Temples (NaBloPoMo- Take 2)

Today morning when I got a message from my brother that he and our parents had gone to the temple, my heart yearned to be with them. I wished to God that I could have gone with them too.

Its one thing I miss having here. A temple. There are no temples in Doha and I feel something amiss because of that. Although we do have a corner in our house where we have kept our deities and where R, Namnam & I pray. Still there’s something about temples that brings a peaceful, calming effect to my being.

Sometimes I wonder why? Why do I feel so much at peace and so connected to God when I’m inside a shrine? Yes I do try to think practically and tell myself that if God resides in me then it doesnt matter if I get to go to a temple or simply pray at home and be connected to Him. And frankly that belief has helped me stay calm and sane this far.

Yet, when I’m in a temple, the very aura makes my devotion even more passionate and I feel even closer to God. The very minute I enter a temple, hundreds of diyas lit up in the wee hours of the morning illuminates my whole being. There’s something magical about those devotional songs even. They sound profound despite blaring through the loudspeakers. And those chants that start on a lower octave hit the highest octave filled with utmost piety, when the priest opens the Nada* amidst chiming of bells and sprinkling of water and rose petals, to give everyone present there a beautiful glimpse of God.

I dont know what is it that makes temples so special . Maybe it has to do with my growing up years where going to temples was a part of a routine and much looked forward to. Or maybe its vaastu or some spiritual pull. Whatever be the reason, the sense of tranquility and inner peace is something that I’ve felt at noplace else.


21 thoughts on “Temples (NaBloPoMo- Take 2)

    1. I agree…temples do have an aura which makes us feel so peaceful inside.

      Love those temples built in Kerala….here I go to a Guruvayurappan temple near to my home and it is built in the same style like the Kerala one. There are thousands of diyas around, which catch ur breath when seen fully lit. πŸ™‚

      D: Theres a guruvayurappan temple near your house, Ums? WOW! Theres one in Delhi as well where I make it a point to go every time I’m home. I always find a lot of strength and peace from withing whenever I go there :). And yes, I love temples in Kerala too. The architecture is so very beautiful, isnt it?


  1. YEs I jsut logged in and got the email about your post so i thought before i read let me grab the FIRST position , see i did the right thing UMA was not far behind πŸ™‚

    Temples , gurudwaras yeah they are peaceful places , I remember I had gone to a temple in south somewhere and there was so much of pooja going on , but still with all that noise and all it was still veyr very peaceful…

    same when you visit the Golden temple there are thousands and thousands of people in there all the time and yet you sit down and close your eyes it gets so peaceful …

    2 years back when i was in australia we were going ot place for my skydiving and saw this temple up on a hil so decided to go up there it was BEautiful.. then on way to gold coast there was this gurudwara right on the main road and every one there was a white person and they had all coneverted to sikhism ..
    Amazing and lovely places and os serene…


  2. It is natural, Deepti! We are used to going temple when we were small. Whatever we did in our growing up years, stay with us! They unknowingly influence us!

    I love Kerala temples and our Udupi temples. They are similar. I love ancient Tamilnadu temples too, which have got very good architecture.

    The picture is beautiful and your header too!


  3. Wow you are religious! my MIL and Mom will be very happy to meet u!
    Jokes apart, i too feel this kind of calm.. not everywhere and not all the time. but yes sometimes even i do..


  4. Completely agree with u,as i enter the temple there is something there which calms my mind.Even ever i feel down and not in a good mood i visit the temple which is just behind my house.Everyday morning in get to hear the suprabartam…..

    Heard of temples in kerala,my mom visited them in kerala but never got a chance to see them,wish to see them.


  5. I agree with you too!
    Temples – few of them have a very calming effect.
    here , the temple is quite far off and I miss going every week…

    The pic is beautiful, serene .. πŸ™‚


  6. There’s something about Kerala temples that I love…. the atmosphere and serenity …irrespective of the religious aspect behind it …

    A visit to a temple I love always calms me down when I am stressed…


  7. when the priest opens the Nada* amidst chiming of bells and sprinkling of water and rose petals, to give everyone present there a beautiful glimpse of God.

    Love dthese words…

    BTW isnt tht a temple in kerala?


  8. I feel the same – but only in some temples. I find the Kerala temples extremely calming and very peaceful. But some temples, I find them extremely loud, and not so spiritual 😦 Must be me 😦

    Hugs, dearie. I am sure you were there with your parents and brother in spirit. Hugs!


  9. its got something to do with conditioning, the teaching ingrained since childhood that a temple is a pure place, meant for worship..and since everyone comes with such a positive feeling, with no malice to anyone else.. for some time with the Almighty… the place reverberates with a good aura. My take on why we feel so good after a temple trip.. πŸ™‚
    I can manage any place, honestly prayer is a very private emotion for me, andI prefer doing it alone. πŸ™‚


  10. O what a lovely post.
    I also get the calm n peace inside while in a temple but then not in all.
    That said, i also feel like going to one. We have very few here and all far away and they open once a week only for few hrs. I find that a strange idea.


  11. Absolutely, Deeps!!! ‘there’s something about temples that brings a peaceful, calming effect’ – That is just so true. I haven’t been to many many temples in my childhood, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve made it a point to go more often. It really does soothe the mind.


  12. I usually don’t like temples.. most of the ones i go to are not peaceful. They’re too crowded and noisy. I prefer praying peacefully at home.. perhaps I haven’t been to too many quiet temples.


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