Its when you lose your voice..


– you realize how much you miss talking

– you get to brush up on the long forgotten signs and gestures and facial expressions that you learnt in your dance class eons ago.

– you realize that no matter how hard you try to talk, you’ll end up sounding constipated!

– you miss singing all the more, so much so that even a song like dhadang-dhandang seems appealing to you!

– you itch all the more to pick that phone up and indulge yourself in some harmless uncensored gossip with your girlfriends

– you realize how helpless you can be when an acquaintance calls you and goes on a ranting spree on the mismanagement of your kids’ school….and all you can manage to give is a patient hearing 😦

– you start wondering if it is you or if the house truly seems unusually peaceful and quiet sans the jarring sounds of a certain nagging wife and a bickering mom

– you realize how much of a fighter you can be…because you fight the urge to scream at your daughter who has almost caused a mini-flood by splashing water all around the bathroom

– you grit your teeth doubly hard because your husband thinks you sound the sweetest when not eating his head talking 😑

I am sure of one thing by now…whoever coined the phrase ‘Silence is Golden’ never lost his/her voice, else he/she would know the worth of talking!

Aaargh, I want my golden yelling yapping screaming voice back!!


19 thoughts on “Its when you lose your voice..

  1. Deeps i have sent a team of talking monkeys your way…they specialize in throat problems…no way can, should you remain voiceless…
    Also try boiling bats wing,add it to a paste of squirrels tail and crow droppings…and keep it a copper vessel in south east corner of your room also….and…….


    1. Oh Soma…where were you, dearie..hugs hugs hugs! Now with the talking monkeys on their way I so am sure my voice and I will be in safe hands..err..btw instead of crow-droppings, will pigeon-poop do? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


  2. Had a throat infection last week….and my voice was reduced to a croak. So I quite know what you mean πŸ˜€
    Wish you a speedy recovery sweetheart. Enjoy the silence in the meantime πŸ˜‰


  3. hehehehehehe
    Copy that about the urge to sing and pick up the phone to indulge in a long chat !
    I think it is the human tendency no? Always want to do what is forbidden.
    Look at what happened with Adam and Eve for example.


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