A Pineapple upside down cake to ward off the writer’s block!

This title was actually meant for a post I had planned for yesterday, but since I was too lazy to bake a pineapple upside down cake, my plan to use it as an antidote to shoo the dreadful writer’s block was put on hold! Thankfully I had a far more gratifying experience to note down that worked well in breaking the block instead.

Having said that, I still am too lazy to change the title and think of another one, so I’m simply letting it be 😀

Anyway talking of pineapple upside down cake, it was something I had been meaning to bake for quite sometime for the simple reason that it always looked gorgeously tempting on various food-blogs as well as on my baker-friends’ FB and other web-pages. But I-the lazy bug- neither got around to looking for its recipes on the net nor did I ask my friends for it  thinking it would require of me to scrounge around the city for those hard-to-get, exotic ingredients and slog with them for hours! Somehow I always had this notion that the recipe would be a tough one to attempt. And to top it up, the literal mention of ‘pineapple upside down’  and the subsequent possibility of having the cake or the pineapple slices come sploching down on the floor while turning them always gave the clumsy-me shivers!

But last week while looking up some possible recipes for a  simple pineapple cake that I could try for a friend’s daughter’s b’day I stumbled upon this recipe for a pineapple upside down cake also, which to my utter surprise was a very easy one. So I decided to give it a try this weekend, today to be more precise :). And I am glad I tried this one because my house was filled with a divine smell of baking all around, all through the day! Here is a peek to the cake, feel free to dive in! 😀

Edited to add the recipe! Or rather make that two recipes 😀

Betty Crocker had this easy recipe based on which I brought home all the ingredients. And then I stumbled upon another one  by Betty from Betty’s Kitchen, on YouTube which looked just as easy and doable. Although both the recipes were more or less same, baking while watching the video was far easier to follow than baking while reading, if you know what I mean :).

So heres the embedded video of Betty’s Tropical Joy Pineapple Upside down cake. Do let me know how it fared for you. And do share a picture of your cake if and when you bake it and leave a link to your post so I can come by to drool at it royally :D. Have a Happy baking weekend!