of menstrual cycle changes & mood swings are normally divided into two groups: psychological and physical. Yet, it’s generally accepted that physical causes are mainly responsible for menstrual cycle changes & mood swings.

    Psychological causes for menstrual cycle changes & mood swings: Psychological causes are grouped into two areas; the ones related to maniac disorders which are extremely uncommon, and the ones related to life stresses. The first ones are characterized because they are rare hereditary diseases that are provoked by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The second group is related to daily stress and fatigue that can cause emotional instability. These typically do not cause menstrual cycle related mood swings.

    Hormone changes during a normal menstrual cyclePhysical causes for menstrual cycle changes & mood swings: Hormones like estrogen and progesterone significantly impact the chemical balance of the brain, and as a result, your emotional state. These sex hormones influence the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. If estrogen and progesterone levels decrease, so will serotonin levels and your mood will worsen; and if they rise, your mood will improve. Therefore, menstrual cycle changes & mood swings occur when the body is imbalanced.

    Imbalanced hormonal levels are the most common cause for menstrual cycle changes & mood swings. Fortunately, there are a variety of safe and effective treatments available. Click on one of the links below to learn more about the treatment for menstrual cycle changes & mood swings.

    Other Related Articles:
    Does a chunk of chocolate a day keep the mood swings away?


  64. may be these are all the reasons…..but as per these, to maintain the sanctity of temples,they should not allow,men who are drunk ,or men whose mood levels,or hormonal levels are not balanced also inside…you can never ever compare a christian church or mosque to a hindu temple,they are just concrete structures,In kerala ,temples are built according to vasthu sastra and follows a certain geometry and scientific rituals,once pratishta and kalasha is done it acts as a self running machine…for detailed study of a temple construction and its functioning you have to go through tantra sastra in detail…after your detailed understanding of tantra and vasthu….and the functioning of temple from a proper guru(90%are fake who spread misconceptions and superstitions)…and still you belive in what have been written…..then its all right…but kindly refer and study these from a right person….so u may get something useful….


  65. hi everyone. i would honestly say that i couldnt get into the whole article. but being of pro-women attitude, the title of the article just made me go through a few lines and comments from other friends above.

    i would just like to share my view from what little i had read.

    some mantras carry immense power. i have even read somewhere that daily chanting of Gayathri Mantra 1008 times can change the character woman into a man’s character. such being the intensity of these mantras, women are prohibited from being in the vicinity of poojas and homas. the reason being, during menstrual cycle, the nervous system of women is quite week and such strong and powerful mantras can cause nervous weakness and problems in menstruating women.

    as regards the prohibition from touching pickles, it is because of the excessive heat produced from the body of women during menstrual cycle. the heat tends to decay food that is easily perishable.

    of course, with passing time, people became inclined to take it to higher degrees of atrocities like feeding cow dung etc., which are surely to be opposed vehemently.

    hope my reply does not hurt anybody’s sentiments.


  66. I was searching for evening puja rituals which landed me here.So I’ll just say my two cents.As a Hindu girl myself I often had the same thoughts and was pretty sure it was unfair until I realised what Hinduism ia all about.No offence to you but most hindus do not realise that ours is not a religion but more of a style of living.Each and every rituals and beliefs of us (with some exceptions) has definite scientific back up.So let me explain what I learned.Our temples are purely based on energies.Every mantra,every ritual,even the sound of the bells are specifically crafted so as to exclude positive energy.Even a little mistake in that affect that.Thats why everyone is so strict in temple matters ,although they don’t really know why.When we’re on our periods we all know how anemic we get,in other words we’re weak.And that is one way a negative energy.At that time we’re supposed to be resting and get nutritional food as possible.And not visit temples because the energy clash,not to mention the greater energy of the deity is too much in our weaker state.In fact even the simple ritual of staying for sometime after the pujas has the meaning as to get rid of the excess energy.But like you said even the best intentions are twisted and make it look like we’re some sinners.I blame patriarchy.


    1. I agree that temples exude certain energies, which is why I feel immense calm whenever I visit one. Having said I feel the same kind of peace and calm when I chant mantras or naamams, pray while sitting at home as well. But yes, I get your point..temples do emit a lot of positive vibes. What I can’t agree with you is the part where you say that our bodies emit negative energies when we have periods, and we’re supposed to be resting and get nutritional..and not visit temples. So are you trying to imply that temples cannot provide nutritional food or a rest area if needed? Now to speak for myself, I have never experienced any weakness during my menstrual cycle. So if I am healthy enough to go to a temple or perform a pooja, why should there be any hindrance to that. The intention of mine to serve God is as pious and noble as anybody else’s. I truly believe that God is neutral. God cannot be emitting energies that may suit some believers while discriminating some others.


  67. Hello All,

    I read the topic and thought to do li’l bit of research on the same.

    We must agree to that every small ritual made by the Rishis and Munis had some scientific reason behind them.

    In light of that, I found an interesting article:

    I request all you beautiful ladies to go through the same.

    I am sure, it will definitely give you an idea that originally the rituals made were never against any human being (men, women) but later some ignorant followers made them like punishment. for example Sati Pratha.

    I hear people say Hinduism is all about controlling people and its full of “Andh Vishvas” But hey guy wait a moment. Every ritual had a strong scientific reason behind which needs to be researched and digged in.

    Infact, our Sages never asked us to go to temple for show off. Going to temple had scientific reasons.

    I request all of you to go deep into any of the ritual, understand the reason before following them.

    Be Happy :).


  68. There is a great reason behind …why during mensturation worshipping is phohibitted. ..coz…at that time a female is fully closer to mother earth …her muladhar chakra becomes very sensitive…if a female only just by controlling her anger concentrate or meditate…or try any sadhanas she can attain mokhsha in just 4 days…which even the yogis can not attain through sadhanas year after year….and they were well known about that and so they made the rule for females not to worship god during mensturation…i am very aware about this…


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