You know you have a crazy reader for a daughter…

When, after a good wink of sleep, you wake up at 1 in the morning, to find a glint of light on your razai and upon lifting it to see what’s under, you find your daughter engrossed in her book reading with a torchlight on and meowing to you, “I couldn’t help reading the next chapter, amma!”

And you know you are a crazy mom when, instead of admonishing her for reading in the dark, you offer your phone and say, “use the torch in amma’s phone, darling….and hussshh, don’t wake ammamma, ok!!”

I was never a voracious reader, never. I still cannot claim to be. Yet I couldnt help but feel an amazing sense of joy at seeing my li’l reader’s growing hunger fr reading last night.

May her tribe increase..


22 thoughts on “You know you have a crazy reader for a daughter…

  1. She’s part of my tribe!! I, who my mom had to shout at so many times when she suddenly woke up at 3 and found me trying to finish a book!!
    I absolutely LOVE your header!! Did you paint it?!!!


    1. Oh no Roshni! I didn’t paint this. I found this painting in one of the folders in my comp. My husband downloaded it from somewhere. I liked it very much, so made it my header pic here πŸ™‚


  2. Just took me back to my childhood days πŸ™‚ Ohh the joy of sneaking under a blanket with a book and torch, acting like you are fast asleep when the parents come over to check on you and getting transported into a magical world while the entire world is fast asleep….bliss!!


  3. Errr…. isn’t 1 in the morning taking it a lil too far? I hate to be a spoil sport but I couldn’t help but ask that question. Just curious. Hey wait, you mean tell me that’s her reading AFTER finding time to read during the day?? 😯


    1. Yes Ash, she had been reading that book the whole day. And then right before going off to sleep, I had read a chapter to her thinking she may be too tired to read it herself. But as you can gauge from the post she was anything but tired or sleepy! As for me I was simply too thrilled to stop her I guess! Yday again she did the same thing but this time I couldn’t let her carry on since she needed that rest and sleep! πŸ˜€


  4. lol
    my mom always successfully threatened to take away my book if I didnt behave!
    And she always knew when I read by torchlight, though she never said anything! πŸ˜‰


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