Tunefully Worded Wednesday!

A song that I have been humming for the last 5days and am still not bored! Seems to grow on to me more and more. So unlike today’s songs!  Err…lets not talk about the film though 😀

The last I was hooked to a song for so long was when ‘Kolaveri’ was the anthem! It took a certain Anna H to come out with his murdering-version to get the song out of my head! I hope he doesnt do any such thing with this song though for I am in no mood to let go of it yet!


Enjoy and have a lovely week ahead! 🙂



Oh and yes I am head over heels in love with that voice BTW ♥


28 thoughts on “Tunefully Worded Wednesday!

    1. Arijit Singh, sandhya. He was one of the contestants of Fame Gurukul a talent-based musical show aired a couple of years back on Sony. I had loved his singing even then 🙂


  1. In office so had to go thru the comment thread to know the song! I have a strange habit, if I don’t like an actor/ actress I do not even listen to the songs picturised on them and so prejudiced I am that I won’t even like the song even if it is good 😀


  2. few songs are catchy .. few u like only after listening to them again and again.. i think this fits the 1st category. i generally go by lyrics.. music comes next for me..


  3. I am yet to see the movie but after reading all the great reviews and encouraging comments about that movie i think better not….
    but i liked this one and the Mujra one …


  4. Oh I love this one too 🙂 Arijit Singh’s voice sounds smooth as silk. And such romantic lyrics too–jeene ki wajah yehi hai, marna isi ke liye–wonderful!!
    BTW, any idea what ‘raabta’ means?


    1. “smooth as silk” an apt way to describe,SH :). No idea what raabta means, if you do come across its meaning do share it with me too 🙂


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