Satyamev Jayate- not for cynics

I can stand crappy saas-bahu serials, but I am afraid I cant stand cynics who are out there on the look out for the slightest opportunity to snub even a ripple of change.

Here I was feeling all charged up and positive after watching Satyamev jayate, giving full on thumbs up to Aamir for bringing to the fore such pressing social issues like female foeticide and there I was coming across articles dissing the show already, likening it to social pornography and what not! 🙄

I mean why cant people just appreciate the fact that here is a show which is truly tapping on issues which need some fierce addressing? Yes I agree these are issues which we see and read about every other day, we already know about them, but if someone of Aamir’s stature, with such mass reach is able to bring the awareness on a far wider level then why should it not be given a thumbs up? Why not? Wouldnt you take notice if someone was to tell you that sex-selective abortions are not just a practice in rural areas among illiterate people as is perceived, but they are as rampant among educated urban families?

Ok so we may not be able to completely reverse the male-female ratio of 1000:914 or set up a fast track court immediately, but…

if even one person has been affected by the stories and statistics shown, affected enough to think twice before suggesting a sex-selective abortion to a woman

if even one family, one husband, one daughter-in-law, one mother-in-law has been able to take home the fact that a gender of the child is not determined by the mother rather its the Y chromosome of the father that decides the gender after all,

if even one person has realized the pointlessness of cursing women for the birth of a girl child, the need to embrace a daughter just a he/she would embrace a son

if even one person has been propelled into thinking that the birth of a baby girl is to be celebrated, and not cursed

if even one person has been driven to take that step out of an abusive relationship and make a worthy life,

if even one sting operation has managed to get the court to sit up and move in the direction of expediting the case and bringing the culprits to book,

if even one voice has been heard..

then in my opinion this show is worth its run. For…every voice counts. Every single voice counts.

No amount of awareness is truly enough till the time we have an answer to all the pressing issues plaguing our society, our nation. So till the time we have achieved that any awareness howsoever big or small is worth its time, I feel.

I know its too early to know for sure if the show will grab the right attention but if it intends to cover the issues with the same kind of seriousness and sincerity that was so evident in the first episode then we can hope for a huge wave of change in the mindsets of people of our country I think.


this heart-rending song which wells me up every time I hear.

40 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate- not for cynics

  1. The best part of the show is Aamir telling the audiences that change has already started and showed a village and the man behind the change.

    My only hope is that the petition which everyone going to sign will be a futile exercise and rajasthan govt will start the fast track and punish all the doctors similar to Korea.

    Honestly i try to avoid reading such articles…


    1. “The best part of the show is Aamir telling the audiences that change has already started and showed a village and the man behind the change.” Absolutely! The very fact that such a show is here, and so many people are coming forward to share their stories is an indication in itself that we can hope for a positive change in the coming days!


  2. But change can happen the people of navansheahar in Punjab have shown it how to be done.
    The worst are the people who are saying things maybe because they are involved in it and the others too who are hijacking the main point of the episode and goin on as usual about how men this and that..

    I have read a few posts on this and that’s the idea they have given and useing patriarchy as the word.. which to me is sad because female foeticide is effecting every one
    But then in India


    1. In India we love going against anything good for somewhere in us we don’t want the change.. as we all are involved somehow or other…

      I hope this brings some change just a little change


    2. It is affecting everyone no doubt, but Bik, patriarchy is a big factor in fuelling this practice, which we cant overlook dont you think?


      1. We cant overlook I agree to it.

        but for a change lets concentrate on this issue and make sure it does not happen. THe problem is that you and me we all know , but its the bad factors which and who love hijacking the issue for their own good and that’s what has happened in every cause , this too will be take away ..

        I also feel that Patriarchy is a glamorous name given the man bashing 🙂


  3. Its a good show. and I hope this show helps in bringing about the change we so badly need. I hope it accelerates the change as well!
    And I’ve seen that people in villages or poor economic back ground sit up and think and try to make the change…
    But the greedy suburbs – thats where we need the show to make an impact,
    Girls are ill-treated, killed and more women are in abusive relationships because of the greed… sigh!


  4. I completely agree with you Deeps. We keep cribbing about the media and how it doesn’t exercise its full power or use its time for some social good. And when something to that effect happens, we crib again. So the main issue is cribbing. It is in the blood.
    Also, like you said, even if one person is touched and motivated to bring about change, then the initiative is a success. Considering the vibes I feel, it sure looks like a success.


    1. “We keep cribbing about the media and how it doesn’t exercise its full power or use its time for some social good. And when something to that effect happens, we crib again.” I know! The ever negative pessimistic bunch of people we are!


      1. I liked it and although It is too early to decide the fate of the programme…it was thought provoking
        Deeps i know one thing Aamir didnt have to do it ,frankly he is a movie star he can just act do some movies and go home but he chose to do this….I agree with you instead of being too cynical about everything ..lets appreciate the effort….


  5. Like you said every single person counts…. this show is actually helping in bringing about some change… I even heard on the radio today that a few people actually came up after the show, admitted their mistake and promised not to do it again… These things do matter… This is how a change starts…


  6. Exactly Deeps! All we want for bringing about a change is to sensitize people and channelize their energy towards doing the right things! Also, when people are cribbing about all the negativity, he is bringing about the positives in them too and looking forward to find solutions, which for me is the best part of it all 🙂


    1. “All we want for bringing about a change is to sensitize people and channelize their energy towards doing the right things!” Absolutely agree!


  7. I saw bits of it and it was shocking and moving !

    I guess we need a person of such stature and mass reach to talk about such issues or else the idiots dont take others seriously !

    I just hope it remains a clean program and avoids taking pot shots at particular sections… if it manages to do that… it will be a wonderful program and will also serve a greater purpose…


  8. I know where this is coming from and you know my views on it already 🙂

    One thing that I missed pointing out there is- Since this show has been aired people are only talking about it and nothing else.You check FB, you check blog world, twitter…you name it! So isn’t this a positive sign in itself that the show was able to bring about people together on networking sites,nodding in agreement? So, why can we stay positive and support it and make it a success story and help Aamir to eradicate social evils?

    It’s just about the attitude towards things,methinks! Any way it’s just first episode and too early to comment either way! We have to give time and see…but until then we can at least be happy that people in thousands are agreeing on one thing-the show is awesome!


    1. Yes its been an outstanding start, now we can only hope the show maintains this drive and purpose throughout and manages to get more and more people to sit up and take notice!


  9. A certain amount of cynicism is inevitable in a country like ours where nothing seems to get done easily–guess it helps people to keep their expectations to realistic levels. The trouble is that many of us have become so cynical that we are just unable to see any good in even the most well-intentioned things.

    I fail to understand how anyone could liken SJ to social pornography– all the show means to do is to raise awareness and appeal to the public conscience, and by that yardstick alone the show has been spectacularly successful– it finally got people to talk about female foeticide and broke the conspiracy of silence.For that alone it must be applauded–credit must be given where it’s due.

    I do hope SJ keeps up the good work.


    1. Exactly! I agree with you…you have to give credit where its due! You know a couple of months back when two youngsters had lived on a meager Rs 26 for one whole month to understand an average poor Indian better, I had people around me writing them off, belittling their initiative…’whats the big deal’ is how such cynical minds reacted! C’mon doesnt the very fact that they took the initiative and decided to live on a meager amount and cared enough to find solutions to tackle the issue of poverty deserve some kind of appreciation, some acknowldgement? The two boys even came up with a suggestion to introduce some kind of food law which would ensure adequate nutrition to all, which I personally think is a very good suggestion.

      I mean its so easy to sit in your plush air-conditioned apartment and criticize! How many of us would actually go out and live amongst the poor people and understand their living conditions and help them? I find such cynicism utterly appalling! We are surrounded by so much negativity that we refuse to acknowledge any positive movement!

      I do hope this show continues to take up issues and make more and more people aware!


  10. The main problem with us is that we ourselves will not do anything to change a situation but will always be ready to criticise others. We will never try to change ourselves because “mere akele ke change hone se kya hoga” and if we someone else chanelling the change we will question his or her intentions.
    We ourselves will not talk about issues which are relevant and will never let others talk about it because sirf baaton main kya rakha hai. ha! A nation of cynics we are!


  11. Loved this post Deeps!!! I completely agree, if one girl child, or one person is going to even think twice before they favor a son over a daughter, the show has been super successful. And seeing how it has touched all of us, it already is a successful. Hugs.


    1. Absolutely IHM! The very fact that so many of us are talking about it, feeling for those victims, is an indication in itself that the show has made such an impact! I hope it continues to shake each and everyone of us and make us all sit and think! Hugs!


  12. Very good subject for the post, Deeps. I missed this episode. Must watch it in the repeats.

    Hope change is visible. Loved the song. It is going to be famous. Yes, Aamir is the right person to take up this subject.


  13. Loved, loved, loved this post, Deeps! I was waiting to watch it before commenting. Finally saw the whole episode today, and I totally agree with you. Even if it changes one person – it is worth it.. And given the fact that it is in Hindi, it will probably reach a larger audience, and Aamir Khan’s own personality will drive it home.

    When I got back from holiday, almost every post in my reader was on this, twitter was full of this, FB was.. clearly people are affected by it. And that is the least that we can hope for.

    Hugs! Loved this post!


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