Lets hear it for the ‘real’ people in power!

The terrorists! They have the power to keep us all on toes and make us dance to their gory-tunes. They bomb cities, crash into buildings, hijack air-planes all in the name of religion, faith or worse still, freedom!

The news channels are abuzz since morning with the Odisha MLA Jhina Hikaka’s release from the Maoists hold. I have been following this whole drama ever since the Maoists began their terrorizing intimidation by kidnapping Italian tourists and later on the MLA a month back. The Italian hostages were released after the government agreed to release some 27 prisoners of which some are hard-core Maoists. And now the MLA has been released on the condition that he will quit his post and snap all ties with his party.

Which sets me wondering how vulnerable we still are to threats and black-mailing, how challenged we still are when it comes to the security of our nation. These terror-mongers are the ones who are really running the show for us, arent they? They call the shots, they decide who should be in power, who should not. Who should be arrested and who to be released. And if there’s any deviation to their strategies they resort to all possible crimes from extortion, to hijacking our air-planes to abducting ministers,tourists, etc. to murdering innocent people. They may have their reasons for rebellion, but does holding the nation to ransom justify their cause?

And as I type the words there are efforts being made to secure the release of the district collector who has been abducted by the very Maoists. Will the government successfully find ways to rescue him and put an end to the Naxalite hooliganism or will they cow down to the terrorizing pressure yet again?

**Some fleeting thoughts that needed letting out, pardon the vagueness in the post**

8 thoughts on “Lets hear it for the ‘real’ people in power!

  1. well but its funny none of the MP’s or ministers or MLA extra get hurt in all these terrorist attacks , its always the common man who feel the brunt of their evil plans.

    but the mla snapping all ties with the party and quiting now thats a good way to get rid of the dirty corrupt politcians .. ooops i better not say that lest i am on some hit list of the govt 🙂

    ALthough it is a dangerous trend of freeing prisoners in exchange , we should not have that policy , will the govt release that many prisoners if a common man had been kidnapped I doubt it …

    our politicians donw have a backbone otherwise How is it possible that these terrorists cant be brought down, IF the govt wants they can .. why is the army not being sent in to clean this menance , I mean during the sikh militancy this is what happened it took a couple of days by the military and all was taken care of …

    D: I am sure the govt is taking measures to curb terrorism but I am not sure if they are doing enough. As you said the common man ends up bearing the brunt of the dirty politics played by the leaders 😦

    out politcians play a dirty game thats what the problem …


  2. It’s such a sad state of affairs as usual. The terrorists have changed the way how the world functions. These days everywhere everyone is looked upon suspiciously 😦 sigh!

    D: “The terrorists have changed the way how the world functions.” that is precisely what has happened, no place no nook or corner seems to safe around us now 😦


  3. Its really sad Deeps 😦 You know the train timings of the Calcutta bound trains are now changed because of these terrorist fears 😦 So we have to spend some extra time in the train or reach really early in the morning at 2ish just to avoid night travel in the Maoists/Naxalite regions..really sad

    D: That IS sad, RM! These goons seem to have literally taken over our lives! The kind of fear that they seem to be planting in us and so successfully at that, I wonder when we will ever get the better of them! 😦


  4. This reminds me of the 1999 hijacking of that Indian Airlines flight where all passengers were kept hostage for days before the govt finally buckled and released those terrorists whose freedom the hijackers sought. It was a battle of nerves between the govt. and the hijackers/terrorists, and as always the terrorists won hands down. Why couldn’t they just storm the plane with commandos and overpower the hijackers–there were only three of them!

    Not for nothing is India known as a soft state.


    1. You know I am reminded of this particular hindi movie- cant remember the name- which was loosely based on the Kandahar hijack. The film had an obvious premise of our nation’s leaders jointly working with our soldiers to combat the terrorists and rescue the passengers. Its funny, isnt it, how our films always come out with the perfect script of the good crushing the evil but when it comes to the real world we are as powerless as can be 😦


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