Some ‘car’rring thougts that got rolling while waiting at the traffic signal!

My virtual day has just started and as usual I have no specific subject in mind, but I am suddenly driven by this urge to write something. So here I am tapping away some non-sense just to quench my drive! Bear with me if you do stumble by my abode to find my utterances utterly boring πŸ˜€

A couple of days ago, while waiting at the traffic signal, a car zoomed past which looked very similar to the one I used to drive previously. When the signal turned green, while all the static vehicles vroomed towards their respective destinations, with them, began to roll a few thoughts in my mind.

The car that zoomed past me made me think of the similar one I used to drive and realize how rarely I talk of it or think of it. Oh no I hadnt had any nasty experiences with that car nor was it an ill-performing one where it needed constant repairs and checks. It was an excellent car, and I used to love driving it. But over the time we felt the need to go in for a sturdier vehicle, hence we let go of it and bought another one. However, what doesnt surprise me but disappoints my husband no end is that despite owning it for a reasonable amount of period I dont miss the car at all. R keeps giving me these ‘how can you be so heartless’ looks whenever he sees me happily driving my current car, take it to the petrol-station for refilling, ensure the lube-change whenever the need arises, wash it regularly…without so much as a single word of thought or rememberance for the previous car. And I keep reminding him that I used to do all of that and take care of my previous car just as much. The only thing is that I dont feel attached to it. Nor do I feel so towards my current car.

Ok, come to think of it I am sounding heartless, aint I? 😦

But that’s been the case with all the cars that I have driven so far. I dont ‘miss’ them. So if I am to let go of my current vehicle, I know I would be able to because I am not very attached to it. I do love to drive it, but more than the car, per se, its my love for driving which makes me go for it even more.

Oh I dont want to gender-specify it and say that its a womanly-attribute for they are ‘supposed’ to go for jewellery and cosmetics instead of machines and gadgets. I for one know thats not true because I am not at all into jewellery and cosmetics and I have loads of girl-friends who swear by the car they drive and virtually attain nirvana when they get to test-drive all the latest models in town! I’d rather like to believe that it has more to do with me as a person than me as a woman.

I dont even miss my first bicycle, cars are a long shot away :D. I do remember my first fall off it, I even remember crying profusely for the embarrassment I had felt standing there in front of all the on-lookers in my colony and I fondly remember learning to ride it with my father’s encouraging push. Thats about it. But if you ask me, what make it was, whether it had a seat in the back or a basket in the front or ribbons dangling from the handles, I would just give you a plain dumb, blank look for I dont remember any of those intrisnsic details

Even the first car that R & I bought jointly after our marriage unfortunately has the same status-quo. Yes it is special in my life for it was the first car- a white maruti 800- that we bought together and more than R, I have driven it and yet I dont miss it :(. I do remember driving it for work, pickng and dropping R on the way, going for dine-outs with my then new-hubby, driving around the city while listening to the good old hindi classics and even banging into a pick-up van right at the nizamuddin bridge and getting into a major tussle with the driver for bringing about the first dent in my car! And yet when it was time for us give it away, I could easily negotiate with potential buyers and seal the deal without any tug at the heart! While R who was miles away sitting in the Gulf had his heart shatter to pieces when I told him that the car had been sold.

In the span of 6 years we spent in Muscat, we had two cars which hardly find a mention in any of my conversations today, primarily because I never drove those cars as I had not got my licence then and secondly the same-old lack of belongingness to the machines! If you do want to know about them, talk to R and he’ll pour his heart out to you πŸ™‚

Having said that the one car that I do remember fondly and miss too to an extent as it has become extinct today is the first car of my life. Its the Premier Padmini which my parents bought way back in ’96.

Image courtesy Google Images

That was the first ever car of our life, hence very special to the four of us- father, mother, brother & I. I still have vivid memory of the glee-ful anxiety writ large on my and my brother’s faces when our parents brought home the car :-). I learnt to hone my then newly-aquired driving skills on this car- with able back-seat driving from my father of course :)- and went on to love and enjoy driving to the hilt. And what’s more, this is the car sitting in which I went to my marriage!

Still at the end of the day if you ask me if I am sentimental about cars in general I’d have to say no. So hows it with you all?

31 thoughts on “Some ‘car’rring thougts that got rolling while waiting at the traffic signal!

    1. oh tell me about it! Now that you’ve said it I realize I don’t recall my first bicycle too and what the heck!

      though I would always fondly remember ‘our’ first car [which is currently in use :)] cause that’s our prized possession together !!! Otherwise I’ll be okay to let go of the heartfelt feelings,me thinks πŸ™‚

      so no you’re not heartless,you’re same pinch with me πŸ˜€

      P.S. sowwwy for the delayed comment after that ‘first’ cause then madam C got up and then her milk and then her park time and what not,sigh!


  1. I am not sentimental about cars either. Err, lets make that not ‘overly’ sentimental about them. πŸ˜€

    D: Haha! Feels nice to know that I have company πŸ˜€

    Interestingly put!


  2. I kind of agree with you on this. While I always remember and cherish fond memories of my earlier cars (well not mine, my dad’s and grandfather’s rather)…and also my first two-wheeler which I had fun driving around, I am not overly attached to the vehicle. I move on eventually.

    After all, what’s in a car? πŸ˜‰


  3. I am very SENTY in this matter , The first car was sort of given to me , I put jsut a bit of money .. but the second one I bought with my own money eveyr penny of it and I lvoe it .. and I KEEP IT.. yes its sitting on my drive .. dont have the heart to see it .. every weekend i start it take it round the block and park it back .. When i come to live in india permanently I have made my mind I am bringing the car with me , I know a dumb foolish idea .. Well i wanted to drive it to india … oooops .. SO there you go .. the reason being I have had 3 or 4 very bad accidents and I beleive the car saved me each time I have got out with only a few wounds πŸ™‚

    And my first two wheeler also I kept it for ages .. it was only when my parents came to live with me in uk they sold it and i was heart broken But i have asked the guy who baught it when he sells it I will buy it back πŸ™‚

    I have moved on got two othr cars that i use regulalry and I dont think I am os much attached to them , Plan to sell one and get anothr one .. But the FIRST one if for KEEPS πŸ™‚


    1. Talking of two-wheelers reminds me of a kinetic honda that R had for many many years. He refused to part with it even after it stopped functioning and I remember how disturbed he was when he did dispose it off after much pestering from me and his parents πŸ˜€


  4. I am very senti about my kinetic honda,the day i left india i was in tears knowing that my mom is going to sell it off.The day she sold i cried and still look for AP10J 3497 on the roads.


  5. I can understand R’s thoughts very well…. How can you not miss your previous cars… I had literally fought with dad when he had sold our car and got a new and in this case I used to call my heartless for a very long time… I miss my cycle, then activa, and now car… I miss all of them…. Oh just why did you remind me of it again… Now I’ll have to fight with dad again to feel a bit better…. πŸ˜€


  6. I am with R on this. Though I don’t drive (rather can’t drive), but I still talk about our earlier cars… whenever I see the same colour/model… I am the first one to point about it and talk abt some rides/memories we have had with that car. Recently we sold our car to hubby’s colleague and am so keen to see it again!! Does it sound funny?


  7. I think girls are not very sentimental about the car may it be either dad’s,their own or hubby’s..but yeah they always talk about their first,second or third car and it’s sweet memories..just like me πŸ™‚


    1. Dont know if I can club it as a girlie-attribute. As you can see from the above comments there are a few girls who are sentimental about the cars they own, or owned at any point of time :). But yes, memories are always special πŸ™‚


  8. I am like you I guess…infact honestly I am hardly senti about anything…my bro is like R..he loves the cars…the first we had was a Premier Padmini and bro has the number by-heart even now with a photo and all that!!

    Me…well…I do remember my first cycle…I have fallen from it so many times that my knees are permanently bruise-marked πŸ™‚


    1. Psst, let me fill you in on a secret: I didnt remember which year we had got our premier padmini while drafting this post, it was my brother who gave me that input πŸ˜€ He is very very senti about the car and even his bike which has been lying in a different city from where he is based for so many years and yet he refuses to let go of it because of his sentimental attachment :D.


  9. You seem to be a very practical person unlike most of the men in the comment section and your brother! My husband also remembers each and every detail of his first Rajdoot motor bike and his first Standard super 10 car. The car looked like a miniature Ambassador and he bought it second hand for Rs.13,000! After a few years he sold it for 19 thousand! Then came our famous Ambassador which was nearly like a luxury car with all the facilities inside and we lost it from our door step. I did a post on thefts in our house and wrote about it too! Then came Premier Padmini which served us for many years. Now Ford. My husband even now says that Premier Padmini was the best car.

    I think you remember your father’s car with attachment because you learnt driving with that and it was the first car in your family! My husband is a sentimental person, but I am not, I think, about anything!

    D: I think you’re right, Sandhya. I remember my premier padmini fondly because it was my first car ever :). It will always be special πŸ™‚


  10. Moral of the story : Focus on the signal when you are at a traffic junction and dont let your mind go wild with thoughts !!! πŸ˜›

    D: Trust you take the right message out of the post, Vims! Clap clap clap! :mrgreen:


  11. I’m am very Senti about the vehicles I have owned!! Sigh.. I cried when my folks gave away my bicycle! :mrgreen:

    I miss my luna… She even had a name! πŸ˜‰
    I miss driving my Activa and I can’t wait to go home to take out for a spin!! Dad is using it, but I have told my folks that I’m taking it back once we go back home!! πŸ˜€

    and when we do own a car, I’m sure I’m going to be very senti about it too!!! πŸ˜€

    D: Oh my my! Thats some passionate attachement for your luna & activa πŸ˜€


  12. I so so understand R and where he comes from, w r t to fondness for his / your vehicles :D! Am terribly attached to them, right from the cycle I had, to the Luna I rode to college, the other two wheelers, a Kinetic Honda and later a Honda Activa (even my son’s bike which I rode rather briefly, the Thunderbird, he’s planning to dispose of soon 😦 ), not to mention Daddy’s Herald, in which I learned to drive, later his Ambassador that I tore around in here, in Kerala :D! He’s disposed of it. 😦 And gotten himself a Wagonar πŸ™‚ I likey that πŸ™‚ Since I’m not allowed two wheelers anymore, it had to be a car I could put on, and so came a Maruti 800, almost 6 years ago. I know I should upgrade, but I cant bear to let go 😦 😦
    I car”e”. I heart car. Scooter. Cycle. Anything. I talk to them, I apologize each time I inadvertently jump into a pothole. Yes. I’m fit to be certified :P! Lovely topic. You can see that by the way I have gone on and on on on… πŸ™‚


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