You know you have a crazy reader for a daughter…

When, after a good wink of sleep, you wake up at 1 in the morning, to find a glint of light on your razai and upon lifting it to see what’s under, you find your daughter engrossed in her book reading with a torchlight on and meowing to you, “I couldn’t help reading the next chapter, amma!”

And you know you are a crazy mom when, instead of admonishing her for reading in the dark, you offer your phone and say, “use the torch in amma’s phone, darling….and hussshh, don’t wake ammamma, ok!!”

I was never a voracious reader, never. I still cannot claim to be. Yet I couldnt help but feel an amazing sense of joy at seeing my li’l reader’s growing hunger fr reading last night.

May her tribe increase..