Whats your honking style?

**Blabber post**

Ok, now being someone who is born and brought up in a place like Delhi honks have been an integral part of my life. Even before I learnt how to drive on Delhi roads I learnt to appreciate( or not) a the horns of the raging Blue-line buses and the snooty auto-rickshaws and the impish Marutis. Why, I have been honked at by even the cycle-rickshaws. Boy what attitude! What music to the ears with so many horns all around you as soon as you stepped out of the house! How could they not be a part of your life?

And then when I started driving, oh boy what a field I had by honking at all and sundry! I used to honk at even those cows spread royally in the middle of the road as though they were in a garden! Even those dogs and cats loitering around waiting for their mates had to be urged- by way of my honks, of course- to find a cozier place to breed!

Anyway in the last 9 years or so that I have been in the Middle East, a no-honk zone, I have been so spoilt with the organized driving and peaceful silence that now when I go home the jarring sounds of the horns blaring into my ears cringe me.

Having said that, the reckless and rash driving that I have been observing in Doha roads lately makes me wonder if my love for honks may get rekindled after-all! Oh you have to hear the different kinds of honks that I blow these days to believe me!

Honk #1– When you are driving at a speed of 100km/h and all of a sudden a pedestrian sprints across you just about getting away from coming under your car, you screech out a ‘Nooooooo’ with your honk! Trust me you’ll come across a lot of such such irresponsible morons here!

Honk #2– When a measly-looking vehicle is attempting to sneak in between you and the car in front in an already stifling traffic jam, you honk to say,’ Dont even think about it!’ FYI the message can be better conveyed when the honk is administered in broad daylight coupled with your piercing stare shooting right through his glass-shield!

Honk #3– is used when the role reverses. I mean, when your car is the measly-looking vehicle attempting to join a stretch of cars(read the Land cruisers, Patrols and the ilk). This time you meekly honk and give the sanest smile on earth to say,’ Please let me go..please please, or else I will cry and tell my mom that you’re not letting me go…waaaaa, waaaa!’

Honk #4– When you are enjoying the drive on a reasonably empty road listening to your favorite song and just when you are turning right, out comes this car from nowhere and zooms past you from the wrong end, as though in a terrible urge to relieve himself! Thats when you blow the dynamite of a honk shooting the nastiest curses that you can think of,’ @##$%%$#$…you douche-bag..teri toh mai!’

Honk #5– This one is a harmless one. When you spot a friend or an acquaintance on your way, this honk simply conveys,’ Hi there! whats up?’

Honk #6– But if, instead of reaching your friend(mentioned in #5), it reaches the ears of the vehicle in front of you, it can be misconstrued as,’ Hey there, move faster, you tortoise’! Which can attract variety of expressions and sign-lingos from the tortoise BTW. He/she may give you a taste of your own medicine by way of the piercing stare from his/her rear-view mirror which can shoot through YOUR glass-shield this time or or he may raise his hand in a dancing-mudra like this

which loosely conveys,’ Whats your problem? 😑 😑 ‘

OR he/she may just shoot the dynamite honk #4 at you!

Honk #7– is administered when there is a monster-trailer on road and you want to get past it. Most of these trailers are usually well in their lanes and rarely bully you. But their very enormity is so intimidating that you cower. Thats when you plead with them by way of this honk which says, ‘ Hey truckaasur! Please dont crush me! Please please please! Have mercy!’

Honk #8– This is R’s favourite! This is a ‘just like that’ honk! Literally. He uses it for the love of using it! Just like that. A Delhi-ite to the core! He honks when he takes the car out of the garage. And then honks again while waiting for the gate of the compound to open. He honks when he sees a car speeding off … on the opposite side of the road! :roll:. And of course he makes use of all the honk-categories that I mentioned above, during the course of his drive. And honks even when on a long drive with not a vehicle in close-shave quarter…just to spite me 😑 ! He goes ‘honk’ and gives me a sheepish smile to say ‘just like that’ 😐 Aargh!

Did I just say my love for honks was rekindling? Or not? πŸ˜€

So what did you honk today?

Naming Namnam..

**A long ramble of a post alert**


Reading this very interesting post by RM takes me back to those days when R & I were scrounging around for that perfect name to give to our child!

Now Namnam, as some of you may know, came into our lives after much longing and prayers. It took umpteen medical tests, heart-aches, many depressing nights of crying into the pillows, visits to temples, and a good 6 years for God to finally bless us with our precious little. So when we found out that our prayers were finally being answered, our happiness knew no bounds! We were so looking forward to welcoming her that we spent all of those 9 months that she was within me, in either talking to her in cuddles or planning her life or simply weaving our dreams of living our lives centered around her ! But. Did it ever strike us to think of a name for her? Noooooo!

It was on the day that she was born, when my parents broached the subject of having a naming ceremony that it dawned on us that we had to think of a name! The naming ceremony was to be conducted on the 28th day. So we had almost a month’s time to arrive at a name! Phew! And thankfully we didnt follow the tradition of confining the name to a particular letter, which meant we were free to choose any name.

Thus started the rigorous search. R & I were all over different websites while our parents were all over their friends circles checking for good suggestions! R & I were pretty clear that we didnt want to choose any names starting with R for the simple reason that there were too many R-named members in our family and we were clearly bored with that letter!

So after some fierce and confusing hunt I found a name to my liking, rather make it immense liking. In fact two names. And R found one name. And he decided on the nickname too for our child right there and then! He was that confident that his name would be chosen! Hah!

Our parents handed over their resignation from the search-team and offered themselves to be in the voting team.

Needless to say, R began his lobbying from the word go! He was at the beck and call of the parents, being the ultra goody-goody son/son-in-law to them, donning his funny hat to amuse them at times, laughing at their jokes, even when the jokes were far from being funny! πŸ™„ 😑

And where was I? I was playing the doting amma to my darling, feeding her, burping her, snuggling up to her and catching up on the much craved for nap or two, not to mention the cleaning of her poo&pee every-hour-on-the-hour….totally oblivious to my husband’s not-so smart moves!

Anyway it was time to propose the name and I went first with my two choices. Pranati, which was a synonym of Goddess and Sanchita which meant collection of poems. My heart was heavily on Pranati though. But as expected nobody liked it. Everyone vetoed! For them it sounded like ‘pranthi’ which in malayalam means mad-girl! πŸ™„ ! And strangely that was enough for me to have second thoughts on choosing that name! Imagine my girl being mis-addressed asΒ  ‘Pranthi’ ! Sanchita was vetoed too and frankly I was not too disappointed as I was rooting more for the first choice. Since that didnt go well I was hardly in a mood to push the name!

Then it was R’s turn to put forth his choice. Namya, meaning of which is ‘to be bowed to’, ‘to be worthy of honour’.

Well, much against what I had expected, I loved the name and its meaning, far more than the ones I had chosen. So did the rest of the family! And as though stamping for a final push for approval, he proposed a pet-name for her and said we could call her Namnam. It was enough for all of us present in the room to go all awwww!

Yet I loved Pranati too, I somehow couldnt get it out of my mind. So much so that I had secretly started addressing my child, in my mind , by that name.

So I went around pushing the name forward while R kept pushing for his choice. And till the day before we were to have the ceremony, we were unsure and undecided on the choice. So in the end R came up with this fantastic idea of drawing a lot and letting the baby choose her name!

Amma made three chits with the names scribbled in it, put them in a bowl and took it to Namnam. With her tiny tender fingers, she gently moved a chit out of the lot as though signalling us of her choice :). She chose Namya :).

Funnily at the time of the ceremony, right before I was to whisper the name into her ears, I was seriously contemplating on calling her Pranati.Β  But as soon as I whispered Namya I felt just right and I somehow loved the way it sounded at that point of time. And ever since.

However the fact remains, as I realized soon enough, that no name escapes its fair share of mutilation! The simplest and the most uncomplicated of names can go through some torturous dismembering sometimes. If Deepti can become Tipti..Tripti..even Deepaat then Namya can easily become Naima…Ramiya..Navya…even Namita, right? Whats even worse, is when her class teacher at a function held recently in Namnam’s school, announces her name as “Namayya’..loud and clear into the mic for everyone to hear, mind you! I couldnt decide whether to cower under the chair or just pull my hair and scream out loud!

Anyway over the years I have found a nice saddistic way of dealing with such situations. Now whenever we witness Namnam’s name getting dissected, I shoot a glance at R to remind him of his choice of the name. And whenever her name is appreciated and received well, I gloat about how my daughter made the right choice in picking her name! Talk about giving credit where its due, eh? πŸ˜‰


Tunefully Worded Wednesday!

A song that I have been humming for the last 5days and am still not bored! Seems to grow on to me more and more. So unlike today’s songs!Β  Err…lets not talk about the film though πŸ˜€

The last I was hooked to a song for so long was when ‘Kolaveri’ was the anthem! It took a certain Anna H to come out with his murdering-version to get the song out of my head! I hope he doesnt do any such thing with this song though for I am in no mood to let go of it yet!


Enjoy and have a lovely week ahead! πŸ™‚



Oh and yes I am head over heels in love with that voice BTWΒ β™₯


Dear Jayanti, as you leave us to usher in a new chapter in your life

I cant help but look back on all the years that you have been with uncle & aunty…with us and wonder at the time flown by.

I have written to you before about how indebted I am to you for being there for us ( and I am hoping you would get your child[ren] read the letter one day and know how much you mean to me and my family), yet after all these years no amount of thank yous seem enough to truly express my heartfelt gratitude.

Although I knew this day was to come at some point in time, I never realized it would hit me so hard so soon…until you called me last night to say good-bye.Β  The minute you said, ‘ Didi mai jaa rahi hoon’ it dawned on me that the moment was here for real. I had so much to tell you but the sheer overwhelming nature of the situation made me struggle for words!

I wanted to tell you how much I was going to miss you. How much I would miss discussing the latest episodes of tele-soaps :D. How much I would miss calling out to you.

I wanted to tell you how bereft the house would seem without you around.

I wanted to tell you that when we come to Delhi, like always the first thing that Namnam’s eyes would look out for as soon as she enters the house would be you.

I wanted to tell you that she had drawn you in her family chart alongside her Ammachu, Ammamma and Thaatha. For her you are family. For us too, Jayanti πŸ™‚

I wanted to tell you how much Namnam would miss running around you and cuddling up,

I wanted to tell you that she would terribly miss making your hair, undoing it and then combing it again and then undoing it and then clipping it again…and I would miss watching you sit through all of that patiently with your ever-effervescent smile πŸ™‚

I wanted to tell you that I would miss watching you drum Achan-your uncle’s head playfully while waiting for him to finish his tea, hearing you recount a fun-ride you and Aunty had in a metro, watching the three of you laugh and crack jokes at each other. Even though watching you with uncle & aunty evoked a tinge of envy in me for the simple reason that the moments made me realize that you were getting to spend far more precious time with them than me. Yet those moments reassured how beautifully the three of you gelled with each other and how wonderfully you had accepted each other. For a daughter who lived so far away from her parents, believe me Jayanti, you were a great source of reassurance that my parents were in secure hands :).

I wanted to tell you to stay being the ever-smiling, loving and caring girl that you are πŸ™‚

I wanted to tell you that if ever you felt challenged in any walk of life, you must be bold and strong to face it. Be known that Uncle Aunty, Raghubhaiyya and I will always be there for you.

I wanted to tell you to always stick to your grounds, to never compromise on your ideals, for I know how strong willed and principled you are.

I wanted to tell you, as you gear up to embark on a new journey, to be accepting towards your new family and command as much acceptance from them. Having said that I hope and pray that you are blessed with a wonderful husband and a wonderful family πŸ™‚

I wanted to tell you to be happy. And I remember now that I did tell you that. I really want you to be. You deserve to be. In every bit of the way, my dear girl. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world.

Love always