You know you need a break..

– When you’re coming out of a friend’s house after a wonderful round of food, drinks and laughter…and you suddenly realize that your daughter is nowhere to be seen. You call out, all flustered, “Namnam! Namnam! Where are you?” …and your friends burst out laughing even louder and point out that you have got her tucked right in your arms!

Yep! You’re in dire need of a break lest you end up in a psychiatry ward getting treated for being a dolt!

– When you’re standing in the kitchen waiting for the milk to boil..and within a fraction of a second you go meandering in your dreams to some exotic place, weaving beautiful moments with your daughter & husband…only to crash land to reality and see that the entire milk has spilled out on to your hot plate!

– When you cant decide what sounds more monotonous and oft-repeated in your head- what do I cook for lunch/dinner today? OR what do we order today? All you crave for is a few servings of Ma-made food ๐Ÿ™‚

– When you pull open the door of the washing machine to dump a big sack of clothes to wash..and you find an even bigger lot of washed clothes lying inside—> clothes that were washed two days back! The dampness, the odour emanating all lets not get there!

– When you get into a major argument with your husband for as mundane and petty a reason as switching the bathroom lights off! ๐Ÿ™„

– When you realize that you have been displaying pretty much the same style of writing in the last two blog posts! ๐Ÿ˜€


Citing the above reasons the blog and I are heading into a break, both virtual and real. I shall update the page if I come across any amusing tid-bits to share during the course of my vacation.


See you all on the other side. Leaving you all with this beautiful song. Enjoy!


Its when you lose your voice..


– you realize how much you miss talking

– you get to brush up on the long forgotten signs and gestures and facial expressions that you learnt in your dance class eons ago.

– you realize that no matter how hard you try to talk, you’ll end up sounding constipated!

– you miss singing all the more, so much so that even a song like dhadang-dhandang seems appealing to you!

– you itch all the more to pick that phone up and indulge yourself in some harmless uncensored gossip with your girlfriends

– you realize how helpless you can be when an acquaintance calls you and goes on a ranting spree on the mismanagement of your kids’ school….and all you can manage to give is a patient hearing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

– you start wondering if it is you or if the house truly seems unusually peaceful and quiet sans the jarring sounds of a certain nagging wife and a bickering mom

– you realize how much of a fighter you can be…because you fight the urge to scream at your daughter who has almost caused a mini-flood by splashing water all around the bathroom

– you grit your teeth doubly hard because your husband thinks you sound the sweetest when not eating his head talking ๐Ÿ˜ก

I am sure of one thing by now…whoever coined the phrase ‘Silence is Golden’ never lost his/her voice, else he/she would know the worth of talking!

Aaargh, I want my golden yelling yapping screaming voice back!!