Wordless Wednesday

Well, far from it!

Just when I think that I’d be more regular in my virtual world of blogging and facebook, I get so caught up with my real world that I end up wondering if 24 hours is even enough to get your day’s work done. Some days I wish that a fairy would flutter by my life and swish her wand magically to sprinkle a few more hours into my day so I could use it more liberally. Of course,the more sensible side of my brain, at times, prompts me to wish for the fairy to come and sprinkle some good sense and better time-management skill into me though!

Anyway, today being a fairly easy day with R away on an official tour which is in direct proportion to no cooking and Namnam & I happily surviving on porridge & maggi, let me share an image that I have been sitting on for weeks :D.

Ever since I read one of Smitha’s posts, a couple of weeks back on how she wished her car had a camera fixed in the front so she could click all the beautiful views she came across while driving, I had been wanting to share this image for I had wished just the same when I came across this signboard.

Nah, the image is nowhere close to being beautiful, but it was rather funny when I read the board through the eyes of a Delhi-ite. So what if I didnt have a camera fixed in the front of my car…I did have my phone handy and my car in a static mode at a traffic signal to click a snap at once, you know :D. Oh how I thanked my stars for that timing!

So anybody out there, looking for a ‘vella’?? 😀