And here comes my NaBloPoMo- Take 10

10 posts, back to back? Really? Is this me? I’m surprised I could manage till now. But for how long I still dont know. Because I’m not sure if I’m enjoying this routine. For someone who prefers to have her posts prepared and drafted in advance before publishing its getting a bit difficult to write these impromptu posts.

I like to write when I’m in the mood to and when I dont feel obligated or forced into writing.But with this nablopomo routine I’m having to write even when I dont have any idea what to write about. And when I do have so many ideas brewing in my mind I feel so pressed for time to sit and draft and edit them that I end up brushing them aside and leave them for another day :(.

On top of that I am not able to reply to any of my comments, neither am I able to visit very many blogs, leave aside explore any new.

So in a nutshell, I’m almost to beginning to feel that taking up nablopomo was not a good idea after all. Or maybe I chose the wrong time to try this out.